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In North Korea the People are Forced to Listen to Propaoganda..

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 17

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We went to Viet Nam in 2014. Every morning we heard loudspeakers with music and then talk. My sister-in-law (a Vietnamese) said it was election time and that was the call to remind people to vote - which was a sham made to look real. While we were in Da Nang our hotel was across the street from a big Buddhist monastery. At 3 Am the gong sounded and we heard chanting. Then at 6 came the propaganda. Interesting juxtaposition. Everywhere we went was the Vietnamese flag, everywhere. It was the only one. Aren't you glad you live in a country you don't have to worship a flag?!


It says it all right there. Is there a difference? sassygirl3869 you are the ginchiest!


As do we all... their propaganda is just as subtle, though. People keep forgetting that North Korea has been the victims of trade sanctions since the korean war in the nineteen fifties. They are starving, and their quality of life is fucked, compared to how we think ours is, so their propaganda reflects that their country is better than their oppressors. For some fucking insane reason, the powers that be have decided to kill an innocent people, that don't even know or remember the cause of their predicament, rather than stop starving them. North Korea isn't the evil enemy that people have been taught to believe that they are... They're just a desperate starving people that are making do the best they can with what they have.

Agree 100%. Perhaps you read The Hidden History Of The Korean War By I.F. Stone, it really opened my eyes to all the bullshit put out by the u.s.


I saw a hilarious one about how the U.S. Government only allows Americans a cup of coffee made of snow daily. We all live in tents. Than I go to the public library and see people who don't get a cup of coffee or own a tent. Capitalism sucks also.

MikeJ Level 4 Jan 17, 2018

That was one of the causes of my divorce, the ex watched Fox news.


Thinking of the Desert Storm talking to people over there everyone of them said they were grateful that the U.S. presences has made their lives better. When I got back to the states the media would blast the U.S. has no business being in Iraq and they don't want us there. I was thinking to myself we pay these people to report the news. Several years after that the same propaganda the news reporting Iraq doesn't want us there. Being a vet I consioled on several active service people they told me the exact things I had heard years earlier, the Iraq people greet us with open arms and welcome our help. So I can only imagine that the same utterances will be heard once the tyrant falls over there.


Americans,are conditioned to listen. The leading words: Hello. Attention. May I have your attention please. The difference is what?


they are mostly in love with there leader like he is a god really its fucking scary.

very true and I completely agree however the question was about North Korea.


Yeah ... that works in that kind of country...


US schools teach propaganda, especially history classes.


So true Sassygirl. It is exactly the same all over the western world. Murdoch machine hard at work. I'm in Australia where almost all of our media is controlled by Murdoch. Fear mongering and divide and conquer are very real weapons of mass control.


It's not just Fox News by a long shot, all the mainstream news outlets are owned by corporate America. And tell us exactly what the oligarchs running America want us to think.

There are 3 large corporations that own something like 99% of the media in the US. There is no such thing as a free and unbiased media.


And in the United States we're herded into bubles and echo chambers.


The radio they have is in their living space they can only turn it down, not off.


It is true.

gearl Level 7 Jan 17, 2018

The bottom part of the image beat me to what I thought when I first read the post in the list. 😕


LOL, you find some good one, sassygirl3869.

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