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Soulmates - is there just the one?

I'm a firm believer that there is not a single person who seems to be the "missing piece". I'm amazed at the number of people I meet where I wonder "where have you been and why did it take so long for us to find each other?"

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BawdyEclectic 6 Jan 19

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I think soulmates is the wrong term. However I have multiple people who are a love of my life.


If there's a soul mate for me I haven't met her yet.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

Good luck with that.


Soulmate huh? Overused term. Can be compatible with more than one person. It's time and place.


My wife and I have been married for 50 years and my wife likes to say, "We've liked each other for at least 20 years." At this point, I suppose she is my soulmate simply because she is the core to my family. When we got together, at 19 and 17, both of our families were broken and dysfunctional. So, we created our own family and, mostly, our extended family has been useless, destructive, or remote to our nuclear family: two daughters and, now, three grandchildren. I absolutely do not believe in the soulmate concept, though. You either modify yourself to match up to the person you're with or you don't.

TWDay Level 4 Jan 20, 2018

it goes without saying there is way more woman or men someone could really connect and love for a lifetime. that being said I would only want one.


I think 'SOUL" can mean different things to different people. Soulmates could mean simply a deepness of the connection between 2 people. Aretha Franklin was known as the queen of soul. And that brings up "soul music". A deepness and richness of the musical beat and deep down feeling that transports that understanding to others. I think if we simply use soul in the religious sense then we might be missing some cultural aspects that are very appealing. Soulmates, soul music, soul train, Sam and Dave; I'm A Soul Man, Soul To Soul. Just some food for thought.

Was very big on soul music Harry.

@sassygirl3869 That is nice to know. Me too.

@Beasley Such a righteous comment. I would agree 100%. I noticed in your profile you consider yourself a conservative? Just a bit curious what part of you is that way?


I think...that should you not be interested in other 'soul mates' want have any. A lover is a lover and can be a soul mate, but there are other people that can fit that 'bill' if you allow them to and they may not be a lover!


I believe we have More than one, but may only come across one in our lifetime. I am still looking. 😉 haha

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 19, 2018

Yep... one at a time.

Tomas Level 7 Jan 19, 2018

I believe in chemistry between 2 people who also understand that when that wears off that it takes communication, work,respect and love to make a relationship work. And even then it's not going to be perfect but they still look foward to waking up next to that person every morning. For me, being "soulmates" is just finding the right combination in the world. There's lots of them out there and some can be duplicated, whether right or wrong. But then, what do I know? Lol


I met my soulmate when I was 17. We were apart for 45 years. I married someone else that was my love for 26 years. After that I met someone else that I will never get over. I can say that I think one of them was more my soulmate that the others but I don't know that it's true.


I don't believe in any such thing. I think "soulmate" is another made-up concept to either make us feel better, or inadequate if we don't find the "one".
I think it's all a crapshoot. I've learned there's really no such thing as Mr. Right Forever. However, there can be more than one Mr. Right Now (or varying lengths of time).

Hear, hear! With any relationship, it's willingness to compromise (both too much and too little are bad), and interest in making it work. Love is an action verb.


There's no such thing as a soulmate. I made a post on soulmates in November/December.


Nope. It’s all a matter of matching personalities. That can happen many times.


Hell no although the romantic in me appreciates the notion.


Where did this concept of a soulmate start?

@MrLizard I think it is mainly wishful thinking that seems to have come from dating and relationship advice sites. Somebody that perfectly matches your needs and style. No effort required to make the relationship work.

@MrLizard Please start helping to bury the idea.

@MrLizard A man's got to do what a man's got to do.

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