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Who out there is pagan? Anyone anyone? Who can tell me the real meaning behind paganism?

greenwitch 3 Jan 18

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Beginner here


Hi Witch,
I've wanted to learn a little about it from peoples perspective. I thought of visiting The El Paso Witches&Pagan&Wiccan Meetup Group. Does anyone know anything about them or others?


Wicca isn't one thing but a choice between pantheism, monotheism, duotheism, or polytheism. Like Witch Rock? - Check out Damn the Witch Siren


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jeffy Level 7 Jan 19, 2018

As a child I felt strongly that certain places were "special", a stronger feeling than I ever got in a church, and that there was "-something" in these places I could communicate with. I also had an ability to "feel" that certain plants could soothe a rash, for example....born a witch? Or just childish vestiges such as primitive tribes felt? I still get feelings about places......


New age paganism is at best acmodern interpretation of barely known ancient practice. Like Druidism. The druids were destroyed befor the common era by pagan romans. Assatru is at least taken from the mythology of Scandinavia. It’s actually there because of Sturluson. But both were folk religions. The current pagan religions are divorced from the culture of the ancient celts and Scandinavians by thousands of years. They’re really more of a social club playing at something they know little of. Of course, there are other pagans that have plenty of evidence in the historical record I.e., Roman/Greek. But the same objection can be made for them.


I met witches only on comic conventions.


Hi greenwitch,I do not know of the meaning Pagan,but before christianity Pagans were thriving I think they were one with nature gardening etc and celebrated seasons which I suppose coencided with the time to grow crops and when to harvest them.When christianity was made the official religion of Rome the christians destroyed the statues and killed Pagans who would not turn to their religion it was not a good time for Pagansbut some of the Pagan rituals were incorporated into the christian religion such as Easter.


If you like think thinking about witchraft, meaning and higher purpose, let me suggest the fantasy book series Strands of Starlight by Gael Baudino


Know someone that is like a Lycan Priestess. But she hides during winter.


My heart is happy in the woods. Fire has a magic in it that calms me. I try to commune with nature, not sure if it answers. I have changed my life in large ways to do my part to better this earth. I believe the knowledge of our pre Christian ancestors has much value and is worth preserving. Pagan soul.

I think as tribes and not knowing any better humans were probably at there best and closest to each and every member with much thought for the whole small family based group from every member to each other. no theft or deceit. such a strong bond and closeness with nature and each other. that has all but gone now in our megga tribes of millions who have effectively lost all this.


Don't know much about it, but have met a few in my church. We even had a wiccan circle meet up. I wish I went but didn't.


Well don't go into it thinking it is a religion. I view the Wiccan teachings as a way to see and appreciate the interconnectedness of all living things and the natural forces of nature.

I have no evidence to prove or disprove if spellcrafting works. However meditating on ideas and problems in your life helps you work though them internally. At least thats what rituals and casting spells do for me.


I consider myself a god-less pagan, and also atheist, humanist. Look at pagan as being earth-centered. We celebrate the solstices, especially the winter one with a big bonfire. To mark when the day light will start getting longer. Also celebrate planting and harvest. We live on this earth, and need to be in rhythm with it, and take care of it. Don't mess our nest. And I don't know the real meaning, I just use my definition.

Nice. I like that.


My family is.....its garbage don't waste your time unless you want to flex your sceptic muscles debunking it all


Former solitary ecclectic here.

"Paganus" (Latin) = "country dweller" i.e. bumpkin i.e. someome who is not up-to-date on all the latest fashionable gods (like a city dweller would be)... later specifically used to connote someone who follows a religion from out in the boondocks i.e. not the official religion of the Roman empire, later for someone who follows the native religion of the land vs. a conquering religion like Christianity or Judaism or Islam.

That's just etymology; not sure if that's what you meant. 🙂


I had seen long ago that pagan were the worshipers of Pan. I tried to connect it some time back was unsuccessful. I did however did discover that they were polytheism enthusiasts.


Pretty good background here: []


My daughter practices Wicca.

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