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So, leaving religion out of you believe in anything "supernatural"?

Dida 7 Jan 25

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For all the reasons previously posted.


By definition, "supernatural" means anything outside of nature. If it is determined that things like "ghosts" for example are real, that means they are very much natural, not supernatural, and there will be a way of measuring and monitoring. I do not think that anything can exist outside of nature.


Absolutely positively 100% without-a-doubt, no.

I had to gently explain to my sister the other day when she was suggesting a book on "what our souls want" and other mumbo jumbo, that I don't even believe in souls -- in the supernatural sense. I believe I have a personality -- a drive, a joy for life...that kind of the thing is the only thing I would mean if I were to refer to "my soul."

Not karma, not crystals, not walking under ladders, not psychics, not gods, not angels, not spirit guides, not heaven, not prayer, not hell, not ghosts, not Tarot cards, not witches, not spells, nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

But I LOVE magic! (Even though I know it's just tricks, it mesmerizes me.)


Maybe in a way. We used to see earthquakes, lightning and fire as supernatural, then we understood it and it became natural. After that sickness, famine, and demonic possession, which turned into microbiology, agriculture, and psychology/neurology. Supernatural seems to be a word for nature we don't understand rather than anything mystical. In terms of ghosts, magical powers, or intelligent invisible forces affecting people, I'd love to see some evidence, but I have yet to see any. I guess my answer is I believe any "supernatural" thing we find will eventually cease to be super once we understand it.


As I'm a man of science, what some may call supernatural, may just be more science. Like the saying goes, to a person from ancient earth, any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic.

Yes. Telepathy comes with evolution. Teleportation is science(has actually been done).



I write about supernatural things from time to time, but I have no belief in any of it. So why do I write about it? Hey, it's fun and it sells.


Nope. At least not when I'm sober.



I believe that some things commonly thought to be "supernatural" like telepathy, levitation, astral projection, etc. MAY turn out to be completely "natural" human capabilities attained by a vanishingly small elite few (e.g. "siddhis" attained by advanced swamis)--but I'd have to see some evidence, first.


Sometimes I believe in luck. One particular time springs to mind. It was the solar eclipse in 1999. My friend was fanatical to see it but his partner could not get time off to travel to Germany (the best chance). My brother agreed to drive him as he could not drive. Well anyway after about 2 days in a small compact car (my bro is a large 6er) they get to the top of this hill and all they can see is clouds. It is about an hour before the event and it looks like theyve come all this was for nothing. People are leaving or listening to car radios, wondering what to do. My brother says " See that guy over there. He looks like a winner ". Now the guy was a living advertisement for his car (a brand new Mercedes), two lovely kids and a beautiful wife. My bro says " anywhere is as good as anywhere else to try and see this thing. Lets follow the guy who looks like hes lucky! ". Wouldnt yer know it they drive behind this chap to the top of another hill and it was the only place in the region that a lucky break in the clouds.



  1. (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature,.i.e. the laws of the universe.

If we agree on this definition then, if it occurs it is within the laws of nature! We may not understand it, but that is not a requirement for the universe to function!

Dida, No, If they are actually real events that cannot be explained by current knowledge, it only indicates our limits at the current time!


Nope... James Randi....helped me.

James Randi is badass!!!


Absolutely, categorically, unequivocally, emphatically NO. There is no such thing as supernaturalism/magic. Everything has a cause and reason. Look into the International group the Brights. Their premise that a Bright (noun) is one who takes a naturalistic stance. One who looks to supernaturalism is called a 'super'. No one on this site should be a 'super'.

@Dida I don't believe they are real yet but they could be someday, if we survive long enough.
My idea of supernatural is something outside the realm of nature so technically the word could be used. Maybe we need to find something else without religious or magical connotations.


I'm an atheist, but I have experienced unusual event in my life that make me believe that something outside the "known" exists. Since I am convinced that religion is a man-made institution for the control of the masses, my personal conclusion lies in the realm of Quantum Physics.


No. That's what skeptic means, and that's what I am. It also means I piss off my lefty friends when I question their belief in unsubstantiated or even debunked stuff like reiki, feng shui, etc etc ad nauseam.

and Astrology, Palmistry, Ghosts, bla bla

@Dida That's an important observation. If you haven't read it, check out Carl Sagan's "Demon-Haunted World". There a lot in there about why we can't depend on our own senses.


Believing in the spiritual 'realm' would be believing in supernatural occurrences I guess. How can anything that is 'spiritual' have any effect on the physical (corporeal) world. If something is supposedly from the 'spiritual realm' that we could see/feel/ or smell that would indicate that it's very much exists in the physical realm. That is not to say that there isn't a 'spiritual' dimension. It's that we who exist in the corporeal world would be totally unaware of it''s presence. But then, we do have our fertile imaginations don't we.


Steph Curry.

Tomas Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

Myself and others I know have had some experiences that you could describe as "supernatural", but I think their explanation defies us at this point because their cause is yet undiscovered. And they will remain so for some time, as science tends to spend time on research funded by governments and corporations.


If there is no evidence, facts or data for somethings existence, it does not exist (IMHO)


Well, At night I dress up in a giant red arachnoid suit and fight crime



skado Level 9 Feb 10, 2018

no. my idea of a divine power is actually nature, mother nature; no super required 🙂

@Dida, i had two experiences i clearly remember, that would come into that category i suppose. one was the light body of an old woman that had hung herself in the place she then returned to. the other was a series of happenings that had the tenant before me keep a machete under his bed: things moving, mainly electrical appliances turning on without anyone moving a switch. i learned later that the site used to be a bloody battlefield to aboriginal tribes. so, my answer will have to be yes, if we achieve a single-mindedness of such strength, we can.


Short answer, no.

What makes up a ghost? "Energy..." What? Like electricity? We know what electricity is. Can detect / use it. Can't do that with spook energy.

Anyway, believers in the paranormal don't seem to question themselves, their beliefs.

I think God / ghosts / afterlife is a way to deal with "the scariness of oblivion."

okay. No, but I wish.

Through what kind of medium do these occur?

The brain seems to be a closed box that can't influence it's surroundings ---- if these powers were real, we'd all have them...

We can tell a lot about people when we look at them, but that's a mirror effect, not magic...



The wilder the claim, the more strict I am at requiring evidence.

I also substitute my own definitions for some things...makes me feel better about using certain terms....

for example..."soul"

I define it as "the true nature of something or at the heart of the matter"

So when I say that something effects my soul, I simply mean that it has effected the heart of who or what I am.. a soulmate would be someone who I connect with on a very deep level.

Faith would be simply things that I have not taken the time to examine for proof, and just accept evidence from others. There aren't a huge number of things that I take on faith, but they are there and important sometimes.

I have faith in things like when my wife or kids or mom say they love me, I accept it. I don't have to challenge it every time.

I don't have faith in things like ghosts, God, the Devil, and stuff like that. They require proof.

I have faith in some science topics simply because I trust the ones that have the brain power to understand them. It's not absolute, just a everyday working process.


No. It has no real connection to reality. I do like to watch Carrie: a move about a girl with supernatural telekinetic powers, though hahaha!


I think Bugs Bunny is real, but I can't prove it 😐


I am happy to believe in something supernatural, whatever that term means, as long as I have been given proof beyond a reasonable doubt in the way of evidence. So far it's a big fat NO. There have been several large money prizes for anyone who can prove any of these powers exist but noone has ever collected. []

Notably James Randi offered $1 000 000 (US) for two decades!!

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