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Ever been around your friends or relatives and they are praying before eating or talking about religion or angels or god and you are the only non believer in the room and they ask you if you believe in angels? this happened to me and I told them what I think.

5082gregory 7 Jan 20

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I don't have this happen to me much any more. I am a proud antitheist.


To me, Scientology is what I consider a cult. I have little respect or belief in cults. There are always some kind of hidden abuses that eventually are revealed. As far as Scientology, it is like I am with most groups about serious belief systems, I do not join. My beliefs are mine. They are sacred. I hold them close to my heart and while I am willing to help any individual or a group that does deeds to help humanity, I do it as a loner. I may volunteer some time, some money, some kind of assistance, but I cannot be owned, not by a cult, a religion, or a vile extremest group. I have paid some difficult emotional costs for my freedom. Since it cost me so much emotionally, while I will help about anyone, but I will be owned by no one.


I didn't get asked about angels but I did make the mistake of stealing a quick glance at my daughter who immediately broke out in uncontrollable giggling.


Do they still talk to you?

Iffy Level 5 Jan 20, 2018

Why? can I help? I will try.


You mean the "Angels" at the happy endings massage Parlor? I think they are awesome!


no never and I would not be embarrassed if it did.


About everyone I know, knows that I am atheist. If they pray I stand and wait for the food.

gearl Level 7 Jan 20, 2018

Sounds like a good idea. I pretend to close my eyes and think of other things. But I wouldn't hurt them. I am not any of the religions. I take bits and pieces I like here and there, and i have my own religion. All mine and secret. LOL. Religion is 1st amendment right. You can be what religion you want. Many peoples from different countries came here for freedom of religion. The only dogmatic American religion is Mormon. They sure have some whoospy doopsy ideas.

@BettyColeman What about Scientology?


I get along ok with my ex and her husband. They are holy rollers. Well at least my ex is now, I suspect he just goes along to keep the peace. They know where I stand. Anyway, I was having dinner with them and my children. After they got finished with their little prayer, my six year old son takes it on himself to announce, "Daddy doesn't believe in God.". Another time they did their prayer and afterwards he asked me, "Do you even understand these prayers?" I said, "No. Now please pass me them potatoes." I don't think my 12 year old daughter really believes in any of that crap. They asked her to say the prayer once and she refused. I remained quiet but in my mind I was saying, "You go girl."


Yeah, it can get awkward, especially because it is family. It sounds like you did the best thing. How did they react?


My friends and family all know I don't believe in any of that bullshit. I will maintain a respectful (for them) silence when they are doing their praying, but I do not participate.
Whenever asked a direct question about what I believe, I give an honest and direct answer.
I'm not the one with the delusions, I'm not hiding shit just to make them feel better. If they want to fight about it, I'll oblige them, depending on the setting.


Never easy. I once caught the eyes of my Niece's Mom and almost lost it laughing entirely! They had tiny children praying before the meal. And she was rolling her eyes at me. lol That being said I will not pray with them - but I will wait for them to be done. And asking if you believe in angels or god? Gees... they should expect any possible answer.


I only see my relatives on FB and funerals. I keep my conversations to secular events.


When asked a direct question I give a direct answer. Nothing to be embarrassed about, they should be the ones embarrassed for believing in such nonsense


Why would you be embarrassed? They're ignorant. You are enlightened, be proud of that. When others pray I sit quietly and let them get through their nonsense ritual. I am respectful of other's beliefs, but I will not be diminished in any way that I don't share it.


Yes. I told them the truth as well. I put it in a way so as not to offend (I hope).

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