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When people Tell me that I'm simply ignoring evidence there is a God I usually say, perhaps that is true. I believe I saw your God holding hands with the largest number in the universe while both were whistling and skipping like schoolgirls.
"What is that supposed to mean?" they ask,
It's simple, it seems that in this universe there "must be" a largest number but therein lies the error. "God" and the largest number in the universe are identical- insomuch as they're only Concepts - created by a very limited human mind. As such, I must admit, that even though it seems logical that both may exist, the fact is neither can exist, except in the recesses of our own minds...

Simply_Being 5 Jan 17

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Marilyn Manson: "God is a number you cannot count to."


That's quite good, do you mind if I borrow it?

I won't mind at all, it's quite flattering actually.


You obviously get a lot of deer in the headlights looks.


I say, if you have any evidence of god's existence, I recommend you present it to the Nobel Prize committee, claim your Nobel prize and become the most famous human in history. Or STFU about your evidence.


i like it, good math analogy. reminds me of hilberts hotel


I like t say what deity are you referring to seeing through history there has a numerous amount.

Here, I am most likely to be confronted with a judeo-xstain 'god', but any will do @Azzow2

Maybe I should start saying, “no I don’t believe in any gods.”


but isn't infinity the largest number 😐

no. The largest number is infinity plus 1. lol

Wonderful Mathematics!!!!!

Infinity is just a concept, like god and the largest number.

@icolan Oh I see now, so 2 x infinity = infinity as well I guess

but then 2 x infinity - infinity = 0
and so 1 x infinity = 0
therefore infinity =0.



Every time they cite evidence for god/s, flip it around and claim it's evidence of no god/s.

It's an form of applying Hitchen's Razor but instead of dismissing the poor evidence, you accept it but claim it proves your point not theirs.

It's a technique I use with people that present tautologous evidence (true but trivially so) in support of their claim. It requires some imagination and "quick thinking" but it is usally good to get someone with weak evidence to go around in circles until they are dizzy.

This works because since tautologous evidence is trivially true, it is true for god/s, for science, for guesswork, for you, for me, for everyone and everything; that's why tautologies are so powerful AND so useless at the same time!!!

Any theists want to try it out? 😀

Any atheists want to role-play to see how it works? 😀

I'd love to learn the technique.

Roleplay guy: There must be a God as otherwise where did everything and us come from? Something must have created us!


Clearly the fact that everything needs to come from something proves that we came from nothing since nothing is a form of something.

@ripcurldane Flip it around to something like "Who/What created god?, if it always existed why can't the universe always have existed?"


Yeah, that's the "easy" one. lol

Another "easy" one is using science by claiming "energy conservation states that energy is never created and thus no one created us, we've always been here".

I like to challenge myself to not take the easy ones because they are too "logical" you know? Rather, I like to fight illogic with illogic... after all, you don't try to reason with someone that is being unreasonable, you know? Get's you no where. Rather, as per this "game", you just get them going around in circles so much, that they get dizzy of their original premise and maybe, just maybe, then they are more willing to listen to reason having seen how unreasonable their original premise was.

Damn, I just made myself dizzy with that last! LOL

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