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How hard is it to compliment people instead of critizing? If it was a rule that you had to compliment every person you met what line would you use???

greenwitch 3 Jan 19

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Hey Witch,
I love telling anyone I meet who's doing anything for me, like a cashier, or salesman, or Whomever. I say "Thanks for being here today." Some people are truely touched, some are amazed I would say that, and some are just confused. Then I have to fix the confused ones but it's all fun. I have a story about a Walmart cashier and this little thanks I do. I do have other standard compliments for people. I love telling a woman I don't know that she smells wonderful. I even noticed when I became totally comfortable complimenting a man I don't know. I think I get as much out of it as the recipients do sometimes.


Once upon a time... πŸ˜‰


You have value.


I often compliment people I pass on my day to day wanderings. I've complimented a wide variety of things that I noticed - hair, clothing, eyes, accent, complexion, voice, jewelry, scarf or habib, the sound of their language they were speaking, etc. Just whatever catches my attention in a warm & pleasant way.


I don't think it is a one size fits all situation. In my work day I frequently have to contact HR departments for additional information. Once in a while they respond in seconds, and I always try to thank them and let them know how amazing I think that is. It is tax time and HR departments and my company are swamped, so turn around time of many days is more the norm. I try to say something good as soon as there is something good to say. The other side of that is something I got from Lord Mountbatten many years ago. "Never complain, never explain." The never explain I usually don't get to skip, but only complain if it is truly constructive.


Wow! You’re not really offensive!????


I compliment people if its deserved but its quite a one-way street.


"Bless your heart"... after that I can say whatever I like lol


This would not be hard for me I have trained my self to treat even people I dislike with kindness. I know that it is kind of telling a lie when I do this and it has gotten me in a tight spot a time or two it however had also saved my ass too. Can not say there is a spiel but in how you say thing that matter.


I try to do that, unless they are pure evil lol, though I always find something good about most people, you have beautiful eyes, I love your hair, you have a wonderful smile, you are really good at such and such can you show me how. etc etc.. I like to make people smile. Its way more fun than criticizing people.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 20, 2018

@irascible Sounds like a pick up line to me lol


You make me smile, thanks for that!

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