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I haven't posted anything too obvious on FB about being a nonbeliever except sharing the ad. But I just posted a meme that will very likely get some responses from my believer family and friends. Anxiously waiting.....

BeeHappy 9 Jan 20

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don't sweat it. your the one being real


You may find that some of your Christian friends don't really believe but are simply hiding their lack of faith. I have found that a few of my fellow workers are not really christians, and I am in Georgia.

In the US Christianity is the default value. If you aren't Jewish or Muslim you therefore must be christian. I believe most folks have never read the bible and have no clue what being a christian means, and might even go to church on Christmas and Easter. Ignorance is YUGE in the US.


It's amazing how human beings can stubbornly refuse to accept some things which make obvious sense to any intelligent and rational person.


Done gone and sold yer soul to the devil, did ya?

skado Level 9 Jan 21, 2018

Yepper! I sure did.


Checkout my Facebook. The only thing I have posted is videos that are particularly good about atheism.....silence....



Want to share the meme?

I stole it from someone here that posted it earlier.



Be prepared to defend your lack of belief against all sorts of asinine arguments. Those who know you well, probably won't be bothered by your stance. There's always those who ignore reason and jump to conclusion.


I'm pretty sure I've lost some friends because of my political stances and anti church stuff I post. I have annoyed my cousin's daughter due to my support for BLM. She see's it as not supporting cops and her husband is a cop. I support cops and he is a super guy, but not all cops are. But I am who I am and what I am. I know I alienated some trump supporters, but seriously if you support that gem I don't mind if you block me.


My cousin is a minister!! I get ya. My mom thinks me being atheist means I worship Satan!!!!

@MrLizard I tried to explain that thats not how it worked. Lol


You must be ready for it.


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