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Why complicate life?

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 22

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Life really can be that simple. It's good to be reminded. . .


Egos complicate things. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of rejection. Fear of disapproval. Fear of failure. Social norms and mores complicate things. Inhibition, maybe even character and behavior, lacking a particular skill or even a particular POV may complicate skills. Our governments complicate things. Life is complicated. Best thing to do is love . . . that's not so complicated if you do it without asking anything in return. (It's not complicated, it's just difficult.)

@tsjames LOL, but you got vegan right, I do love birds, I love children, too (and they do complicate things).


Ha! You people still 'care' about people. ????

1 goes!

Anyone in the Orange County area (CA) want to meet up for Taco Tuesday tomorrow?

Nena Level 6 Jan 22, 2018

good for you-go girl. I'm meeting someone this week.

@sassygirl3869 Thanks! You provided the I asked. The challenge is, not too many OC folk on this site yet. But no matter, I'm having fun just joining in on conversations and reading all the articles posted. Have a great week! (wink, wink)


The one want something ask for it. Reminds me of the statement be careful of what you ask for.


I feel like complicating life is what we were born to do!


Nailed it!


Isn't that the KISS principle? It would be nice in a perfect world.


Good stuff...


Exactly !


I could say... "tell that whoever invented marriage" but a lawyer will come up with a rebuttal. Plus there is that... "that bad uh?"




Good advice!!!

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