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Do Seventh Day Adventists Usually Date Outside the Faith?

Are there any ex-Seventh Dayers out there who can answer that?

I once had a date with a very nice woman, who happened do be of that faith. She asked if I would consider visiting her church.
"Yes, but don't ever expect me to convert. That just sin't going to happen."
Would you remove your earrings first, just when we go to church? We don't wear any jewelry."
"Sure. I wouldn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable."

We went on to having a very nice day, together. Thing is, while she made it clear she could not marry me unless I was of the faith, she also seemed to make it clear that having sex wasn't out of the question. She seemed to be coming on to me. I was actually quite attracted, but I called it off before a second date. She'd mentioned that, in a perfect world, she'd find Seventh Day Adventist she could eventually marry. Since that could never be me, I called it off. It wouldn't be right for me to continue.

Is she representative of Seventh Day Adventists? Seems they'd be anti-sex-before-marriage.

MrLizard 8 Aug 19

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I was raised SDA. My mother and father met at an SDA Academy, so needless to say they stayed in the faith. My grandfather was Adventist, married my baptist grandmother, but insisted their kids be taught SDA. Of my 3 devout aunts, 1 married outside the faith, the other 2 within it. My SDA mother got remarried to a Catholic and they've been happily married for over 30 years and neither converted to the other's sect. So, I guess I'm saying that it depends on the person, in my experience. And as far as pre-marital sex, I think it's the same as in any religion. They discourage it, but most people do it, anyway, hahaha.


Adventist behavior should always be distinguished from doctrine (or articles of faith), and doctrine from the counsel and advice of their prophetess, Ellen G. White. Sister White, as she has been called, did not condone premarital sex, and wrote that marriage to a nonbeliever, which in the case of Adventists is anyone who does not accept the truth of their unique message, is to be discouraged. In my admittedly biased experience, some of the nicest people I know are former Adventists.


I will share my thoughts about the Seventh Day Adventists here . Beyond watching at times in the past 3ABN , I haven't had much interaction with them . From what I gather , and have read , they seem to be a cross between evangelicalism and Jehovah's Witness . What I like is that remarkably they acknowledge that conventional Christianity is rooted in sun worship , hence why they observe the Saturday sabbath rather than Sunday . And as someone else mentioned , they value health consciousness , and wholesome diet . Now what I especially don't like is that they appear , from my experience at one of their stores I have visited []. , to be getting involved with vitalism , and "alternative medicine" quackery more generally . Like I noticed that they were selling books critical of vaccination . So while they might not be a cult in the same way as the Watchtower Society is , they still are somewhat outside the mainstream . Here is a short video about them , made by an ex-JW.


Seventh Day Adventists are not constricted by the Calvinist Christian doctrine preaching abstainance before marriage. They adhere to a healthful lifestyle of which a sex life is a part .


Yes, but Never on Sunday…


Although I'm not Adventist I do like the fact that they practice clean eating and I often frequent their store to buy food.


Most religious people I know are hypocrites to one degree or another.

@CoastRiderBill I agree as you say, to a degree.... 🙂


I had a massage client who was a Seventh Day Adventist preacher and he talked about his dating and sex life during sessions. He also asked me questions about what he should preach the following Saturday by incorporating current events. I didn't have the heart to tell him I was agnostic.

@CoastRiderBill as a massage therapist I would hear all kinds of stuff

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