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Transgender is the group Most likely to be abused.......niiiiiiiiccce!


If biological females are all that are allowed at a women's shelter, seems pretty clear cut even with religion out of the question. After all, as the article states, many of the women have suffered abuse at the hands of biological males and whether they call themselves females or not, they are still biological males and seems unfair to subject the other biological female to potential trauma by their inclusion. To be clear, I'm not implying that they would abuse the other women but it stands to reason that the other women might not feel safe in the precense of a biological man sleeping next to them or using their bathroom or walking around naked in their midst, not matter how he identifies himself.

More interestingly would be if there is a biological male version of this same "hope" center and they were denied entry there. That would make sense for a lawsuit. But if a center is for biological women, then I don't see the logic in allowing biological men to stay there as well.

"but it stands to reason that the other women might not feel safe in the precense of a biological man sleeping next to them or using their bathroom"

has anyone asked them.? I'm gonna guess they would likely be fine with it..

That's a good question and something that I hope is done as the investigation moves forward. However, as the article states that, quote: "It also mentions at least six times that many of the women who stay at the Hope Center have been “abused or battered by men,”" it is unlikely those women would welcome biological men into their midst, IMO.


If human and homeless then shelter else don't shelter.
That's a pretty straight forward boolean logic statement.
Should be pretty easy to implement.


What is the bloody problem?....geesh!!!!!

Religion non-withstanding, if that is a place for only biological women, then biological men, regardless of what they identify as, would not be welcome. As many of the women there have been victems of abuse from biological men, that is an understandable position not because the transgender would abuse them, but because their biology would remind them of the abuse or they simply might not feel comfortable sleeping next to a biological male.

@TheMiddleWay It would be better if the media wouldn't make such a big issue out of things, & people should mind their business.




The founders of Alliance Defense Fund (now Alliance Defending Freedom) is a mixed bag of nuts. Their agenda dovetails with the American Family Association and I wouldn't be surprised if strong cross ties were to be found there. These are dangerous people on a number of different levels, folks.


They want to stop birth control also


Disgusting. This country pisses me off immensely sometimes. We are so comfortable, our daily survival, so ensured, that this is a thing people worry about. I will never understand the ability to wish negativity on those who are different. Compassion is the root of what it means to be human. I am flabbergasted by Americans complete xenophobia, all the time. These people must live very lonely, very empty lives, if this is a battle they think they need to fight. I feel intolerance is the only thing I lack compassion for. Fuck these fucking fuckers.


Another hate group with its inhumane agenda.


i saw adf and couldn't figure out why the american defense league would be acting like that. of course this is a different adf, a hate group, the opposite of the adf actually. i can't help wondering whether they deliberately chose a name that would yield those initials in order to make people believe that the real adf had those hateful attitudes?



The cake business and whatever else mentioned is a load of bollocks they have no right to discriminate against anyone . The reason the shelter refused the lady entry were valid being drunk ..duhh ...and it being closed .?? Seriously ???....Anyways there is a bigger issue that needs to be identified there are vulnerable women at these places that have suffered attrocious things by men and can have serious reactions in the presence of a man . The shelters normally have no men at the facilities so that it creates a safe place for them . To these vulnerable people the suggestion that someone may be a man even transitioned could cause them great distress . Bare in mind they may not be able to think logically like others as they are in great distress as it is . Trans people ask for respect all the time shouldnt they in turn respect these women who have suffered so much ?

trans women are women. the pose no threat.


@genessa I understand that you understand that but someone who has had years of abuse by a man has not got the rationality to use the same reasoning as we do . So to respect their fragile minds why cannot we respect their recovery and limit any undue stress?

@Simon1 how would they know anyone was trans anyway, to feel the stress? and what if they had stress seeing a black person, or an asian person, or a tall person, or a blonde person? avoiding stress is one thing. letting someone else be homeless is quite another.


@genessa 5 o'clock shadow . Shape of the face lots of tell tale signs.not all trans men are model material . I have witnessed trans men be violent in interviews which adds substance to this view . I would also extend it to transwonen in men's shelters it's not just about physical attributes . It's the mental state of the person that has been abused

@Simon1 first of all, a homeless shelter is not the same as a shelter for abused women. the shelter in question is a homeless shelter. second of all, are you assuming that trans women by default have had no hormonal therapy or surgery? and third of all, have you never seen straight/cis women being violent? in what way does being trans mean being violent? being human can mean that... or not. sorry, i am not buying this.


@genessa a homeless centre has no right to discriminate what so ever . I thought that I read that this was to do with a women's centre as that has been a bit of a hot topic lately .as for the hormonal treatment it's not a magick wand and transforms people without any tell tale signs . As for the violent part it has nothing to do with the person's potential for violence it's the abused woman's past expeeoences and her fragile mind

If you make concessions for irrationality, then where do you draw the line?
The other day, I went for a walk around my neighborhood after dark. A lady who was walking her dog crossed the street no less than three times to get away from me. My blackness caused her undue stress. Was her reaction reasonable? Fair? If she had called the cops, would that have been cool? If they came and arrested me, would that have been ok? If they'd shot me?

@ghettophilosopher that is a public place and the reaction by that lady was not acceptable . A women's centre for abused women is supposed to be a safe place .

@ghettophilosopher, @Gooniesnvrdie ideally there should be s are place for transwonen in a separate facility

@Simon1 wrong. independent cake shops no more have the right to disciminate than did the woolworths lunch counters that wouldn't serve black people; woolworths didn't relent because it was a chain. it was a public place. if it were a private CLUB that would be different -- members only -- and even then a legal right doesn't make something right. but if the cake shop purports to be open to the public, it must be open to the whole public unless someone comes in and creates a disturbance. the cake shop that won its case on appeal didn't win on the issue; it won on a technicality.


@Simon1, @ghettophilosopher my point exactly!


You make these statements like they are facts.. have you talked to any of these abused women and asked them their views on trans women? Their answer would likely surprise you.

@hippydog just giving another point of view

@Simon1 the point of view of a white cis male? ??

@hippydog oh here we go , no one can have a point of view unless it sides with the oppressed and is not male blah blah blah

@hippydog, @Simon1 sorry, are we NOT supposed to side with the oppressed? is there some reason we should oppress them some more instead?


@genessa i should have said self oppressed ...those taking university courses costing thousandss of dollars claiming all the worlds problems are because of the oppression by cis white men

@Simon1 oh them. um... do they really exist? i haven't actually met any of those. that sounds like a made-up thing.


@genessa western universities they do

@Simon1 interesting. can you link me to one such course at one such university? sometimes i think about going back to school and i have never seen such a course.


@genessa humanities courses , gender courses etc

@Simon1 no, sorry, i can't tell from your generalization whether such courses are teaching what you claim. that is why i asked for a link to a particular course. you see, i don't think so. not one bit.


@Simon1 "oh here we go , no one can have a point of view unless it sides with the oppressed and is not male blah blah blah"

ok then.. a point of view is usually based on personal knowledge..
1.) Do you personally know any abused females that had to go to a shelter?
2.) Do you personally know any trans woman?

Btw.. I never said you could not have an opinion, I stated that you opinion was worded like it was fact.. and honestly I question why you feel you need to protect your opinion so strongly.. it doesnt seem like it's coming from a need to protect people..

@hippydo 1 yes 2 yes

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