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Well, it finally happened...for the first time in 3 years, I've got the flu. I've practically bathed in Germx all week and kept my room desks clean with bleach water, but one of my students that missed yesterday got right up in my face 1st period and by lunch I was feverish and I may not be on much this weekend. You regulars don't let the theist trolls and misogynists off easy while I'm gone!

MsOliver 7 Jan 26

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I'm not a medical specialist but I don't think you can get sick that quickly (from 1st period to lunch). Doesn't it take like 7-10 days?

That aside, lots & lots of rest, hot clear liquids, vitamins C & D, and more rest!


Lol. Someone I know uses Clorox bleach wipes on everything, even washing her dishes with bleach in the water. She and her family are ALWAYS sick! I, on the other hand, lost every dirt-eating contest to which I was challenged (and I was trying to win). I'm rarely sick, although I do get the flu shot about every 2 years. My joints, however, have not escaped unscathed in playing the brutal sport of softball as catcher for almost 20 years. If I'd have known what they were good for...

Also, my own children have taught me to never, ever touch anything on my face with my hands. And for those who go nose to nose with you, hold your breath, but move away if you have to.

Enough soap box stuff. Drink plenty of liquids and get well with lots of great music!


Sorry to hear that. I too work in a school but I think the flu may have already hit us. I wash my hands every chance I get. Fingers crossed...


The incubation period for flu virus is two to five days, so it was not the student how got right in your face.
Aside from that, I used to be a teacher (middle school and high school), and one of my pet peeves was that I could never the administration to make an infirmary to keep the kids that came to school sick from infecting the rest of the population. It pissed me off inasmuch as I was unusually prone to bronchitis...would have if frequently during the Winter. I acknowledged the fact that the parents were too poor it stay home with the kid...both usually worked and that the school was used as a caretaker. Nevertheless, the stupid-as-a-box-of-rocks administration would not spring for an infirmary or a school nurse. I had one kid that almost fell off his chair he was so sick. I told him to go to the office and tell them that I said he was too sick to be in my class...I don't know what they did with him.


I used to get the flu several times each year whenever we were in the US, and after I moved here for college, I'd sometimes get so sick I could barely breathe.

In my early 20s I changed my diet, dropping red meat, white flour, most processed food, switching to organic food whenever possible, and after coughing up guck for weeks, I was suddenly filled with energy, my stamina had doubled, and from then on I didn't catch the flu or even get infections.
I raised my kids that way and they never even got colds.

When I was substitute teaching in two eastern Kentucky counties, during flu season kids have actually thrown up on me and my purse, yet I never caught the flu.

I was sick a lot until I gave up vegetables and switched to just the major food groups. Nowadays I am careful to eat from the major food groups each day...the chocolate food group, the pizza food group, the ice cream food group...

@dahermit Of course, the chocolate food group is the most important one! 🙂

@dahermit I too eat the chocolate and the junk and I haven't had the flu in years. I do get my flu shot every year. This year 11 people I know had the flu and I was around all of them and I am still standing. I swear it's the chocolate LOL.

It could happen.

@SonderOpia Probably is, since chocolate is so good for you.

@birdingnut so spicy. I like it.

@SonderOpia Chocolate doesn't seem to harm me, but unfortunately, I'm so sensitive to caffeine, I indulged in a cup of chocolate ice cream two days ago and I've not been able to sleep since. I'm hoping tonight I will get to sleep sometime before 3 AM. I still wake up early, though.


Get well.... I was also going to say god bless , but i didnt want to cause an uprising here.... lol


Awww.... Geeze! I'm so sorry that you caught the flu..... that's terrible. I wish you a fast recovery. It's to bad that sick children arnt screened before they're allowed to come to school. Parents should be held accountable for sending a sick child to school. When I was working we jumped co workers butt for coming to school sick. We would tell them...GO HOME! Well shucks...good luck...


Hope you get better quick! It ain’t the same without you!


I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get over it pretty quickly. Take care of yourself first!! 😛


Rest, push fluids, and if your fever starts climbing, get your butt to the hospital! Don't be a martyr. I hope you feel better soon!!!!


I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you have a speedy recovery.


I got the flu for the first time in 37 years. Yes, 37 years. The time before I was exactly 16 y/o.


I caught the flu twice this year , about two weeks apart . I kept after my antioxidants & ate vitamin C chewables like candy ! Echenacia helps a lot too . Stay warm , & take care of you !

Dougy Level 7 Jan 26, 2018

be immune 😀

you know that germx stuff destroys immunity right

@bbyrd009 I didn't know that about Germs, but I have always liuved as if it were true.

Yeah, I don't use it either. I have been very fortunate this season. 75% of the people I work with or know have gotten it.

Side note - I've never seen anything as ignorant as in Louisiana when it comes to colds or mild-moderate flu -- I swear, the doctors must all have stock in the steroid and anti-biotic companies. It is rare that somebody here will let their body fight a cold or flu - almost everybody runs to the doctor for a steroid shot and anti-biotics -- even if it is a virus and not bacteria! Super bugs are gonna kill us all! 😉

In fact, one young woman I work with said "I love getting a steroid shot, because I can lift more weight at the gym!" Uhm......okay.

Big thumbs up for allowing the body to do what it is supposed to do -- as long as it is able. Yes, of course, I realize sometimes it is bacterial, and sometimes people really do need medicine.

@EllenDale when a friend of mine is sick, i make it a point to let them breathe on me lol. Can't remember the last time i was sick


Get better and rest with a lot of liquid.


Hope you get better soon.


Sorry about that. Being old and a semi-hermit, I still get a flu shot every year, and have managed to avoid it for several years now. I'm sure your being a teacher exposes you to all manner of evil bugs on a relative ongoing basis, huh?


How long does it take to develop symptoms of influenza after being exposed? The incubation period of influenza is usually two days but can range from one to four days. Typical influenza disease is characterized by abrupt onset of fever, aching muscles, sore throat, and non- productive cough.


My school just sent home a letter to parents about a vicious strain going around our school too. And I get every single kid passing through the library...despite all my efforts, I usually catch whatever is going around. Feel better soon!


I trust you will feel better soon. It is an airborne virus and unless you wear a protective mask no Germx or bleach will protect you against it. Several people I know and see every day came down with the Australian Flu and were ill over the holidays. Even though I came into contact with those who were infected with it I am happy to say that I did not contract it.


Readin a lot of advice, so here’s mine: Let a low fever ride, it’s your body’s defence, virus’ die with elevated heat. Fever generally cycles, so when it gets too high for comfort (though it’s never comfortable), reduce it with medication - then eat & drink once it’s broken! It will climb again, let it.. Eventually, it will break on it’s own - and life will feel anew!

Had it bad two years ago, another strain that got past the vaccination.. I’d also worked in schools … walking down packed hallways attempting to hold my breath as students were releasing trillions of ‘aerosol virus’ with every cough or sneeze. Don’t miss that! ...OK, back to Troll Patrol 😉 get well ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 26, 2018

Im currently "nurse" to my partner, he looks like he is is at deaths door. I am hoping i don't get his virus, because I have NEVER seen him this sick. its a bad flu. My sister's neightbor just died from the flu a few days ago, so awful!! Take care of yourself, try a hot water, lemon juice and honey drink, I've been making that for my partner, don't think it actually does any good but its warm and easy to swallow.


I've gotten sick twice this season, though I don't think either one was the flu. Two weekends in a row. One was a long weekend and I got to spend it in bed.

Oh, and I guess it goes without saying we'll be praying for you.


I've gotten sick twice this season, though I don't think either one was the flu. Two weekends in a row. One was a long weekend and I got to spend it in bed.


I shall piss on 'EM 4 ya

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