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Are there others here, who have felt the loneliness in your soul, that feels like a kind of hell? Have you felt the loneliness, for companionship? And have you found that loneliness to be two distinct kinds of loneliness?

Freedompath 9 Jan 21

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Testosterone over dose??

??? you know something that I have never heard of? Overdose of Testosterone, has never been a diagnosis for Psychic my knowledge...can you provide source?

@Eugenenos I am speachless!!! I can not elaborate on the that subject...except that it is not fatal...and you remember the old adage...'if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger!' Maybe that helps a little...

@Freedompath the way I heard it is , "if it doesn't kill you, it gives you a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a twisted sense of humor!". ????

@Normanbites oh! I surely hope not! But, there is an exception to every rule, though! Like I always say, 'never write anything in stone!'

@Normanbites better to chuckle, than cry!! You should experience 'childbirth!'

@freedompath childbirth is far too painful from the male perspective. I think it is just best avoided. I don't mind the effort involved, it's the succeeding that scares me.


Freedompath - To quote you, yes, I "have felt the loneliness in my soul that feels like a kind of hell." I call it depression. I am 73 years old and I really am over "relationships." However, the loneliness I feel is a result of living in a city where I have been unable to meet like-minded people. I think there is a difference between loneliness and being alone. I really enjoy living alone with my beautiful greyhound. Just one or two intelligent friends who enjoy good conversation, the performing arts, and a good laugh would be just what I need at this point in my life.

Yes, I know this 'walk'...have you read my bio? Some of my family and even friends, don't know what to make of me at this point in time. I took matters into my own hands and made 'another life' here in my last years! And, I had resistance from children who see me aging! But, to sit here and wait to die, is just not what I had in mind! If I fall over dead, fine? But, I intend to live in every one of these last way! This may be the most real 'living' that I have done in most of my life... I cannot make a life that pleases, other people, now! There is something very powerful that happens when you claim your desire to live, best


It's hard to be isolated, but it is worse to be lonely when you're in the middle of a crowd.

Yes, we are not connecting...I simply never felt that I would be excepted, if 'they' 'really' knew me. Once I excepted myself, (seriously examined) the good, bad and indifferent aspects of my nature...that has changed, I simple don't seem to care whether 'they' approve or disapprove and at the same time...I feel perfectly fine! I wish this had happened, years ago!


Yes, I know loneliness. Is like trying to return to a home that I never knew. I have always been a loner and do enjoy being alone, mostly. As I have aged, though, I think how nice it might be to have a partner, confidant, lover.

My guess is, the only way to honor that urge is to take actions.. actions,.that give you fighting chance! I cannot recall a single person, that had a 'partner,' 'confifant,' 'lover,' show up at their door...I just haven't! Now, I can say this, 'tongue in cheek" because, back in the day, when that mattered to me, too! I was frozen in place! I can report that I never found one, either...just for what it is worth!!


It comes and goes... if I keep my mind active... I’m not lonely... but if I ponder on it, it can be tough!!


Lacking a ‘soul,’ I’ve likely experienced the depths, and survived. Religion had nothing. Friends had little more.. It was up to me. Anymore, whatever emotion arrives, I let it wash through me… Nothing lasts, good, or bad. To me, loneliness is a void, and nature abhors a void, which for us, can be a good thing 🙂

Varn Level 8 Jan 21, 2018

Yep! Been there, done that!


I have always in one way or another felt rather alone, and my introverted nature usually doesn't help those feelings when they do swell up. I can get along fine with people, have friends, ect... but in the end I'm a reactor and not much of an en-actor.

I generally don't mind being alone, at the very least that loneliness I may feel when I'm by myself is rational. It's the feeling of loneliness in a crowd that bothers me more, I may as well be lost in a forest of trees all things considered. Big social gatherings are almost a lost cause, and that I where I'd generally feel the most alone.

I remember getting really pissed off at my one co-worker who was an extroverted social butterfly type person. While he may have meant well, calling me a recluse ever so often in his cheery way made me want to smack him because it reeks of mockery.

Reeks of passive aggressiveness

@Rudy1962 He stopped after a while when he saw the look I'd give him. I have a "take no crap" attitude at work, and when I start giving you a rather "displeased" look, you best stop else you get chewed out. He only got one polite "please stop".


(1)Think you are referring to solitude the emptiness you feel in your head even in the company of others because you can't seem to relate on any level. (2)The loneliness that you feel at home or doing something that you will not have someone to share the memory with. Think when you are alone for long periods of time the second description kind of fades because you just accept this is how it is.


I have always felt that I did not belong here. My best description is being a piece of one puzzle mixed in with another puzzle and I do not fit anywhere. Being a loner, an introvert and almost a recluse, I do not think I have ever experienced loneliness.


I have. Its one of the worst feelings in the world. I've been on my own and achy loneliness comes, and I've been with someone where I feel like I'm more alone even surrounded by others. My dog is my life. He makes my days better

...don't give up, relationships take time! Even friendships sometimes are tested by 'fire,' and not all friendships work, same as all marriages don't work! And, the more we are connected to ourselves, the more we know what we are willing to give away! And what we choose to give away, is given freely, without regret!

I know what you mean about your dog. I have 2 little guys who are, basically, my insurance against loneliness. Whenever "being unpartnered" starts to get me down, I know my little guys are here loving me unconditionally, never not happy to see me. Probably sounds pathetic, but...oh well.


I've felt exactly that way sometimes. Then I observed that whatever someone thinks is wrong with them and preventing them from meeting someone else, someone out there want what that person has to offer. So continuing to be in the game may result in an end of loneliness, or some interesting adventures, or both.

Searching for anything is a lonely path, be it a 'love,' an answer to a complex problem, or our place that matters in the 'world!'


I believe I have and they are different feelings. The deep sense of loneliness that life gives all of us. Tennessee Williams put it this way, "We are all sentenced to a life of solitary confinement within our own skin."

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