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So I started a new job on the 2nd of Jan and am thrilled because its close to home and other good things. Although I won't let this drive me away, I know I am the only person there who is not religious. When I say that I mean I have seen cups that say "I got this" - God. Plus my boss has psalms hanging up in her office and " blessed" signs a re all over the place. I just hope they don't ask me to join a church or ask if I belong to one! ????

Presley1209 7 Jan 22

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But they offend me with their way of thinking! Oh the humanity!


You're going to be asked that question. It's not even necessarily a rude question or a prelude to evangelism, it could just be part of a "getting to know you" conversation.

Remember that there are people who take the mere existence of atheism as a personal affront and challenge, which is why many atheists don't "out" themselves with that label. While I think it's commendable of various activist groups to work towards de-stigmatizing the word "atheist," a "getting to know you" conversation with new co-workers is not the place for you to do your fair share of that cultural work.

I suggest that you wait until you're established in the job, have been accepted as part of the team, and proven your value to the company, before you use the word "atheist" to describe yourself to your very religious co-workers. By then you should have a feel for who can be trusted to accept you, and who will recoil in horror as if you'd identified as a cannibal. Until then, a more neutral phrase like "You know, I'm just not very religious" might be the safer way to go.

Oh, I concur!!!!

Now I thin I'll just say I prefer not to talk politics or religion at work as some other people suggested. ????


Good luck...

Thank you!


You could just tell them that you have a policy of keeping your political and religious ideas private or out of the workplace. If that isn't respected you may wish to pad your resume as much as you can while looking for someplace less invasive of your privacy.

That's a great idea! Thank you!


Congratulations on your job. Your boss sounds very religious. Be careful. A member here said they can't discriminate for religious reasons, but they can lay you off and claim another reason. (Raises hand)

Someone will likely ask what church you go to. They will want to know which tribe of Christianity you belong too. If you want to keep this job, my unsolicited advice (sorry) is that you better be prepared to answer in a way that doesn't raise eyebrows and cause their amygdala to light up like a Christmas tree.


I hear ya! I messed up at my last job said I had no problem working on Sunday morning. I didn't last long after that!

Oh good grief!


Might want to brush up on what your state's employment laws are. Theoretically, no employer is supposed to be able to be discriminatory based on religion (or lack thereof).
Personally, I have always taken it straight to them when situations like that have arisen.
I tell them I'm an atheist and defy them to do anything about it, but that's me. As long as I'm doing my job, no one should have anything to say. If they do, I have no trouble telling them I'm not interested in anything except for work. Good luck!

Great advice! Thank you!


Just say, bless you, but I'm good... lol


They can't legally do that, I do believe. If I were you, if they invite you to church or whatever, just say "Thank you for the offer" and leave it at that. Good luck with the new job!

I will and thanks!


I couldn't work in a place so infected / infested by religion.

I hope I don't get to that point!

@Presley1209 I hope you don't either....but these people and their ignorance can be suffocating.

Yes they can but I will have to tell them nicely I don't wish to discuss it in the work place.

@Presley1209 And they will ask you if you are a Satanist, a baby eater Atheist....and everything else their ignorance could concoct.


The words, " I am a private person" should suffice, If anyone has the unmitigated gall to ask.
For the pushy asshole, how about, "Why do you ask?"


whatever your answer, and you better have one ready, make it solid and clear or they will sense it and start up the conversion machine.

If I dismiss it, they will probably figure it out anyway.


Respectfully say you don't like to discuss your beliefs in the work place. But if it's a professional environment they won't say anything.

So far so good!


Unless you're working for a church, I don't think they can discriminate because of religion.

Oh I would never! ????


Congratulations on your job... I was going to suggest as a joke only, mind you... "I used to belong to a church but I was kicked out for vandalism, but is okay, they couldn't prove it in court"


@Presley1209 They are going to ask you right? Not if you go to church but what church you attend. It was a joke.


Good luck on the new job. Sometimes they are just showing faith, and sometimes it's more serious and they try to "convert" you. One complaint I have about religion is the constant push for converts.

Me too! I hope they don't go there and I haven't said I'm atheist, they would flip!

That and the fact they tell you you offend them if you don't care for their way of thinking.


You have rights-hang in there. Good luck with new job.

Thank you!


Had someone try to get me to go to church with them they asked me every Sunday for about a year most times I had to invent a excuse occasionally back then work would save me from having to be creative with an excuse. One day they were trying to ask, my youngest brother told them you will have better luck dragging a dead horse a mile.



I hope you can put up with it, and once they find out that you're not religious that they don't try to push you out.

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