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We should get rid of Valentin day and replace it with a second Halloween lol

Haider 5 Jan 22

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The only worry there is that the second Halloween might become more popular than the original Halloween, which could die out as a result. That's be a pity, because the only time I like going into shopping malls and supermarkets is in the last week on October when they have a mixture of Halloween and Christmas stuff all over the place, so it feels like you're living in a real-life Nightmare Before Christmas.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 23, 2018

Wait. They both have candy. No harm, no foul.


i would rather have 2 valentines days. one day for singles and one day for couples


What is your point? You don't get laid on Halloween either. LOL. As young it was my time for kissing. Sweetest kisses I ever had... In H.S. and the three senior girls were eating mango and if you had never french kissed a lady after she ate mango. You never been to heaven. x3. I was a sophomore. To me is Romance and Nothing else. A moment to get off from our daily routines and worry how to make it better for your partner. Time to remind those without love that is better to have than not to have. Flowers, chocolates, cards, dinner, dancing, stroll by the beach, hand in hand, as you recite that new poem you just wrote and is all hers. Valentine to me is about Communion between humans at a most emotional and intimate level.

@Haider Yep, I always think of those that want to take Valentine away as the same that doesn't dress up and participate in Halloween, they don't get it... they never got it. So they don't want nobody to get it. LOL.


As a kid in OZ, we had neither, nor thanksgiving. Then came overseas television and we were bombarded. I engage in neither, I have warned parents of local kids I keep a bucket of frozen water bombs and a super soaker of pee next to the door for trick or treaters.

I love it!!! You are so awesome!!! LOL


Cultural Valentines Day-candy and cards and flowers.

Isn't it what is now here were we are?


I thought Valentine's Day was suppose to be sexy halloween...


I guess it would make it fairer, since everyone would get candy. But Halloween is the celebration of a very specific event, namely the celebration of All Hallows Eve, and before that, Samhain, the Celtic Pagan celebration of the spirits.

They believed that during that time of year, the veil between the spirit world and the human world is thinnest, and spirits wander onto earth. Thus, they wore terrifying masks and had raucous celebrations to frighten the spirits away.

It would thus be pointless to have a second Halloween.

Don't go too far or that etnic... In Mexico always been simply Day of the Dead.


lets just add two Halloweens and add a 4th of july.


Ha ha ha great idea.

gipsy Level 4 Jan 23, 2018

That might not work here they are both religious based Valentin is after Greek God Eros and Halloween is a christian based holiday.


Being perpetually single, and from Arizona, I celebrate our state's birthday. Got a shirt and everything.

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