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Inequal distibution

What kind of emphasis would you put on your state or national budget?

words don't make noise, people ELABORATE 🙂 especially since it only allows for 8 options

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Aaron89 4 Jan 21

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Education. Everything else comes from that.


Current trends demand environment be at or near the top. Manmade climate change must be considered a clear and present danger to both the United States and the world. Also, prioritize both education and health care for children. Healthy, educated children grow into productive adults who can better contribute to society, thereby undercutting the increasingly voracious and destructive prison industrial complex. A thoughtful government should be ready to spend whatever it takes to fight the root causes of poverty.


Education and Law Enforcement keep kids out of jail, so those have to be priorities. Infrastructure and Healthcare (one payer!) should be next.


Would put education at the top, and environment second as we have to live here, are really messing up our nest. With more than 50% of our budget going to defense, wouldn't put anymore there, but would like to shift defense some to put more into support of the troops. As an engineer, we certainly aren't taking good care of our infrastructure.


all those things are important. would like to prioritize them but I will just stay at putting education at the top. Keystone to everything else


If you don’t take care of your Defense and law enforcement you’ll never be able to utilize your education.

if the populace is uneducated the defense and law enforcement will simply be corralling the troublemakers, much like it is now.

@HippieChick58 So I’m assuming your just another one of the Obama loving left wing liberals! There’s plenty of those on this website!

@Trajan61 there is plenty of a lot of things on this website lol. Defense spending is still a major priority for our country, we are a global superpower, and that isn't by any means cheap. we tend to undervalue our military's importance in protecting us even if they are not right in front of us. but educating the public, especially when the military and law enforcement draws its recruits from the public, is just as important.


With a well educated populace, everything else falls into place.

Being well educated doesn’t protect you from people like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Castro and Kim Jong Un.

This^ is what I meant to say.

@stinkeye_a You said it well too.

@Trajan61 Were the scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project not well educated? Did the officers and engineers who helped defeat the Axis Powers during WW2 not have college degrees?

Well educated societies don't allow despots like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Kim Jong Un to come to power so perhaps if more focus was placed on education worldwide, there would be less evil.


Education, because better-informed people have more developed empathy, values, and problem-solving ability.


Education is for the people controlled by the government there needs to be standards however those standards differ for every student. The education stressed on everyone meeting a goal at a certain time is absurd. Puts undue pressures on and causes lots of people to drop out or be turned off to learning.

Well said azzow2,every child is different with different learning ability.In New Zealand the new government knows this and scrapped what is called National standards where exams are what is used and this caused a lot of children to drop out.S o the new Labour led government brought back NCEA National Certificate of Educational Achievement where a child has his learning monitered over the year,that is my understanding.


If I was an American citizen,I think healthcare would be the most important a healthcare plan that is affordable for all Americans,not just the well off.

Our healthcare system is a travesty.

@RoboGraham Truer words were never spoken. For profit healthcare is immoral.

@HippieChick58 You said it sista


Health care first, then infrastructure (which includes public utilities) and education, then environment.

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