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Do you like to play brainy games or enjoy puzzles of any sort?

Sharpening those wits... I'm thinking sudoku, crosswords, riddles... do you like any brainy games like these?

I ❤ games and puzzles.

silvereyes 8 Jan 22

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Sometimes, but these days just figuring out how to cope with reality is enough of a challenge to keep my mind busy.

skado Level 9 Jan 22, 2018

I like to take super-challenging cognitive assessment tests like the one President Trump aced the other day. One day I, too, will correctly identify an illustration of a lion.


I do crossword every morning have since I was like 22 played tons of chess at a young age. Was getting good at crypt-ta-quote have done one of those for years. Word game of any kind I am in.

@WizardBill Have not played in years. Need to get a board and teach the little ones, grate to learn strategy.


I love Sudoku.


Riddles, trivia I am fine with, being severely dyslexic is a problem with crosswords but I am compensated in "find a word". Love mental exercises such an mensa tests and similar.


I enjoy sudoku and crossword puzzles at times 🙂


I love playing along while watching jeopardy.

I used to love Jeopardy, until my circumstances changed about 6 months ago.


I'm a huge fan of word searches or things where you have to find items in a large picture.



Yup! Love it! I have my eye on the deluxe version again - with the lazy Susan. I'm not in a hurry though. Unfortunately, I know few people who are interested in Scrabble.


Not really. Just video games. My brain forgot how to function to succeed in that category of games. 🙂


Chess, all kinds of trivia games jeopardy...


yes. Love trivia. Riddles, most yess.


Word game I like, riddles are fun too.


I like trivia games.


I get my share of puzzles on a daily basis as a software engineer:

  • Why does this work on my test setup but doesn't work in the customer's environment? What's different, and why does it matter?
  • What can we do to process this conversion faster? It's already the fastest in the industry.
  • How on Earth did this ever work? It's the worst piece of programming I have ever seen, and I WROTE IT!!!

I enjoy a brain teaser or other puzzle now and then, but usually my brain is pretty well burnt from work-related puzzles.

BTW, that is one of the reasons I love what I do!


Crossword puzzles, trivia games. Last night I participated in a drinking game with trivia questions. Think I won.


Rummikub! Pitch! Jigsaw puzzles on fabulous, no missing pieces or big table in the way! And free!

LOVE Rumikub!! I very recently bought the "Large" edition. The tiles are the same size, but the numbers are very large. And, the best part is that the tile material is like the older games, very weighty! Best Rumikub set I've seen or owned!

Also, I have a jigsaw puzzle on my table right now. I work on it a bit after work and on the weekends. This brand is Cobblestone and I'm not sure I'd buy it again. The pieces are so similar that it is way too easy to put them in the wrong place. I love a challenging jigsaw puzzle, but this is becoming not so fun. I cover it with the thinnest slab of wood I could find at the home store -- keeps the cats from batting it on the floor when I am not home.

@Bluewave Try the Jigsaws can choose the # of pieces, background colors, even shapes i Like Jigsaw Daily and Jigsaw Puzzle Epic.....both Free, new puzzles daily, innumerable ones available on each site. Different formats. NO old ones laying around!


Crosswords, Words with friends

NSA Crypto Challenge is my crack du jour.

Simon Shuker's code cracker is my favorite but I can only rarely find them. 😟

Writing rhymed and metered poems is like a puzzle...kinda like a crossword--more freedom but also more work.


Naw.... my rv is complicated enough. Then there's my wifey. She complicated too. She gets mad at me and it's all day walking all around me and saying nothing. she's a trip!

LOL! You crack me up, Bob.


I do the newspaper crossword every day.

2 it...


I love jigsaw puzzles, word searches and Othello


I'm not much for mobile games, but grid based puzzle games with an accompanying narrative are always fun, I'm also a big fan of JRPGs.

@silvereyes well I haven't had a PlayStation since the ps2, so my choice of jrpg was limited by the 360. The first for me was Tales of Vesparia, since then I've been able to afford my own consoles, and expand my collection a little. The tales series are really well made, and although I have Symphona i haven't gotten to it yet.

@silvereyes My ps2 days mainly consisted of platforms, and linear adventure games like Spyro and Mega-Man. I have a friend who was a big fan of the Threads of Fate game, during his PS2 days. I only recenly obtained a PSVista, and picked up my first Persona title, Persona4.


I enjoy playing video games, puzzles, and Sudoku. Making my brain work makes real work better and easier.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

Does Words With Friends count?

@silvereyes Then yes! Yes I do! 🙂

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