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Am I the only one that felt like reading the Bible just felt like I was reading one huge story of fiction about good vs evil?

EmeraldJewel 7 Jan 20

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Yes, the bible does have literary value. My parents bought me a children's Bible. even in a children's Bible they had the story of the man who was going to give his virgin daughters away to be raped all night ..... at 52 when people talk to me about the Bible I still conjure up pictures of Adam and Eve an apple and a big boat with a bunch of animals on it . That's pretty much so the extent of my knowledge about the Bible.

Wtf! That kind of stuff in a children’s bible? That’s too much.


no, the bible study i was doing in church, coupled with my study of greek and roman mythology in art related classes, is why i became an atheist. it was not until years later, that i became better educated in the sciences.


No you are definitely not! , I agree, its all spooky language


And sometimes the good guys were pretty evil? Yes.

I noticed that, too.


Me too. It's boring to me.


I don't think so, I pretty much feel/felt the same way. Even my Dad said to me when I was really young, 'You should read it (the bible), it has lots of good stories'. He was raised Catholic, became a recovering Catholic'atheist then more agnositc.


Garden of Eden was center of good and evil.

God for sure! Ha ha ha!!! That’s the start of god setting two people up to fail.


I don't think I made it all the way through when I tried to read it so as a book of fiction I would give it a fail.

It’s hideously boring.


There are some fairytales about talking snakes a guy talking to an ever burning bush, a guy with a ship filled with prey and predators, someone turned to a pillar of salt, a tower of intermingled language.


Nawww.... I felt betrayed too.

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