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LINK Micro-cheating

So, hilarious to me, when I saw this headline I was thinking it was about eating too many fat or carb calories. I guess I am just that into micronutrients right now.

Ubergooroo 5 Sep 17

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The link doesn't work for me, but cheating is cheating.

Carin Level 8 Jan 20, 2019

Horrible word for fornicating or searching for a new sex partner.....cheating is your boss getting rich and you not paid for your work enough


What's with the semantics? It's either cheating or it's not. I'm sure different people have different standards in what they think is cheating though, but there is no such thing as "micro cheating" just like there is no such thing as "micro death" or "micro eating". You're either dead or alive, eating or not eating, or cheating or not cheating. Can I define micro cheating as a girl other than my girlfriend or wife just kissing the head of my penis or does she have to put the whole thing in her mouth? There are different shades, but if I'm in a bad mood and don't bother anyone it's still me being in a bad mood even if I were otherwise to physically assault someone. Or the other way around if I assault someone whether or not I'm happy or mad then I still assaulted someone.


I don't agree that those things are cheating. There is a reason for sexual fidelity to not give your partner STDs. Forming human relationships is part of life. Sometimes attractions happen.

@BlueWave That's a complicated question. Is he open about it? Does he lie about it? Does he want to meet the person in real life? Does it bother you? Does it threaten your relationship?

@BlueWave I am curious about what you think about this: say you fantasize about George Clooney (or someone else) while masturbating and orgasm. Is that cheating?

Consider sitting enjoying live jazz and someone comes to our table and asks to dance and be the 1st 2 to hit the dance much as I or you love to dance this someone is prying into our relationship.....I would tell the jerk to fuck off and no matter how she shakes her titties at me I would say why do you hate my spouse ?

@Stephanie99 excellent question.....if you told me that works for you I would get a Clooney haircut grow a beard shadow and speak his movie lines for you


Oh, for fuck's sake.


I struggle to understand why sexual fidelity is treated so strictly. I feel like fidelity is far more than just not having sex with another person. I would include a whole lot of other behaviors, such as dividing housework fairly, showing respect, mutually working it problems, and so forth. It seems so strange to me for people to get so upset over the partner having sex with someone else but overlook a whole lot of other infidelities. It is a problem if you have an understanding in the relationship that you will be sexually faithful to each other but I don't think it should be taken as seriously as it is.


Most people in relationships believe they can provide all their partner's sexual needs, less so their intellectual needs, but outwardly claim to their partner small diversions are ok, why? Because their partner doesn't provide all these things for them. Here's the paradox, there is always some damage when the diversions are revealed. Always. Communication is the cure but we are all a million throws of the emotional dice and logic doesn't always prevail even with the most stable relationships. If you are thinking I have a wise solution you would be mistaken, I only point out the obvious.


Strikes me as a "political correctness" term.


Why would one want that much control over someone they love?

It’s really not controlling the person you love. But so many times I’ve questioned myself in the past “am I not enough?” When I love someone, I do t have the urge to look around, and naturally, I expect the same.

That’s the worse feeling to have... am I not good enough? Am I not worth it? Am I not worth being loved? And so on...

@AuroraBorealis - Yea, I can get that. It's a idealistic way to think about love - being the only one your partner will ever need, it feels nice. It's the fairy tale. I've come to understand that it's not realistic for most people in the long term. I also think it's dangerous fallacy to equate one's worth with another individual's actions.

@EricTX oh no, I’m not the fairy tale fantasy girl at all 🙂 I don’t have the “let me get married and serve my man forever” mentality. I’m on my own, I make my own money, buy my own luxury/needs, stand up for myself etc - but at the same time I was raised by my dad to be loyal. I won’t throw a fist fight if a female happens to approach my man, unless if it’s an ex with dumb calculations in her mind (you know us woman, we can be very sneaky) but at the same time I never had the need to go look elsewhere when I deeply love and care for someone. We both have our own life going on - because I don’t like to be suffacated too... yet I don’t think it’s heslhty to desire other woman too 🙂 there’s a very thin line between what can be harmless and what can go wrong... and this is long topic to summarize the human psychology in a single paragraph and it’s kind of late for me to fully function my brain and type anything decent lol ?

@AuroraBorealis excellent sharing on this topic....I wish somebody would post the Ray Charles&Krall keyboards duet : YOU DON'T KNOW ME .....women need to be the ultimate choosers and male entitlement is all about getting laid frequently no matter what the relationships were agreed to


not machines and all need some excitement in our lives if the intention is to hurt thats 1 thing if its a harmless aside where no damage is done thats another we live one life and hopefully try to hurt as little as possible and enjoy where we can

No such thing as a harmless aside 3rd parties are harming the left out 1st parties by the fornicating 2nd parties


I thought you meant something else entirely.


Very good article. And they're IS cheating. If my partner were doing it, I'd dump him on the spot and move on.


It looks like I am in the minority here. I agree with the article. When a couple has agreed-upon boundaries, and they are breached, it does damage.

If a couple agrees that participating in activities described in the article is harmless, it would not be cheating.

If a couple has openly talked over and defined what they consider cheating, and one person breaches those boundaries, it’s cheating.

May I send you a quick PM in regards to this? For the record, I'm completely with you on it.

Agreed! It is all about what you have communicated with your partner and the boundaries that have been set. If you are doing something with someone you don't want your partner to know about, that is when you cross the line.


oh jealousy. it's ridiculous. people who love each other should not hold each other prisoner.





The Mindset that accompanies cheating is the have obviously done a stealth withdrawal from your relationship without letting the SO know (altho they have a sad, hollow feeling but Don't know why, I can testify!)


Stuff like this REALLY bugs me. It reinforces the insane idea that ones partner should meet all your social needs. People bothered by their partners having social connections to others are signing themselves and their partners up for an unhappy life. Smh


Is this when you cheat on your SO with a little person? 😛

Honey....I shrunk my date.....

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