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If you could add a zero to the end of any number in your life (bank balance, life expectancy, etc...) what would you choose and why?

HippieChick58 9 Aug 18

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I'd put a zero behind the number for my retirement savings. I'd have many fewer worries that way.

I agree wholeheartedly!


AN old lover rated me a 1 as a lover. I'll add a 0 to that.

godef Level 7 Aug 18, 2018

Pay check. I have no desire to live to 510. But I could do amazing things with more money!


Next to the number of years I’ve been teaching. I imagine 150 years of teaching would get me a pretty healthy retirement income.


IQ. I'd have the highest in history.

I.Q. is what I chose. But I think mine will end up higher still, even though it might start lower. See my comment above. ?


My good days.


My Base Metabolic Rate


Hourly wage. I don’t want to live 500+ more years, losing love on such a short timeline already has been too painful to take much more of.


First, you gotta fudge the numbers. Let's say we add a zero to life expectancy. 750 is a big step up. But we can do better. Using a hexidecimal system, 75 becomes 4B. 4B0, brought back to the decimal system, is 1200. But we can do better. You can theoretically make a number system with any base number. Instead of 10 or 16, we could make it 10000. 75 plus a digit in base-10000 would be 750000 in decimal. Cheat like this, and you can effectively name your number at whatever you want. You just gotta choose what area you want to max out. So along the same lines, I'll choose I.Q. ?

I thought the IQ scale topped out at 200?

Yeah I'd go with this guy I'd like to be immortal for a while so I'ma cheat the system! Also base 12 is the most precise because it has the most whole denominators


@thinkr I believe that 200 is the maximum on certainly IQ tests, due to the way they are scored. That's not quite the same as an actual maximum.

IQ isn't technically, measurable beyond about 150.

@GinaMaria, @thinkr measurements become less accurate above around 150 due to the rarity of such high IQs. There just aren't enough people to compare them to to get a really accurate measurement. And the idea of the IQ cap at 200 is due to the probability distribution in relation to the human population. It isn't actually a hard cap at 200, but rather that it's statistically highly unlikely for an IQ above 200 to occur within a population of 7 billion people. Marilyn Vos Savant held the Guinness world record for highest IQ for a while, at 228 by their measure. (You guys got me curious enough to look it up! ? )


I'd add a zero onto my hourly wage. I did the math, and that's definitely the way to go!

dkp93 Level 8 Aug 18, 2018

That's a very cool question. Money is the easy one because of the immediate benefit. Living longer sounds appealing too but has its drawbacks. I think I will go with dates / serious relationships post divorce 6 years ago til I'm gone. That gets me from 5 (only dates, no relationships) to 50. At least then I would have a bit of a social life. ?


The Blue Book value of my 2016 Chevy Volt I could buy a Tesla Model S


The amount of kids I've had. I think kids are great, adults, not so much. BTW that would give me between 50 and 70 kids.

Are you not sure of how many kids you have?

@dkp93 My only excuse, Pirate, LOL I have a couple of not sure, but only slight chance. But 5 100% but by 3 females, over a 33 year span.

just what the world doesn't need ...

@evergreen And what do you mean by that???

@Savage exactly what it says

@evergreen Nah, you ain't getting away with that. In plain english, please define what you are referring to as enough of, My kids, kids in general, to many mothers or too many pirates. Spit it out man, I don't bite, ok maybe I do. 😉

@Savage ok , simple. The world is overpopulated, and has been for some time, resulting in much of the environmental mess we're currently in. So when I hear of 50-70 more kids being added, I shudder.
There ya go - consider it spit out.


Life expectancy but only if I also age 10 times slower


Weekly paycheck.


Can't think of a thing I'd want to do that to.


Add it to my age. Think of all the things there are yet to learn. That alone is enough.


Definitely life if I could keep my physical and mental health.


Good lovers! ?


My salary.


To the number of kids I have. Then I could start my own tribe, even a nation! Start my own religion and become famous. Maybe even claim somebody else's home as my promised land.


Number of people I wronged in my life?

I don't think you want to multiply that by 10, you're too kind for that.

@HippieChick58 I was thinking just the 0 part. I interpret things strangely sometimes.


Life expectancy! I am quickly approaching 48 and I have a great uncle who lived to 98 so if I could do as him and make it to 980 that could be both intriguing and horrifying.


Just one zero? Doesn't seem worthwhile to add it to anything. It wouldn't help me financially, I don't want to live to around 700 or 800 years, and anything else just doesn't seem worth it. Now if we're talking several zeros, bank balance hands down. I could do so much good in the community by donating or setting up trust funds among other things.


I don't know. When I got to college my professor told me I had no understanding of zero. Despite all her tutoring, I think that's still the case.

It's all about place value. 🙂

@Anne209 what’s that? Lol

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