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Just the sprinkles. Looking for hidden beauty. What do you see?

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of where I live. Typically I find it quite ugly. But, that's one of the reasons that I am going to take my camera out some more.

It forces me to look around and find the beauty. Probably things that I have taken for granted as well.

So, last night, I went to let the dog pee before bed. Turned on the porch light and the yard started glittering like a million tiny stars had exploded into my grass. Really, very beautiful. The ice was transparent, so it was sparkling without the whiteness of snow.

Would have made a beautiful picture, like my yard devoured the cosmos... except for the dog poop graveyard back there. XD (What can I say... I've been lazy and it's freaking cold).

Also, I discovered this cool little bird's nest in my front yard.

So, what little pieces of beauty do you or have you seen near you?

silvereyes 8 Jan 17

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I live about 4 blocks from the beach. During the winter, the white sand turns pink as the sun sets, and when the water is calm as glass (usually due to a northerly wind direction), it reflects various hues of color.

Love this post, btw, and your image.

@AMGT It's the only thing that keeps me sane here in this fanatically religious, ruby-red state. Lol


"I'd lay out there and just listen to the waves."

Nature's entrainment -- bringing the brainwaves to a relaxed alpha state.

@VictoriaNotes Let's hope it stays!!

@VictoriaNotes One one of my postings I noted "my religion is nature and I try to go to church as often as I can".

A city park I volunteered for in Seattle's mission was to bring nature to inner city kids and a recent book and movement is "No child left inside". []


That's great, Jack.


I don't take as many pictures as I should when I'm on my walks, probably because cell phone pics can be hit or miss on quality sometimes. A couple recent ones of some friendly deer and the bay frozen over.

Your one picture reminds me of a pond we saw in Viet Nam.


There is something about taking photography seriously that just helps us to see beauty. They are a wonderful invention. I am so much more aware of things when I'm actively looking for a good angle and symmetry. Maybe it's just the slowing down and really looking.

gearl Level 7 Jan 17, 2018

I live on a small Island 28 miles by 16 miles, I am surrounded by beaches,cliffs filled with fossils, it's a haven for wildlife, including the rare red squirrel and the UK's smallest species of bat. not a day passes where I am not awed by the beauty and history of my little island. There are prettier places in the world that I hope to see, however I know so deeply all the secret little places, caves I can shelter in during a storm, forests where the squirrels play, the history and sights. I love my home. there are so many sprinkles.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 17, 2018

@VirginCotton I've always wanted to visit the Cayman Islands, Islands tend to have their own mentality and way of life, being an islander I don't know if I could ever live anywhere that wasn't an island or at least close to the sea.

Island living is special but not for everyone. I too live on an island about the size of yours.


Occasionally after a snowfall, usually when it's extremely cold, the snow is just the right consistency or the flakes are just the right size and shape, that light reflecting off the surface literally looks like glitter, and it will twinkle like a light show as you walk, as the light reflects at different angles. I saw this once recently, a few weeks ago, and it was the most striking I'd seen.

@silvereyes It seems here that light, powdery snow can have that sparkly effect, but it's most pronounced when it gets really, really cold — like -20°F. I don't know why that makes such a difference, but that's when I'm more likely to see that glittery effect, it seems.

@silvereyes How did you get from Maryland to Okieland??


An "oops" photo from the inside of a purse a few years ago. Idk why it makes me laugh. It reminds me of a Rothko.


Beauty like this can be found anywhere, if you look close enough. I've done some semi-pro photography work from time to time. When you look through a viewfinder and block out all the extraneous surroundings, you can find awesomeness in something as simple as a shadow.

We should start an 'Art and Photography' section; I'd love to see pics or works that others in this community have done!


Just a pine cone in my yard a few weeks back...

skado Level 8 Jan 17, 2018

There is a lake near my house. I pass it on my way to work every morning.


Pikes Peak Mountain.


I love the golden glow off the river during sunrise or sunset, and living so close to the river. Also, that as I turn from where I live onto the main road, I get the view of this river less than a block distance with the occasional sailboat passing by. Seeing majestic or not so majestic palm trees every day never gets old for me. I spent the first 25 years of my life in Buffalo. There was nothing there during the winter time that was any bit appealing or remotely resembled beauty to me.

The best thing about anywhere you live is the ability to hear birds chirping. Keep us updated on the happenings within the nest.... 😉


I used to do a lot of photography but not so much now. But once in a while I see something and can't resist. I get a lot of spectacular sunsets but my little digital camera can't seem to get it right. This one is a winter view of the Olympic Mtns. from the living room.

@silvereyes One of the perks for living here - fantastic views everywhere.


I live in the boonies north of a metropolitan area in a county that is considered a bedroom community. So, wildlife from birds, squirrels, fox, raccoons, bobcat, and coyote.


Recent picture from New Years Day hike with the local Atheist group.

Lots of pics.


My Florida backyard. This is my quiet space, my happy place. That chair on the dock is where I have written many songs, solved many problems, and shed many worries. One of my favorite valentine memories is being on the lake, boat gently rocking, full moon glowing, calm breeze whispering, lake is glass like a mirror of the stars, bottle of wine, favorite ballad playing, loving a beautiful woman!

@silvereyes That's cool. What town did you live in?

@silvereyes I know it well. It is a quaint little beach town. There is a great venue called Lou's Blues right on the beach. I have played there. They have this cool stage set up halfway between the first and second floor. The band has a great overview of the dance floor but still has to entertain the audience on the balcony. Very unique venue.

@silvereyes Yes we played bak2bak gigs on fri/sat and got rooms comped on the beach. We packed the house on both nights. Nice people, pretty (and friendly) girls. Big partiers enchanted on alcohol and everything else. Fun was had by all!!!

@silvereyes have you been there? If so did you like it?

@silvereyes I'm always glad to know someone who likes blues music. I'm working on a blues project currently. I hope to release it later this year. I'll DM you a link to it when it's out. I've never been a big drinker either. I've seen alcohol destroy many lives. Some of them were very close to me.


It's never occurred to me to do this.
The camera on my phone isn't very good, but with the right filter, they might look good.
Now I just need to find an interesting subject. lol


I don't have any pictures. My wife had to pick up the puppies and find some green grass so they could potty. The puppies got lost and confused on the


wow, sounds awesome


Its a winter wonderland out my window with all the tree branches crusted in snow. Would take a pic but no longer have a smart phone. I have trees and bushes on all four sides of my house. They look like they are all connected in my front yard.


I think watching nature and really observing how animals thrive, can teach us a lot about how we should pay more attention to our own habitats and our all around interactions with other people.


I can usually see the Stratosphere ( from the bay window in my master bedroom. Despite being man-made, I find it beautiful to gaze at.


I haven't been go out with my camera as much as a should, but here is a picture from a hike on New years Day with the local Atheist group.

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