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Are you a nutter magnet?

At a bar, will the lady who doesn't seem to blink enough tell you about her alien abduction experience?
Will the guy on the train dressed in random charity shop clothes come and show you his collection of potato crisps that look like famous people?
On a hen/stag do, will you end up with the tag-along who regales you with a two hour saga of their disastrous love life?
Or are you (like me) a nutter repellant? Do homeless people scream 'Fuck off!' at you and flee into the night?
So, nutter magnet or nutter repellant?

MrBeelzeebubbles 7 Sep 4

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Magnet.. but as an aquarius that is fine with me.. normals are boring and think they are sane.. which is sad to watch.


Magnet. ?


I am a mental health nurse so you guess

New job title: Professional Nutter Magnet.


Yep....just yep 😕


You could put me in a room with 100 men, 10 of them engineers, guess which 10 find me?
Does that count? So in a way, yes.

I work with engineers. That soooo counts.


I repel most people.

Many years of using public transport has given me a weapons grade resting bitch face. That helps.

@MrBeelzeebubbles I use my words.

For some reason, my face seems to invite idiots, but they figure it out quickly. 🙂


I avoid people who make me feel uncomfortable. I only hang with like minds, and only for short spans of time.


Yes. Unfortunately, I worked in customer service for awhile so there was no escape. My favorite is the guy who liked to bring me his leg. He'd set it on my counter and tell me stories about it. Prosthetic, of course.


Do not know about having some ability to attract nuts. Strange people do seem to gravitate to me. I once had a guy try to convince me that he created the "idea" that was strange enough.


Recovering chaos magnet here.

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