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What the hell happens when I follow someone here? I feel stalkerish lol

Holyhellkel 6 Jan 18

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You can Follow me, you can Stalk me but Do Not Drone Me... and if you must drone me, better not be armed.


Hadn't heard this one before. My favorite Was Not Was song is "I Feel Better Than James Brown."

@jeff2145 I loved "the dinosaur" too.


I'm not sure, but I know what you mean about feeling like a stalker lol. Might as well go for it, this is the internet, after all. Not like you're following someone around a mall or something


I send a wink and a greeting in the hope of establishing a connection. The social media equivalent of 'What brings you in here tonight?'


You can stalk me?


The police will show up at your door - bwahaha.

Iffy Level 5 Jan 18, 2018

I ask, think that that cuts down the stalkin issue.


I have no idea. I think it goes into a special 'tube' in case the person you're following makes a wild left turn and leaves you stranded in the Bronx.


Nothing to feel stalkerish about. Simply a handy feature that allows you to indulge in your favorite writing styles !


no, it's you just liking what they have to say a lot and showing it. I appreciate it myself.


It's not stalking until you find yourself hiding in the bushes. 😛


Could be a minority report, predictive program. What if they turn out to be even worse than a mere cyberstalker, They will see that we were following them.... oh dang.....................


Hmmm... you find they discussions worth talking about. I follow a lot of people because I want to see their posts when they come out. It's good stuff.... try it.


Please follow me. Stalking would make me feel special.

Right now I'm being stalked on this site. I can tell you this now it's not fun at all.

@SonderOpia WTF! Really? I'm sorry. That's awful. Can you block?

@phil21 I blocked him and reported him so that profile was removed however as all psychos he has multiple profiles. I've reported a second profile and now they're going to ban that profile as well as check into his IP address and see if he has any other profiles and ban those as well. Being stalked in real life or on the Internet is a very scary experience

@SonderOpia Sorry! Awful experience. And creepy.


As long as you don't stand outside my house with a boom box playing "Every Breath You Take" (ala John Cusak), it's all good. Welcome to the asylum! Enjoy your stay!

Actually, I think that song was, “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel.

@balou It was, in the movie. However the Police song is the stalkers anthem.

Ahh this song is replaying in my head now.

@KKGator There are 2 songs with same type "spy in the house of love" by "Was not Was" and "Animal Logic", great songs. I will try to find the link from youtube. Got them... and drummer from the Police was the drummer for Animal Logic.


You are following their posts and receive a message every time they post-maybe you like what they have to say,or are interested in getting to know them better. I have people following me-doesn't bother me.

2 pay your own parking tickets!


Haha, yeah. But seriously, all you're doing it getting notified when that person makes a public post. You show up in their "who follows you" list. If things become stalkerish, that person can block you. Good questions.

Admin Level 8 Jan 18, 2018

Ah great thanks 🙂

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