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What color is your vehicle?

Most people drive a black, white, or gray vehicle. Mine is metallic blue. I bought it because I loved the color.

helionoftroy 7 Aug 21

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One is white, the other metallic silver.

Nice! What color is next?


Blue, sort of on the dark side.

Do you like that color blue?

@helionoftroy It's ok. I don't really care what colour my car is as long as it runs.

@graceylou @IamNobody said the same thing. Well kinda πŸ™‚

@helionoftroy see, I am not the only one thinking out of the box ??

@helionoftroy I've had vehicles of a whole range of colours, makes, and sizes. As long as they can take me where I need to go and survive winter, I'm good.

@helionoftroy But if I had my choice for a vehicle and colour for non-functional purposes, I'd want a hot pink Smart car cabriolet. I drove my red and black one for years (I still have her but she doesn't run due to engine issues that would cost more to repair than the cost of the car when I bought her).


Which one?

Citroen - metallic blue

Toyota - Netallic blue/grey

Van - Silver

Bike #1 - Red
Bike #2 - Bright orange
Bike #3 - Deep metallic blue.


Why so many bikes?

@helionoftroy The number of bikes needed has a mathematical formula of n+1, where n = the number of bikes one already has.

And I just realised, I forgot bike 4 which is yellow..... πŸ™‚

@Uncorrugated ? hahahaha thanks for the laugh! Can I ride on the yellow one?

@helionoftroy Sorry, no pillion seat on that one

@Uncorrugated crotch rocket


I don't mind the color, as long as it takes me from A to B

That's not the question lovebug.

@helionoftroy exactly, I choose not to answer. I like being called lovebug though. ????


Metallic blue with a white roof.

Two toned?

@helionoftroy Mini Cooper

@GeorgeRocheleau sporty! I have a TALL British friend who owns two mini’s. It’s funny to watch him get out of the car.

@helionoftroy It has the most legroom of any car I have ever owned.



I like blue too


Right now it's just plain white but I'm going to have some paint added. It'll be flat black.


@MissKathleen LOL, it won't be that much paint. Just a little decor to make it stand out in traffic.


White, with bird crap brown spots on the hood. I hate it when I’m stuck with the parking spot under the tree!

UUNJ Level 8 Aug 21, 2018

I like parking under a tree, especially in the summer.

@helionoftroy I usually do, except when the birds are nesting there.


The first car I owned 1964 Ford Mustang was andalusite blue.
White, White, Grey, White.

4 cars? I bet your insurance is high?

@helionoftroy 2 cars and 2 motorcycles. All Honda. Insurance not bad as I only have liability because I own everything I have. (completely (including house) debt free)

@helionoftroy, @sweetcharlotte Think I paid that much for it in the late 70's then had to rebuild engine, repaint etc.


Black with little specks of silver
(the paint is chipping away)

Will you re-paint it?

@helionoftroy Not planning on it. It's a 15 year old car, and I'll probably get a new vehicle sometime next year.


Quinn is dark forest green....he looks black on cloudy days and at night.....but in the sunlight you can see he's green!

Nice, what’s the rack used for?

@helionoftroy ....spare tire, camping gear....or escaping from bears.... πŸ˜‰

((spare tire in it in all photos....keeps the bed free))


Mine is windy sea blue.

That sounds pretty


Red. Bought it cheap. Knock on wood has lasted for 4 years and knock on wood maybe longer.

I won’t own a red car, and not for superstitious reasons. Statistically they get more speeding tickets

@helionoftroy I have read that.

@Beowulfsfriend I lost my license driving a red 1968 cutlis supreme convertible


Good choice! I like blue too.


I already sold my Honda Icon because of my plans to return to the US, but it was pink and white.

Photo is of me driving my motorbike here in Songkhla, Thailand.

Pink is an unusual color. Only pink cars around here are driven by Mary Kay sells reps who have reached high status.

@helionoftroy It was a used motorbike, with Hello Kitty accessories, since the Thai salesgirl at the dealer said it was a superior bike to the silver one I was going to buy. She was correct...I drove it since I bought it in 2010 off road, down gullies, in deserts, through cities, up mountains, across one plank bridges over gullies, loaded it with my groceries, camera equipment, and had people riding behind me. Never had to have it repaired.


I have a white Honda CRV and a black Dodge ram 1500 pickup. My tractor is red if that counts.

It counts only if it’s street legal


Different and easy to find

Is it purple? I had a purple Chevy once.

@helionoftroy oh I meant your car!!!

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