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What are the commentariats' views on legal prostitution? I'm specifically thinking of the Nevada model of regulated brothels. It's there a better way to fight sex trafficking? Nevada could do better by expanding to all counties.

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I am thinking that instead of the Nevada model we might consider the Uber and Lyft model?

I wrote a story once (The most dangerous man in the world). The ending has his buddy with a limo service called Hookers On Wheels serving Washington DC. It was rehash of Faust.


I support legal prostitution. It is the world's oldest profession and a viable means of income for women with no skills and few options. The only real negatives to prostitution stem from its prohibition. The Nevada model is a good one and empowers women and other sex workers.


I'm demisexual so have no sexual attraction for anyone unless in a very long term exclusive relationship, and only after over a year. But I also seem to be amoral and I don't care what people do. To me, sex is a body function. Men must release sperm or they can have prostate problems. The whole crazed religious fuss about sex seems insane to me.


Outside of forced prostitution, sex slavery, child sex trade, and other forms of sex crimes with victims, I believe adults should have the freedom to have sex with whomever they want, whenever they want, however they want, wherever they want, and in exchange for nothing or for whatever they want to exchange, whether that be cash or diamonds or a cheeseburger.


The idea of people's beings and sexuality being turned into a commodity sickens me.

But the reality is: Prostitution has been around forever and it IS safer if it is legalized and regulated. So I am entirely for making it legal and safe.


Well, in places/countries where either or both prostitution and drugs have been decriminalized, crime has decreased.


I think that you should be able to do what you want with your own self and the law should just butt out. Pay taxes on your income, and move on.

Conversely, I think that if you are convicted of human trafficking, they should be punished harshly. Human trafficking is slavery, physical and emotional abuse, and is just barely below murder in my book.


I was a sailor but I was never a user. I like the Thrill of the Hunt. Anybody can pay for sex... Not for me. If I have it my way... I will make love only to women I loved. I will leave the sex for the animals. But those that support it? You Dig something I ain't got a vibe for it and I Salute You without passing judgement.


If they legalized it, it would improve safety for the workers and make it a more empowering line of work and a less exploitive one.


Let's face it people are going to have sex. The Romans used to sell special tokens specifically for prostitution. Modern historians did the math and found out that the going rates were almost identical to today!
Sexy sells and has for a very long time.

What I am concerned about is first that we openly admit people pay for sex. Believe it or not, studies have found that the more religious a community is the more likely they are to have porn and engage in prostitution.

It is extremely important that prostitution be regulated, kept confidential, and be readily available. This is for safety of both parties and that of the community. There does need to be bouncers available, there does need to be health screening. First we must actually admit it happens no matter what religious communities say, after all they will be the best customers.

You have a knack for saying exactly what I would have said and so I don't have to say it. The police and the law wasting time on consenting adults negotiating sex, on whatever basis, without harming anyone, is pure folly.

@David1955 My biggest concern is public safety. I've always hated hearing about them "whores". People dehumanize human beings. It seems the jerks that speak the worst about them are the most likely to appreciate their services. It concerns me about the safety of "Those Whores" in their presence at all.

@DavidLaDeau Absolutely. The dehumanising of people of those who work in this industry, which is what it is, is one of worst aspects of the current laws in many or most practices. Don't know if the situation is better in places like Nevada where it's legal. One would hope so. Never been there however.

Let's face it, people are going to murder people so why not every citizen be assigned a gun?

@GipsyOfNewSpain Hmmm..not the same. Most cis men are horny 24-7. Better to give them an outlet. Most of their wives would like a break

@birdingnut My wife must had been very lucky or dumb... she never wanted a break from me. Maybe I am different because I think sex is for the animals... I want to make love. In my one night stands and there were many, the make believe love factor was as important as the act itself... it made the act itself unique. But that is just me... no many like me. Sex not enough of an act to make me pay for it. And even when our marriage was on the rocks, the bed was the only place where we saw each other eye to eye... and even on the last night before I left for Germany... she wanted me to make love to her, not have sex. I just treat sex in a different way that much humans I guess... Not Judging but stating the facts, how I experience my world. My take.

@GipsyOfNewSpain A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be "attacking a straw man".

@DavidLaDeau You reminded me this dude that have the phrase "there is only two types of women on earth Mothers and Prostitutes"... just because all your life you had to pay for sex... I always been your worst nightmare and envy. Thank You sir. You just need to have better Skills or be less Inept. But why should you? You pay money upfront that takes the anxiety away from the moment. he, he, ha, he. In my day we called you "no skills, john material" For your championing of the subject... does not matter, you happy with what you get for your money right? You here for the conversation. Down to your last straw!!! he, he, ha. he, ha, he. Just go out there dude and man up a rejection!!! And dust yourself up and try again. Everytime you pay for sex you are giving love a bad name!!!! ...and don't try to make prostitution a victimless crime.... BECAUSE IS NOT VICTIMLESS!!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain Actually I have never payed for sex. Perhaps I had too much of an ego. I did live in Nevada and saw personally how some woman were victimized even If they were former prostitutes. It was horrible to go to work and hear fellows talk about that "whore" that worked with us. She was just trying to support her familly. I always wondered how they "knew" she had been in the business. So please don't attack me for having empathy for another human being.

I an very anti-dehumanization. I just don't see what there is to criticize about that. I actually think you are right on in everything I have seen you comment on, I am surprised by your reaction. Lets just agree its good to treat humans like humans and be done with it.

@DavidLaDeau So we agree to disagree on the prostitution dealio. I am not pro legalize... I am pro terminate. Remove the prostitutes and sexual surrogates from our society. Biggest problem is legalization will not stop the pimp from being a pimp, the exploited from being exploited. the sexualy inept from being inept. the sexual predator from preying on victims, the victim from being a victim. It will be just legal... in other words will make it Okay and Normal... not Safer. A lot of those "workers" are controlled via abuse to illegal substances and you can't blame them because is the only way they can dissociate themselves from what they are doing. As a man I admit I had been used as a sexual object... I didn't like it. So to think they would because there was money involved is naive and serves no one except the government that will take its share once legalized.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I do agree. Even If prostitution is totally legal, and even it there is as much safeguards as possible, there will be abuses. That is why debates such as ours are so important. No matter how much something sucks, we as human beings must endeavor to ask the hard questions so that we can come to a reasonable compromise to the unanswerable. (bows out.)

@DavidLaDeau I salute you sir and maybe I will see you around in Sin City. I should be back nest month.


the people will have what the people want no matter what robocops think


I'm all for it as long as I can get it with nothing down and low monthly payments.



I say if two consenting adults want to engage in prostitution then let them. There are much more pressing problems that we have.


it should like all drugs be decriminalised so people are better looked after and you cut out a lot of the people who thrive but don't care about you like dealers and pimps.


The religious authorities will campaign against making it legal while sneaking out and participate in it.


I think it's really stupid that it's illegal in the first place. Legalize it, remove the taboo.
Takes a lot of the power from the criminals. Let the women and men who make their
living that way, be the ones controlling the industry for themselves.


Agree with @AxeElf I have never understood why it is illegal, if a lady want to pay me to mow her lawn, that is ok, but in some places if I want to pay her for favours it is outlawed.


It kinda bothers me that people want this to exist or want to work these types of jobs, but supposedly they do lower rape rates and the cure seems worse than the disease so might as well imitate the Nevada model.

Don't know why it would bother you, each to their own, I have never visited a prostitute, can't imagine I would, but don't object to it. Hey, I hate being touched, don't get my haircut and have never has a massage, but I don't see either as a wrong profession.

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