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I've always been a proponent against capitol punishment. In Jr. high school I actually debated this issue. I was recently asked if one of my kids or grandchild was raped or killed would I want the Murderer executed. After considerable thought I'd have to say yes. What would your position be on this?

steve148 7 Jan 21

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I cannot support the death penalty, except in 'depraved' circumstances. That would be for a person, that could be shown to have no regard for human beings and possibly all life. In my past, I have been privy to horrific damage, even murder! But, the people were not 'depraved' and I had background information that could shed light on how it could have come about! I also, spent a lot of time studying human nature! Healing can and does take place, even from horrific circumstances. I can't support putting mentally ill people to death. I realize there is a fine line, between the 'depraved' and the mentally ill, but I am a humane person and we can remove people from society, for safe keeping.


I've been vs capital punishment too. Don't know.


We have had so many cases in Britain of wrongful executions, it would be very hard to get a 'guilty' verdict. Also - morally - how can we say 'you've killed, that's the worst crime you can commit. Now, we're going to kill you'! In the worst cases, lock 'em up forever, no parole, no release on licence. If they consider that prospect intolerable, provide them with the necessary drug to do away with themselves. Of course, the 'Devil Dodgers' would object, as suicide is a mortal sin.


I think there are people that deserve to be killed, but I don't trust the government to decide who that is. That's why I'm opposed to the death penalty.


Obviously if such an event happened the pain and trauma for everyone involved would be horrendous.I've never understood how killing the person helps anyone. Surely it just creates more suffering

In that situation do you think you'd want the murderer to suffer? I'm personally against capitol punishment. But when it's that close to home I don't think I could separate the emotion from the logic. Maybe your stronger then me.

I doubt if I'm stronger than anyone and yup I probably would have a desire for some kind of revenge. But the death penalty just creates more suffering.


Life in jail without the possibility of parole. I want that person to live and suffer for the rest of his life.


I think the law needs to err on the side of caution. Dead is not reversible. If you take someone's life and it turns out the evidence was wrong then there are no do overs. As a parent/grandparent Yes, I would want the murderer killed. As a rational human being I want to be 100% sure we have the right person.


An eye for an eye. Nothing more. But - justice & revenge should not be the same thing...

Don't we all end up blind?

An eye for an eye is from the bible. Isn't revenge justice if your 100% sure of guilt?

@steve148 - Not at all. Revenge is based on anger, and comes from a different motivation than justice, which theoretically includes rehabilitation.

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