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What's your preferred dwelling type?

I've lived in an apartment, house, townhouse...condo...

I actually liked the setup of my townhouse best. Just a small outdoor area-- mostly concrete-- but most of the grounds were taken care of by the HOA. Easier to maintain, but less noisy than the apartment I lived in.

What kind of home do you prefer?

silvereyes 8 Jan 25

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My house out here where I live now 2.3 acres 2100 sq ft. solid like a cave made of 8 inches of concrete all around sound proof quiet at night. Wood stove I installed to keep us warm. I get the occasional deer on my security cameras. Big fenced in yard for my dogs to guard. Old barn/shed converted in to a chicken/duck enclosure. Huge 2 car garage. Huge driveway for kids to play and be safe. There Is an attached apartment. Might make it into an art studio or somethin for solitude in the future.


I hate having neighbors, so a house in the country (or the woods, to get really remote) is my preference. I'd like to eventually build an earth-sheltered home into the hill on a woodlot I own (for a well-insulated, quiet, secluded space).

@NerdyOkieDude That would be kind of awesome but, no, a bit more modern than that. This is more along the lines of what I'd like: []

@evestrat Well, in the model I like it's more like one-and-a-half sides: the full southern side and halfway along the kitchen. The idea is to let lots of light in along the south side and the design of the interior is supposed to help the light disperse toward the other parts of the house. I think sometimes the ceilings are domed somewhat to allow light to reflect better.

@resserts A college downstate Michigan re I hated and created a green roof. My college claimed it couldn't be done. I was bummed.

@EllenDale Why did they think it couldn't be done? Was it specific to their own architecture that made it difficult, or did they just not want to bother with it?

@Stevil No, I wasn't aware of it. I'll look into it. Thanks!


I have a cottage, behind my nephew's house. My main requirements are indoor plumbing, a roof that doesn't leak, windows that work properly, pest control, and central heat and air. I have far more than that, for which I am truly grateful, but I don't need much at all. It's easy to keep clean, doesn't take long to do a full cleaning, including mopping floors, everything works the way it's supposed to (knock wood), and I have numerous perks that I don't have to pay for. Plus, there's a pool. I'm livin' the life of Riley here.

A minimalist style is something I admire. I have to much stuff.

@Leutrelle I've lost everything I owned a few times. While it sucked at the time(s), it's a great way to learn that stuff is just 'stuff'. I absolutely have learned to travel light, and keep the accumulation of 'stuff' to a minimum. It also really emphasizes that you can live without most of what people think they "need".It helps to get you over being sentimental about material things.

@KKGator Hats off to ya for real. I just moved, I sold many things, and literally just gave things away just so I wouldn't have to move them. I still have more stuff than I can fit in this house. I was a mechanic and I still have so much stuff. I given much of it to my son who has shop. There is just no hope for me. Maybe my house will burn down🙂

@Leutrelle Oh honey, there's always hope. I really hope your house doesn't burn down. If you haven't touched it in less than six months, get rid of it.

@KKGator I loose 1000's. It will hurt

@Leutrelle Does having that stuff make you happy? If the answer is 'no', then it's not worth hanging onto. I know it's easy for me to say, but it's only money. Sell it, donate it to a program for kids that will utilize it, or something. If it's a donation, it's a write-off.


My preference is a home with lots of bathrooms! i have a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath @ 2200 SQ feet

My next home must have a bathroom for every bedroom....

If you are one person, you will be down to using just one! Nice when company comes, though!

@Freedompath no i have my mom and sister with me now

@twshield you need 3 bathrooms, an extra half bath with 'girls!' Lol

@Freedompath i agree. i can't share a restroom with women...i have to have my own. my mom and sis here one


Serenity. 😉


A giant mansion that someone else pays for and cleans


Who would say no to that?! lol


Well Silver... I want to live in the mountains like my wife wants. BUT, We are going to have to settle for where we live now... I don't like all the new businesses but it adds property value. It's paid for and I pay $160.00 a month for property taxes and water, sewage and trash pick up. Ive lived all over and theres nothing like owning your own place.

yeah, have to agree, I like where I am, but the big issue is it doesn't cost me a lot to be here.

@Rugglesby. It wouldnt cost so much if i lived outside the city limits. Maybe $50.00 in taxes and burn my trash and have a well for drinking water.


I prefer living on a boat. Seriously. I don't need to mow the lawn or trim the hedges. My back yard is as large as whatever body of water I happen to be on at the time and whenever I lie down I get rocked gently (usually) to sleep. I have the advantage of full sun when I want it and the sky is clear. I can get away from light, noise, and concentrated air pollution if I want. I have all the conveniences of any small home, and full control over who comes visiting because of locked gates at the end of the dock. What's not to like?

Now the reality. My wife hates the ocean -- or any body of water for that matter. That means I live in a three bedroom home in the desert. Oh well....

With no pool. That's a body of water too.


The house I have with an acre of land all paid for. We burn wood and no AC. My wife drives a mile to work and groceries are a mile and a half. Eight minutes gets you anyplace in town. The only drawback is how red it is but there are a few lefties to talk to. Once a month we drive 50 miles to the next larger town where we catch a movie and do what shopping we can't do at home.

gearl Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

A cottage in the wilderness, on the coast with a surf break, waterfall and such

@evestrat The sound of the surf wakes me a few nights a week, but I have to drive 1/2 hour to get to a waterfall. Up until 1995 I had a cottage in the mountains inland from here, and it was very cottage like, built it myself, we had small waterfalls in the wet season.

@evestrat Treehouse near the coast? Maybe a Live Oak in Florida? 😀

Now your talking Ocean front -- nice

@evestrat haha


I've only lived in apartments and houses. Both of the apartments I've lived in I had loud butthead neighbors.

The first house I liked. It was on a slab, but it had a very nice layout.

The second house was old 1928 I hated it, I was always fixing something in that money pit.

Was anything square or plumb in that old house? I'm always running into those problems in my old house.

@bingst I could set a ball on the dining room floor and it would roll across the room. Some idiot also removed one of the main support posts in the basement.


I'm building a site specific tiny house. Not like those high dollar ones mounted on trailers. The tiny house movement has become a haven for the wealthy people who think paying 30-40K for 100 square feet is somehow being 'responsible'??? No. Mine is more like a bug-out cabin, but I'm not a prepper; just a farm boy who is fed up with the way of life that has been dreamed up for me to live. I'm taking my life back🙂🙂

i love the way you word this very admirable sentiment: "... has been dreamed up for me to live. i'm taking my life back 🙂🙂 ". i also love the way you do this <3

Good for you...


Earth ship. Self sufficient. The entire southern face is a greenhouse. You can grow your own food 365 days a year.


House with a yard...grew up in a house with 4 mango trees, guava, limes... oh I miss it

Oh! To die for...


Out in the country living in a nice rock home with a nice fireplace. No close by neighbors for a good mile.


I miss loft living but will always want and need a yard. So i suppose an open-ish concept place on at least a 1/2 acre or more is my dream place. Something big enough to have goats or a mini donkey and some chickens...with fiery dober-butts of course 😀


I prefer to be out in the country. Wide open, empty of people places.

In town, I prefer houses/duplexes. I need gardening space, and a space in between doors (less likely to have to be social).


I like tiny house living now, as I don't need to care for a lot of space that is just sitting there doing nothing. And, i love having everything i need at arms length! I do need outside space, though...lots of it! I don't need to own it! Every stage of life kinda dictates our needs...I don't know where I would put 5 kids in tiny house?


A single story open-concept home (small is OK), with lots of privacy and a tranquil view.


house-have large dog,cat and an acre.


My own place. I love Art Deco. Currently in a 55 and older low-income apartment complex. If I fart too loud my neighbor will hear me. BUT most of the residents being older are hard of hearing. I have excellent hearing and a very accute sense of smell and while the apartemnts and grounds are no smoking some people feel they do not need to follow the rules. oops I degress. I want to and am hoping to change my current living arrangements. I also find the tiny home very appealing.



Mansion up in the woods of the Appalachians of PA where i grew up as a kid, absolutely beautiful and no neighbors for 2 miles in any direction


house... one story, no basement, attached garage 🙂


Bio dome.
If you get that reference you might be old like me.

@silvereyes some of those Pauley Shore are still funny. They still hold up.

Lol, have to say I still love watching Encino Man!


Live aboard sail boat


Small house in the woods with a wrap around porch. And maybe a 40 car garage.

lol The garage way bigger than the house. Typical male! 😛

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