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How’s your driving?

I wonder, how many people here use directional signals, how many don’t? Do you exceed posted speed limits? Do you drive slow in the left lane? Do you ever look in your rear view mirror? Critique your own driving for me. Please be honest and acknowledge any shortcomings you may have

NothinnXpreVails 8 Sep 13

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I wouldn't know..I've been living in Thailand since 2010 and only been driving a Honda motorbike. I drive like a Thai, so don't follow many rules.

Yeah, Asian driving is insane. In Asia, I mean.

@NothinnXpreVails In Thailand, anything is allowed if you're on a motorbike and can pull it off. Same thing in Mexico.

@birdingnut and Philippines

@NothinnXpreVails Dunno..never been there, but I can imagine.


I drive over the speed limit but not like a maniac, I have my window open unless the rain's coming in and the music up nice and loud, I'm aware of what other drivers are doing around me, I usually have a running commentary of how shit other drivers are, I warn other drivers of a speed trap they're coming up to, I never wash my car (well very rarely) I'm courteous (for the most part), I use all my mirrors,

that's about it πŸ™‚

Windows down and music up here too


I always use my signals, always use my mirrors, hate people that drive slow in the fast lane and always 5-15 over the posted limit.


I try, but shit happens.

Stay off the sidewalks, huh?


I always signal.
5 over the speed limit residential, 10 over highway.
Left lane is for passin', right lane is for cruisin'.
Rear view mirror is checked often. Every few seconds, and definitely before turning, while stopping, and shifting lanes. Side mirrors are also checked.

I know what I'm doing and I expect everyone else to as well. If you can find the turn signals and gas pedal we'll get along famously on the road.


I use my turn signals, I do drive fast, I have places I have to be at for work! I use all my mirrors, you can say that I am a defensive driver! Not careless, just have to move quickly and no accident's, gotta look out for other's all the time!


Back when I drove, I pretty much followed it.

However, after I was diagnosed with a condition that would cause me to lose vision, Once i thought ti was no longer safe, I parked the car and never drove again.


I'll allow myself 3 or 4 miles an hour over the speed limit unless I'm on the interstate where i allow about 10. even at that I'm still getting dusted by most folks. I do use my signals and my mirrors. I really prefer not to be driving close to anyone. and I will not tolerate somebody riding my ass. I just slow down till they pass me. I reckon all in all I'm pretty pokey.


I took a defensive driving class which taught me how to avoid getting into accidents, and it helped my driving skills much. I usually speed up or slow down to stay within the flow of traffic.

Mirrors are a must, and I use turn signals and hand signals.


I'm a pretty good driver but I hate parallel parking. Driving in heavy rain or snow is new to me but I'm getting used to it.


I have spent most of my time on the road driving company vehicles so safety has always been a priority.

I always pay attention to what is around me and look well ahead into the traffic in front of me instead of focusing on the car immediately in front of me. Watching the rear view used to alert me to unmarked police approaching.


I drive it like I stole it...but mainly the reason is I gotta pee. Hydrate people, hydrate!


I have not been cited for a traffic violation in over 4 years. I've been driving like a bat out of hell for the past year trying to get a ticket so I can slow it down again. That's my cycle. Drive like hell until I get ticketed, then chill out till my points are restored, then drive like hell again until I get a ticket. I do however use turn signals and stop for school busses even during my drive like hell periods.


I sometimes drive too slow in the left lane. I'm getting better about that, though.

My other driving problems aren't entirely my fault. My car survived a deer hit but sat in a parking lot in Wyoming for a month and has had transmission problems ever since. I floor it to pass or merge and that poor little four-cylinder revs and revs and revs and still takes forever to get to highway speed. ☹️

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