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Always takes two ( to make the bad, or no decisions together).


Cue the "but, but, but" mentality in 3,2,1. Oops too late. ? And so it goes.


They also cause 100% of the wanted ones. Do we need to have a talk about the birds and the bees?


no glove no love


Um ... well ... she's making a statistical argument that arguably approaches 100% at least in some scenarios but the 100% is just clickbait in the headline. There are plenty of women who represent themselves as "on the pill" (sometimes even truthfully) and then stop so they can get pregnant. Once a man realizes the common nature of this duplicity, yes, in a sense it's shame on him for being fooled (especially twice) but you can hardly absolve women from ANY responsibility for unwanted pregnancies.

I think the author is overly influenced by being Mormon and their cultural emphasis on the "rhythm method". Maybe what she's saying is effectively true for practicing Mormons but it's not literally true in the world at large, here in the 21st century.

As for myself I would assume that because women are people and people often suck, if I for sure don't want to father children, it's on me. So I'd use a condom or have a vasectomy no matter what a sex partner was claiming.

Dog, but I'm glad I'm past the point in life of this even being an issue ...

Thank you! Do you realize you are a minority? It is so refreshing to see a man take responsibility for the spread (or not spread) of their DNA.


It still takes two to tango.


I couldn't agree more. I think men have been getting a free ride pun intended!!........for way too long on this issue.


whilst broadly true poor sex education for kids leads to unwanted pregnancies and america has an appalling record on sex education married with church interference with regard to contraception.My kids always carry condoms and have stories about women telling them they won't have sex if they use them?? thankfully none of them want kids so so far have just walked.Also femidoms are a thing.Its an emotive subject not helped on either side by ideas or systems entrenched in eugenic beliefs.You can't legislate for psychopaths religious dogma or idiots you can only improve young men and womens choices by making sure they have the most comprehensive knowledge set that can be provided blame helps no one it just divides further


So if a girl forgets to put in her diaphram, forgets to take the pill, or forgets to take her shot, it's the guys fault? There's always the morning after pill if that's the case.

Excellent points

All of that should not matter since BOTH parties should be actively engaged in safe sex practices. So even if she is an airhead, the guy should have it covered. Just like if the guy is an airhead, the woman should have it covered. GET IT?

@demifeministgal sure I get it but still EXCELLENT POINTS

@demifeministgal What if he DID use a condom, and it broke? Or I read an article a while ago where some guys room mate got mad at him. He took a pin and poked holes in his condoms with a pin. I think he caught it before any of them were used tho.

@TheGreatShadow The breaking thing is a possiblity. Whereas the angry roomate thing is such a statistical outlier at lesss than 0.00001% chance of happening, is not a scenario one should worry about, though certainly keep in mind as a bizarre possibility.


Forced vasectomies would solve the issue.

Especially when it doesn't require a hospital visit.

Forced tubal ligation would do the same.

@Bierbasstard However that procedure is not nearly as simple as a vasectomy.


That's not my point. I was merely playing tit for tat and curious to see if a discussion would ensue.

My friend almost died from his. He bled out on his drive home, had to be hospitalized for a week and receive transfusions.

@Bierbasstard Every surgical procedure has risks, your friend had an unusual reaction. For women there are more risks for a tubal ligation, it is a far more invasive surgery, especially in not done as part of a cesarean delivery.



Even with the small vasectomy incision, there is an artery that runs through there that doctors have to be careful to not damage. An unfortunate error.

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