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If you could change...

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be and why?

HeyHiHullo 7 Jan 16

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Everything, why?to be suitable with this stupid world we live in it

The photo of you in the red coat is a great photo!
I'd make that your avatar photo!


My memory.As I get older my short term memory is pathetic


I am perfect ...scars...tears...hardship made me just as I am now...would not change a thing....Oh wait maybe the saggy boobies....damn things are down to my knees 😛

...and for some reason I thought of " lifts and separates..."


It's tempting.... I'm too open, so I get hurt often, But if I closed myself off, then I might miss that someone special. So, no thanks, I like myself and it has taken a while to get to that place.

@HeyHiHullo Lol, thank you I'll take that advice!


I would be less sensitive. Even though I don’t show it, I am easily offended by the way people treat eachother. I would like to not give a shit and just keep going about my day. It hurts too much.



I'd be taller.

Would get served in a bar while waving a banknote; wouldn't have deliberately had to married a short woman; wouldn't jhave to go on holiday with a woman who I will nevr fuck.



I wouldn't. I am who I am. It's taken a LOT of hard to get to this point. I like me, snark and sarcasm and kindness and all. I might make some physical adjustments, get a new elbow to replace one that seems to be wearing out so that I don't have so much difficulting shelving. But other than that, pffft!

I am what I am!


Swap the kids mom out for someone that was not mental.

Careful what you wish for... just sayin'


Swap my body for my son body who's 28 and can do push-ups with a girl on his back. I can only do it with a girl under me. That will do it.

Yeah, that would work!


Increased motivation/energy would probably serve me best: more success in my career, more personal satisfaction, less time to dwell on the negative.

Why didn't I think of that? Increased motivation! I could use some of that too!

@BeeHappy ditto, need that here too!


At first, I tried thinking of deficiencies, then of time--as in things I wish I'd figured out sooner. THEN I realized I was thinking too small.

I'm going for a superpower! I want telekinesis!! 😀

OMG! I think you are on to something.... super powers! Yeah!

@BeeHappy if only it were possible!


Wish I didn't have scoliosis because it limits a lot of what I am able to do. Other than that? I wish I could deal with idiots online better than what I do. I envy people that are so good at destroying someone with their wit. I think I'm pretty witty myself and love tossing out plenty of snark and sarcasm but too often I just settle for flinging petty insults and then I just end up feeling disappointed in myself. WWTD. (What would Trump do?) Do the opposite.

Sethy Level 4 Jan 17, 2018

Yeah... don't become the Orange Oopah Loopah with troll hair!


I would tone my stupiditidy down a notch.

skado Level 8 Jan 17, 2018

Really? You must be kidding. You are one of the least stupid people I know! Now, if we could get you to tone down your talking...that would be good. (If you didn't pick up on it....sarcasm. 😉 )

Good thing google is in the palm of your hand!


My need to think I needed to change something about myself....... Why? I think it's self evident.

Perfectly imperfect!


Not sure I would. I have no idea who I'd be if my experiences had been different...and for all the problems I have, I'm not sure I want to role the dice.

I have incredible empathy for people in very painful situations because I've experienced such situations myself--and I quite highly value that empathy and awareness. In that way I feel incredibly lucky. No one would ever choose to go through what I've gone through--I wouldn't have!--but I'm glad I did.


Lots of things came to mind, so I'll go with the first to pop in my head. My weight. Not that I care what other people think but I feel I do get treated differently.

I don’t care what you weigh, but you’re right. For some reason, people think it’s ok to be unkind to certain people. I’ve seen it. As if heavier people aren’t people. It’s not ok and I call them on it. It’s so subtle. You never know why someone is being condescending, either. If they’re just mean or just had a bad day. Trust me, it’s because we live in a society that allows people to be horrible to others for stupid reasons. I’m sorry you live in the wrong society. It’s not you. It’s around you. It’s because they’re insecure. It’s not because of you at all. Only hurt people hurt other people.

Only thing holding you back is you. Become who you want to be!


I've always looked younger than my age. Since going through leukemia I'd go back 5 years and have my body the same before I got sick.

Shit - you survived it? Fuck, that's awesome. (Your avatar makes you look beautiful BTW)

Thank you @Hominid

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