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So I went to lunch with my mom and sis today and told them about this website and how happy I was able to discuss my non religious beliefs and my sister said I could discuss it with her. She hates religion but believes in God and asked me how I couldn't because I am a nature and animal lover. I said I believe in evolution, it makes more sense to me than all that bible shit. She agreed with me but doesn't quite understand the concept of being agnostic, which I explained to her. It was a good conversation! Mom has dementia so it was hard for her to follow. Poor thing.

Presley1209 7 Jan 20

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Some people define "god" as not an individual but a higher reasoning, divine justice, grand designer, collective consciousness etc. Sometimes it's hard for people to accept that life has evolved and that it comes to an end. It's possible your mum is a little afraid of accepting the apparent purposeless of our existence. The trick is to find/make our own purpose, not for heavenly rewards but in celebration of being alive....and don't accept a big thank you at the pearly gates.

Nemo Level 3 Jan 21, 2018

Sounds like it would have been better to broach this topic with your mother earlier. There are things we all wish we had done when it could have made a difference.

I had done it earlier before she got so sick and replied she didn't raise me that way, when in fact we hardly went to church growing up. I don't blame her for my beliefs now, I would still be the same person. My conversation was more with my sister, which was great!


Educating people and helping them to find better and more meaningful lives is one of the most fulfilling things we can do in life, in my opinion. It seems as though you may have given your sister a nice nudge down the road of enlightenment. Good for you. And good on you and your sis for taking care of your mom.

Thank you, I was pleasantly surprised by her openness to my thoughts. As far as my mom, thank you because its so hard to see her deteriorate.


If evolution is a fact, and I accept the facts that is, where along the evolutionary process, did the soul appear in humans and by what process could it have happened?

He'll if I know. That's a loaded question. ????

The concept of a soul is simply nonsense. (IMHO) I'm just throwing thoughts out there


I'm sure a lot of you have heard this before but I once heard a comedian explain agnostic as a person who isn't sure there is a god but sees no reason to burn any bridges.


We all come from around 60,000 or so people from the great rift valley in Africa. We also have as much as 2% Neanderthal DNA. When they left the valley one bunch went west and north and became European. Another bunch went east and became Asian and after that Native American and latino.

@SteveB you are right the only people still pure are in the rift valley.


It is good that you got to be open about your beliefs

Yes it was, although she already knew but has tried to sway my opinion but after yesterday she seemed to understand where I was coming from.


Nice you and your sister could find common ground. Sorry bout Mom.

Thank you Sassy. It was nice, plus the condolences about my mom. It has not been easy at all. People should not have to go through what we are going through.



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