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I received a message today from the CEO of a Christian youth program nonprofit.

I know it’s about a job and I’m not sure how to respond. Should I politely decline or not respond to his message at all? I can’t work there, no matter what they’ll pay.

helionoftroy 7 Aug 31

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If they are not forcing you to pray or go to bible readings, and you can positively influence the narrative, why not take a job? I work at a religious organization and they know I am not a believer. I have had the fortunate experiences of being an advocate of tolerance, anti-racism and acceptance of LGBT people. I also learned some incredible skills, like negotiating, using their own scriptures to push back on discrimination and exclusion, and learning diplomacy.
If you aren’t at the table, you are on the menu.

Livia Level 6 Sep 1, 2018

I would agree, but with the caveat that not all organizations are as open and tolerant as others. You have a great opportunity to change people personally, one on one. Plus you might have communication or coping skill the OP does not. There can be positive in a situation like this, but there are more likely many other negatives. Perhaps loss of a job, and destroying one's career.

I think that me be a requirement though. Their curriculum may be based on religion

@helionoftroy I am not in a teaching position, but I know most of the teachers are Christian but of a social liberal outlook and do what they can to subvert or circumnavigate stuff they disagree with. I am a senior administrator, so can have an affect on direction of the organization. I have met some great people- I think their belief is delusional, but some of them are incredibly philosophical about it, are intelligent and do not proselytize. They pray before meetings etc. but I just let them. Respond, say you are interested in learning more about the organization, go for an interview and make an assessment- if you profoundly disagree with what they do and who they are, decline the position. If they seem genuinely concerned with helping people and are open minded and kind, give it a go. Don’t assume what they are about until you have seen it and assess it for yourself. You could be excluding an opportunity to the next step in your career. I have met many useful people in my time at my org. Whatever you choose - reply. Not replying is not professional.


If you really can't work for them, you could always politely decline an interview and politely explain that you don't want to offend anyone, but you can't work for fucking crazy people that believe in fairy tales. ☺

That would definitely go over well

If only I could say that.

Mmm @MiltsterD I think your definition of polite may be slightly different to mine 😉


I imagine the pay would be meager since your reward is in the next life.

dkp93 Level 8 Sep 1, 2018

Be professional and respond. Say "thanks" but not currently interested in that particular position.


Not responding is unprofessional, so I would thank this person for the opportunity then politely decline the offer. That is the professional way to handle it.

I’ve thought about responding. He messaged my on Facebook with his number and asked me to call him.


Oh just tell them to go to hell, they will understand



If it is a sincere offer, yes, politely decline. it won't injure anyone and they won't wonder, and can go hire someone else.



Never hurts to make a new connection. Maybe you can refer someone.

That’s something to consider


For me I would not consider it I'm not willing to put myself in a position with people that may go ultra-religious

According to their website they’re based on religion

@helionoftroy understood, that's why I would not consider the opportunity


I wouldn't take this job , I will not consider an interview . A response to decline is not even required . What they gonna do , put your name on "a list of people who do not reply in job offers ?" Youth and Christianity , 2 words that give me the hives . Child molestation , child mental abuse and preping the young how to be fearful and useless , I don't want to be a part of it .

[] This is the organization


This is the church behind the camp. Check out their Facebook and podcast and see if it is social justice based or makes you heave. It will be the decider! []

Livia Level 6 Sep 1, 2018

Oh fuck no!!

@helionoftroy There you have your answer?- so just send them a polite thanks but no thanks!


I received a message from Christian mingle today.

That’s worse than the job offer!


Just reply:
According to your belief your are guided by an omniscient god。This confuses me .. why would s/he guide you to invite me to work with you given that I don't believe in any diety。


With that big LOVE OF GOD slogan I would pass. We all know what a prick he is.

I couldn’t even watch the entire video. I thought it was presumptuous of him to think I would be interested in anything he had to say. I still haven’t responded


If it is a cold offer simply do not respond. If you did not apply there is no problem.

I didn’t apply but my resume is on file with a job search website for nonprofits


Go ahead and take the interview. Just don’t let the religous nonsense bother you. Most of them are better people than the a lot of the left wing Liberals.

No, not really. Youre just as delusional as them, so you prefer them. To be an atheist republican requires as much cognitive dissonance as religion does so you feel right at home with them. The sane amongst us wouldn't.

@Wurlitzer Your the delusional one. Wanting the government to take care of you from cradle to grave and thinking that will make things better is very delusional. After all capitalism will always trump socialism and history shows that.

This is the organization []


Been there. An opportunity for a job with a chemical company which had approached Twump for easement on environmental regulations. I'd been out of work a few weeks when the first opportunity came up; it was harder to resist the second time (too many people like me looked away?) but nothing came of it.

godef Level 7 Sep 1, 2018

You didn’t work for them or nothing negative happened?

@helionoftroy I might have added it was harder to resist because I had been out of work awhile. I got a response the first time but didn't follow up; saw the same job available a few months later and reapplied, but nothing happened. Happily, I have found work since.

@godef glad you didn't have to compromise yourself in the end, it's always nice to respect yourself for what you do; even if it's nothing ground breaking.


My first “real” job was in PR for a Ukrainian Catholic hospital. I was neither, and it got awkward when I had to photograph religious ceremonies and didn’t know the protocol. If you are tempted by the job, take an interview and ask about the e owctationa related to religious values and practice.

UUNJ Level 8 Sep 1, 2018

So far it’s not tempting at all


I think your conscience would be troubled day in day out. I felt uncomfortable enough just being in a Christian choir. In your case, you get the pleasure of doing some good. In mine, I got to sing some of the loveliest songs around. So it's a tough call.

I think so too. I can’t align with their mission. I can’t sell something I don’t believe in.


Send them a science book. Be nice start off with a basic science book. Or ask what does the job require and slip in some science.

If only!


It might be a good idea to use a potential interview as networking. You might want to leverage a raise at your present job. It doesn't hurt to have more connections. Then again, maybe your present job would get upset if they heard that you were interviewing elsewhere. Generally having more information and connections is a good idea.

Something to think about


Did you apply, or is it just a cold call type of offer?

I did not apply. My resume is on file with togetherSC. Nonprofits list job opportunities there. I remember seeing a post for social worker for them once but that was months ago.

@helionoftroy You could write back declining for now if you wanted, but I don't see it's necessary. I get 5-10 emails a day from IT recruiters with jobs, just b/c I'm posted online.

@jondspen he sent it through Facebook messenger


Never burn bridges. Find out what the job entails and if there are any "catches". Respond after you know all the facts. I interviewed with Thrivent aka Lutheran Brotherhood. Decent job, just wasn't up to the salary I was already receiving.

He messaged me on Facebook and I noticed we have many common friends. It’s a small community. It’s all so odd.

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