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Television- The great bullshitter

It has been a minute since I've had the time to pose a question. I apologize. I have received emails regarding this. I just though of something that peeves me and I wondered if I am the only one. Do any of you ever sit down and surf the channels on television? What do you make of all the garbage you run into on the daily? Aside from science, cooking and news, I often wonder what the point is of even having any other channels. If it isn't one reality show, its another. The other night I was at a friends and they were gluded to The Bachelor. Those were the longest two hours of my entire life! I wanted to gouge out my own eyes. The conversations were shallow, the girls, although considered attractive, are freakin idiots, overall. Their priorities, I cannot even begin to relate to. Worse yet, they are ALL fighting over that one weenie, who, honestly, come on now... there are Far Better men to "fight" over. I know its all about fame and their 15 mins of it, but still, this is the typical crap that seems to occupy most empty minds.

I see this is merely a distraction. The media serves to keep the average joe distracted so he/she isn't thinking about anything that runs deeper, has more purpose. It is much easier to give in to crap when your own life is so dull that crap seems Exciting. How about creating a Real Life, one you Can be Proud of other than loafing in front of the TV and Literally Becoming a "Loaf" in all that such a title entails. Filling boring lives with loads of crap never helps to solve a human beings True root emptiness.

Anyone else around here ever wonder why so many people fall prey to utter crud because I Do every, single day. However, I then look at our current President and Suddenly it all makes sense: took a bunch of crappy bullshit for the majority to vote for another human being that is also crappy and full of bullshit. Its almost like the widsom of, "you are what you eat" except in this case, eating implies "thinking." lol!

Sadoi 7 Jan 25

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One day I just stopped. In the UK you have to pay for a TV licence I no longer pay I refused and they came to my house to check I wasn't cheating the system, I watch documentaries and movies online. I also get my news from more reliable sources and with this I am more than content.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 26, 2018

TV License?? so does that entail you can DRIVE the TV right off a cliff, eh? hee hee hee

"I apologize TV License checker-outer people, but... I am Merely a Passenger in this TVehicle! I cannot be held responsible for what this careless TV has been playing! You cannot charge me for being a victim, but can only charge this TV, right here! Ask it! 'Where is your license, TV?'"

that would be my handy excuse! haha

@Sadoi that's exactly how it works, I can't believe how well read you are on British culture. I have a sports TV, it had less channels so that it weighs less. It doesn't even have a cup holder!

@Dav87 well where do you keep all it's documents if not in the glove compartment?? Did your sports model come with those nifty screen cleaning TV mini wipers??

@Sadoi That's my girl... you are baaaack!

@GipsyOfNewSpain like craaaack... the new "White meat"


They call it programing for a reason.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 26, 2018

ABSOLUTE TRUTH! I actually have something along those lines on a sticker that is in my office! hahahah!


I just don't watch it, haven't for years, certainly live TV, exceptions being some news, which I filter in my head, and balance with wide reading, and specific things I stream, each carefully chosen. TV is generally the propaganda wing of the Establishment and the ruling elites. It's there to manufacture consent and dissent, as Noam Chomsky says. It serves the dominant ideology , which in western countries, in capitalism. Much the same no matter the country you are in. But knowledge of this brings awareness and awareness ameliorates its power over you.

actually, that was some of my favorite Chomsky from the 90s. I was pretty wild about him, Bertrand Russell and Michel Foucault back then so Im rather familiar with Manufacturing Consent. I agree with you, 110%, David. 🙂


@Sadoi -- I turned off the television back in the late 60s and used it only for news, documentaries of interest, and the occasional movie ever since. You would be doing yourself a big favor by doing the same. Use the time you're not eyeball locked to the screen to fill your life with things of some substance.

Bingo Bango! Thats my motto, sir! I am with you, albeit, I wasnt even a twinkle in my mommas eye in the 60s! haha! But you are correct. I spend most of my time doing anything BUT television. I do watch news and educational programming, but overall, im either listening to music, NPR or im keep myself occupied with my hobbies, crafts, traveling, hiking, anything in the outdoors to be honest... anything Other Than sharing my space with a TV.

Most of my friends have TV's in multiple rooms of their homes. I have one in the living room, one small one in my sons room and one in the game area in the basement that is exclusively used for videogames, DVD's and non cable TV things. I do have a TV in my room, but sadly, its sitting in the back of my closet at the moment! HAHA That goes to show how it prioritizes in my life, yes? lol


Your just waking up to this blatent distraction of america? paraphrase Marx.. Football is the opiate of the masses..

Nooo this has been an ongoing issue for me since the 80s! haha! As Reality TV took off in the late 90s/early 2000's, I found myself dropping out even FASTER! Plus, i had almost no time to watch TV. I was too busy with school. haha!

I just find it Literally Baffles me when I see how hung up most of my friends are with Reality TV. I mean, most shows can suck, but Reality TV, in my humble opinion, is the Worst of the Worst!

I find it comical, ALL OF IT! Especially when the Tears flow or the Fur's a Flyin'... there me sitting there A'laughin'! Its kinda like that! haha

@Sadoi eeeyup..the "Real" anything on tv makes me CrayCray..


I was surfing today, and came across an episode of "Soap" from 1978
It was actually pretty funny... lol

It Really was..Billy Cristal was was a spinoff from Mary Hartman!Mary Hartman!..which was also very funny..

Soap was pretty funny! I used to watch that with WKRP in Cincinnati & Benson because I had a huge crush on Billy Crystal when I was a kid! haha

@Sadoi do you remember "turkeys can't fly" from wkrp


I Thought Turkeys could fly! omg! They are crashing to the ground!!!

Is not a wonder they gear these shows to the average Jane/John doe with the below average IQ if things are complex they will not get viewers so the advertisers won't buy add space. So things with intelligence are more difficult to find to watch. Even some of the documentary channels have dumbed down shows so as to grab viewers so as to get advertisers to buy add space.

There is truly some dumb stuff. I could see 30 sec of it and it wasn't for me.

exactly!! that IS how it breaks down for sure!! I constantly go right through National Geographic, which should now be called "Life Below Zero Channel" and History should be renamed "The History of Ancient Aliens." Its gotten pretty bad. I find myself watching The Weather Channel more often than not because I like the Survival shows. haha

@Sadoi Animal Planet has the best reality shows.

@azzow2 uhh... "Real HouseCats of Beverly Hills?" "Big Bowzer?" "MasterVet?" "The Barks?"

@Sadoi Has been some time since I watched conventional TV going to build an antenna one of these days. Was referring to lions hunting.

@azzow2 oh man i don't think i want to watch a lion hunt. haha


TV is largely bullshit and I rarely watch it anymore. I do watch some fiction based show purely out of desire for escapism from reality. It's ok to watch and be entertained by something even though it isn't true. I like watching The Walking Dead, for instance, simply for the drama of it and the use of effects, practical or digital, that I find fascinating. It's no different for me than any other art form or pleasurable activity.

That said, I don't enjoy reality based TV or live shows that remind me of how awful mainstream society is today. Shows like The Bachelor, as you mentioned, I find unbearable to watch.

I find myself watching documentaries, wildlife shows, and biographies a lot these days. Something educational and stimulating. I also enjoy using the TV for video gaming, as I have for 30+ years now, as a way to both endulge in a bit of escape but also to exercise my brain by solving problems and sharpening fine motor skills.

Well, I agree with everything you said Anthony! By the way, how have you been? Long time no chat! Anywho, yes, I agree. I think Television can have its uses so long as it Doesn't become your Entire Life, if you know what I mean.

When you and the sofa have fused in to One Being, its been awhile brother! Get OFF the Sofa! haha

I am with you on what I watch too. I prefer documentaries, wildlife, biographies, etc etc. I watch a lot of news though, which CAN be a downer so after too much news, I usually switch gears and go back to Music. I tend to listen to music to fill the void of silence in my life more so that I tend to go to television.

Reality shows merely rot my brain! I honestly cannot take it! I laugh from the corny music, to the weeping girls to the stupid jealousy battles... wow... those shows just kill me, if not from utter disgust, then from utter hilllllarity! Should I feel bad when girls are crying?? Well, I DONT! haha!! so sue me! 😉

@Sadoi You mean you're not watching Fox (alleged) News? You don't know what you're missing? Duuuuuuuuurrhhhh! (vomiting sound). 🙂

@David1955 Well, I cry "FAKE NEEWS!! FAAAKE NEEEWS!" everytime I see Fox! lol!


What can I say? It's all bullshit? It is....

I concur Bob! I will fly the Bullshit flag WITH you! 😉


To state that TV in general does not have good programming is the same as saying that the internet is garbage because the internet is more than 30 percent Porn, or newspapers are garbage due to some inferior content. All forms of media have negative content ,all you have to do is choose the intelligent part

i wish i could customize a cable package. i just honestly don't need half the bullshit that comes in Every package.


If you weed through the crap you can find educational tv that you may learn something from such as Nova ,60 minuets, Frontline, Nat Geo, Blue planet 2, Modern Marvels, How the Universe works, The new Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse, Impossible Engineering etc

I agree .I watch those shows you mentioned but record them on the dvr so I do not have to be subjected to the annoying commercials

I love every show you named!


I haven’t had actually television in 7 years. Just Netflix. Hulu. And certain movie renting and buying apps. Or just dvds. I save myself the money and the stupidity of cable. You want news. Phone. You want commercials. Phone.
You want to watch something you actually like.
Spend less money. And actually be able to enjoy it.

Very True! Netflix and Hulu really did revolutionize how we watch television. I agree!


Thank you, that was a treat. I had a longtime wife who ‘strove to be average.’ As I’d be glued to something historical or scientific on PBS, she’d be angry over missing whatever the dimwits at work would be talking about the next day, and it wouldn’t be the presidency of Harry S. Truman or String Theory...

So, welcome to outside! That place where, the more you learn/ know - the less you’ve in common with humanity 🙂 There’s an attitude those watchers have that irritates me … they’ve so many angry comments about petty matters, yet, given all kinds of opportunity, don’t do jackshit to make a real difference beyond constant griping and tv watching..

In my time, I’d beat tennis balls against a wall, skateboard in a parking lot, take off pedaling my bicycle ..or just roam the neighborhood talking with ‘like minded’ folks tending their gardens… Anything but subject myself to Commercial TV.. Crap, watchers don’t attend public meetings, free local seminars, join civic groups … cuz it’s apparently far easier to ..follow the herd.

Having once read the ‘old’ American Atheist Magazines cover to cover, I believe Madalyn M-O’Hair would welcome us as ‘The intellectual elite.’ ...I’d thought that a little much.. But over time, society has confirmed the wisdom of her words 😉

Check this out 😀

Varn Level 8 Jan 26, 2018

I get the point but the canned laughter kills it.

@273kelvin ...that was Saturday Night Live.. I know they’ll do pre recorded intros and presentations, but figured that one was ‘live.’ Anyway, it’s about as close to commercial tv as I get 😉

@Varn I get it and I know it`s not canned as such but they have signs tell the audience when to. Plus they control its volume. The BBC aired MASH but they took out the canned laughter. It was so much better for it.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! are you saying... we should flaunt our brain capacity? lol! Clearly we do if we are all swearing off mindless tv! you are, indeed, a smart one. 😉 Enjoyed that read!


Your just waking up to this platent distraction of america? paraphrase Maex.. Football is the opiate of the masses..

you know, i don't even understand football?! i was a cheerleader my freshman year in high school because my mom bribed me, but at every game, i mindlessly did the cheers and the dances, but i Never had a fucking CLUE what was actually going on. haha! I believe i must have purposefully ignored all the info that would have solved the mysteries of sports for and to me, but... i obviously choose to not give a shit. haha

I literally had to force myself to like sports..cause that's what guys like, right?.. Well..I that's surprising Not..

@Charlene HAHAHAH!! well, i was supposed to like dicks, but i didnt when i was a young adult! haha! i wasn't that great of a girl either, i suppose! Epic Faaail! haha

Lol..awesome being weird ain't it?....lololololo

@Charlene indeed. I love to be weird!! thank baby jesus i am weird!


I was over TV before I discovered TED and Coursera. I'm even getting antsy with books because I feel like I should be doing something else with my eyes and my hands. Audiobooks obsession imminent...

ooh i love audiobooks!


I watch very little myself, it is too sophoritic (good for insomnia). Firstly I think your friends were quite rude, whenever people come to mine it goes off. Next time you are in this situation walk up to the TV and say " How does this work? " Then switch it off. If they protest too much politely threaten to leave and besides everything is available on endless catch up anyway. This will cause a stir at first but if you keep doing it, they will get used to it. Furthermore you will gain a reputation as a bohemian eccentric, conversationalist and explorer of music collections.
As I type I am following a thread on here about atheist TV characters. This was from the 80`s and an adaptation of Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene. On TV it was Alex Guinness and Leo McKern but I am listening to a radio version (this is why we pay for TV licences it part funds the BBC).

yeah, but on the flipside, listening to them talking might even be worse! haha
They are my "girl" girl friends. As in... female... to the core. They talk about shopping and their nails and their hair... guys they want to dry hump, etc. Oh and they talk about TV SHOWS!! Sooo when the TV was on, i basically read some science magazines because it was Literally Better to hear that banter in the background that it was to listen to them speak. I only visit them once a month or so and it was time to make my quota. I considered it an easy night that night because it meant i didnt Really have to socialize nor speak to them. They know how I feel about their shows. lol

@Sadoi Why I decided to move to this side of town. I was walking through the park and a young woman was sitting by herself, under a tree, reading a book and it didn`t even have a flower on the cover! I knew this was the place for me.

@273kelvin hmm i need to visit that place!

@Sadoi Anytime You want to. I have a sofa for you.

@273kelvin don't tempt me!! haha


And its not just TV..... 99% of the interweb, radio, newspapers....
But I think it's always been thus
Religion was used to distract and control people, drink/drugs have always distorted people's outlook

True Dat!


Got rid of cable last year. The only thing I watched was the History channels "Christian" history stuff. They really did't know anything about Christian history....Why were they always wrong?

hmm because some CEO is approving what is and isnt played on those networks? and that CEO is a moron...? perhaps...?

@Sadoi Honestly, I think it was simple. They wanted to appeal to a Chriatian audence so it simply had to be a sanitized version of history that would get them ratings.

@DavidLaDeau well yeah, that makes a lot of sense actually. please the masses! haha


This is why I got rid of my dish and bought a Fire Stick, and now I stream what I want watch, and I spend far less time in front of the tube and listen to music, walk more, read, fish, and have got into bird watching a bit. I don't have all the political answers, but I don't feel angry either.

heey ive heard about Fire Sticks, but I always say Im a technotard, and to be honest, at this point i really don't even have the extra time to figure it all out. So tell me, how do these fire sticks work and where does one procure such a thing that isnt like... on the black market?! haha! I had heard awhile back there were illegal versions for sale. I just don't want to accidentally get the hood-rat version. I don't even understand the concept of Fire Sticks. Despite my intelligence, ive no clue! haha

@Sadoi You can get them on Amazon. Best thing to do is find a nerd to help you set it up. I know you plug it in to you TV, and it works off your DSL. If You are an Amazon prime member they have a lot of free steaming besides what is. already loaded on your fire stick. Like anything it takes some time to adjust, but for me it beats paying Dish. The faster your DSL the better it works. Ours is slow so we don't get the full use out of it. I heard the same thing about the black market, but time progresses and now they're legal.

@Leutrelle ooh this is fascinating me! i want to research it! im horrible with techonology so i can barely keep up with the data you shared haha, but i know many technotards!

@Leutrelle ooh this is fascinating me! i want to research it! im horrible with techonology so i can barely keep up with the data you shared haha, but i know many technotards!


I don’t really watch tv, even though I have a tv. I don’t have cable. I use my tv mostly for watching dvd movies for date night or when I do my home workouts fitness. I just never really liked tv like that. I can’t see myself sitting eight hours a day watching tv. Most of the stuff on tv is trash and a way for programming.

indeed it is!

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