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The connection between father and daughter. The father is the daughter's first love through her years. A father should bestow good sound qualities and values to keep her heart strong.

Taking her out on dates, buying her flowers at Valentine's or just because..

Dad should show her how to change a car tire, or how to detail her car inside. Also teach her to wash the outside.

Teaching your princess how to be somewhat self-sufficient.

You will make her strong, and showing her that she is a powerful woman that can survive in a cold cruel world, and not fall subject to just anything, she can stand on her own two feet.

That is the greatest gift you can give a girl.

Wildgreens 7 Jan 24

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To be honest, I'd love to have had a dad like that myself.


Sadly not everyone had a wonderful dad like I did.
There are a lot of wonderful dads that are not usually heard about.
You don't hear of the great ones that set the example.


I have to be dad and mom kids do not even know their mother she is schizophrenic and court ordered pfa. We ended up moving far away because the mom was was causing all kinds of problems. Do not drink or smoke loath drugs so in that respect am a role model. Do not date well have not in like 4 years do not need a revolving door on our lives. My kids keep asking me to get a girlfriend, I am open to the idea . I am able to fix and build many things so my kids are getting an early age engineering training. Here they are helping build a homemade swing set. Cheated and got the metal braces seem somewhat safer.

Aww they are lucky to have you.


I was the product of an unwed mother, 1954. Try that one on for size. My mom named me after her drunk mother, go figure. Am I bitter? Oh..somewhat. She marred her boss who was 25 years her senior. THAT sure changed my life. I fell down the hole many years ago, just climbing out.


The women in my life taught me all of that. My dad taught me blackjack and how to pour a beer. Never called a princess and not sad about it. Everything else I learned from trial and terror


I learned how to wash a car from my dad. That is all I learned. Also that I don't want to be near him.


I didn't have a healthy relationship with my father who died three years ago now. When I hit puberty everything went south. It's nice if you had that connection between you and your dad. I envy you.


I tell my both my daughter's " you're my favorite, shhhhh, don't tell you sister "


My daughter is 33 in 2 weeks, I have watched her successfully complete 6 black belt gradings in kick boxing against multiple guys my size and bigger. Always be daddy's little Angel though.

Seems to me she can be your bodyguard... Lucky you dad. Daughter nr 2 has a baseball in the backseat handy. Daughter nr 1 has my phone nr handy.


My two daughters I think the world of they are now in their 30's one is 33 and the other 39 and I still tell themI love them every time I see them or talk to them on the phone.I also tell my son and daughter in law and son in law that I love them,but I have never shown my daughters how to change a tyre because I usually go to a garage to do that but I keep a check on my spare tyre in the boot and make sure it is not flat or low pressure and that I have told my princesses.


I bristle at, "Taking her out on dates, buying her flowers at Valentine's or just because..", and, "Teaching your princess how to be somewhat self-sufficient.". Then again, I know several women who were sexually abused by their father. It seems anti-feminist. She's not a princess, she's a person who should be totally self sufficient.

Perhaps I'm taking it too seriously and you meant this as a joke? If so, you sure got me.

Not every man is a child molester, and not every woman is sexually abused my their father.

My dates with my dad were about quality time. Ice cream dates, how are your friends at school ? How are your classes ? Is called connecting with your child, talking to your child.

"Teaching your princess how to be somewhat self-sufficient" Yes when you're growing as a kid like 5-14.

My dad always brought my mom flowers. One day I had a bad day at school, and my dad brought my sisters and I some pretty daisies, he figured to cheer up all of the girls. Of course mom always got the gorgeous red roses, those were for mom.

Childhood doesn't last, so what's wrong with being a princess ?

When I started dating, the communication lines were still open. I could talk to my dad about my boyfriend troubles or anything else.

@Wildgreens Obviously true. And I'm glad it worked for you.

Food for thought:


For me
Princess is just a term of endearment.


I remember an argument with my 2nd born daughter and in the middle of argument she screamed "I adore you". The argument was over. I don't remember what it was about. Thanks for reminding me that maybe I should head south to Jacksonville before I go west to Vegas. Thank You.

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