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Was sex more fun when you still believed in original sin?

To all former believers: was sex more fun when you still feared an all seeing, all knowing, wrathful God? For me, agnostic sex is still awesome, but without the fear of eternal damnation, it's not as risky or exciting. I also got a kinky thrill thinking the old guy in the sky was floating on a cloud, judging me. Thoughts?

EricTrommater 9 Jan 26

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What is original sin?


My fantasies often involved public sex with mild S&M, but since I'm basically amoral, hard to tell if past religious notions fueled any of this. With my ex, I often played Dominatrix and we did role switching, but it seemed to come from our both of us being androgynous, more than beliefs.

My kind of lady, though I prefer privacy, I have found sex in public to be a very common fantasy among female friends.


I enjoyed sex because I never thought I was being judged for it...I was married so it was ‘okay ‘ so I just enjoyed myself!


at 9yrs old,that went by
the wayside morally

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