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Are we still a primitive species?

While sitting pondering of my own lamentations ; just how primitive are we as a species ? Epcecially with Darwin’s concept of evolution and natural selection and how unskilled and unsuccessful I am with it and I couldn’t help but notice just how primitive the process really is even happening without us really noticing it and just how “raw “ this process this really is ( and no I’m not implying the use of force here) but a mere observation and it has been said “ you give a man a fish and he eats for a day but if you teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime ( couldn’t help but noticing how true these words resound) the reason I say this is we as a human species are still in a “ rat race “ to out do out shine and to generally beat or “ competitors “ in life ; but I see some things designed to help in this process ( which comes at a steep price) to me this still seems primitive; whatever happened to a civilized society? In my opinion I think we are still miles away from being “civilized “ if we have to charge for something that is natural but still very fundamental in life; why not show our fellow human without charging any fee( we still don’t know why they don’t understand this basic concept that should be innate and natural to us ) without the speculation but with hard concrete facts ( I’m not implying a cookie cutter method here) ; though it may still too late for me to understand it ( and to be honest I do feel like a piece of trash thrown to the side and rejected ; is there still hope for me ?( due to depression and ADHD)

AJimboShep82 7 Sep 24

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We have all this high technology but are still living in the Dark Ages.

Humankind developed science and reason but, when it comes to religion and other things, most people on this planet push evidence and reason aside in favor of faith! Faith is illogical, irrational.

We have people buying essential oils and vitamins to cure cancer. People are still superstitious.


Yep. Cognitive dissonance, greed, ignorance and pride get in the way of society progressing forward.
It is depressing.
I am close friends with a Baptist family.
Our debates are very few to keep the friendship tolerable.
I feel like a traitor to my LGBT+ friends for not cutting them loose.
I also get frustrated when I can't deal with their patriarchal thinking


I believe we are still very primitive. We exist at a point socially, that we haven't much built on in the last few millenia. Technology is this newfangled amazing tool, with unlimited capacity, yet we use it in ways that benefit the species RIGHT NOW, with hardly any foresight of the future. I imagine the species, today, as a four year old with a driver's license and a vehicle. We drive, and we smash and wreck the roadside around us, running over anything in our path. We have given ourselves the capacity to live beyond the past, but still lack the wisdom to move our species beyond the past.

I believe, another social evolution, like the cognitive or agricultural revolution, is needed before our species can mitigate the sectarian and cultural differences we inanely focus on now. I don't think this will be a good event. An incurable, fast spreading super disease, a global natural disaster, the unrampant effects of human causes climate change, will provide the impetus.

It seems our species always sits on the edge of a cliff, only creating balance when we are about to fall. I feel we need to fall. We need a kick in the ass, globally, to move beyond our current limitations socially, and start cooperating as a species, instead of using our longitude and latitudal differences to culturally separate.


We are very primitive and backsliding due to lack of natural selection. There is no process thinning our herd of the anti-social people in our midst.
To the contrary, in most of our cultures cruelty and ruthlessness is rewarded.

We will only move towards a civilized society when the qualities of civilized men and women are promoted at the expense of those who prey on people.


Humanity are simply talking monkeys with inflated ego's unable for the most part to even communicate with other species on this planet.
nevermind with each other. Is that primitive ?
We even destroy the enviroment that is essential to our survival willingly.

Yes we do have a lot to overcome as a species even the things that threaten the survival of our species ( things like Christian theology , extreme militant feminists ( just to name a couple examples ) could potentially lead to the demise of our species ; is it moral and or a flawed point to remove anything primitive and benign aspects to our biology for the sake of evolving our species?



As a species, humans in general are not very intelligent (inasmuch as "average" is more of a legitimate measure than the extremes). Consider that the average (mode) I.Q. is only 100. If one converses with a person with an I.Q. of 100 one quickly gets the impression that one is talking to a box of rocks.

In short, you are expecting way too much from the human cannot "civilize" feces throwing monkeys. It explains how Trump got elected doesn't it.

We are not that smart, but our brain and culture developed a lot of tricks so we can mimic real smartness.
That's why is vital to have as many as possible humans educated, well fed and safe.
Our power is in the numbers, not in the individuals.
It's like a pc with hard drive.
The books and articles is the hard drive, the mind of scientists are the ram memory and our communication network/laboratories network represents the processor. We only work with the knowledge copied to the brains, and each brain has a very limited capacity and the laboratories can only be used by a limited amont of brains at each time.
So it is important to increase the network of laboratories and the number of brains loaded with information.

Humans are not strong as individuals, but as a species we can do awesome stuff.

@Pedrohbds I do agree that we as a species can do greater things as a whole if we forget about the notion of war, genocide ,hate ,bigotry and over all ignorance ; thus my statement of genetically modified genes to do a little “house cleaning” of our animalistic/primitive traits that we no longer need.

@AShep82 Genetic engineering to create a "better" human is a dangerous road. Who gets to decide which traits are "good" and "bad" and how would it be implemented? In all it hints of Nazi era forced sterilization. Besides, as far as I know they have not identified a gene that is responsible for bigotry and let alone, "over all ignorance".


We are VERY primitive still. Homo sapiens is thought to have been around 200,000 years and living in settlements around 12,000 years. Homo Habilis was around approx. 500,000 years, Homo Erectus for approx. 1,400,000 years, Homo Hiedelbergenis 500,000 years. So we are the new kid on the block. All of our ancestors in the Homo family were around much longer then us,so to this point they are actually a more successful animal then us. They did not kill themselves off, where as we have the ability to do so, and seem to be hell bent on doing just that. We have knowledge but no wisdom.

You are absolutely right ; look at the conflict between Donald Trump and the emperor of North Korea ( thankfully things are starting to cool down ; I think)

@AShep82 And your is example is just one of MANY conflicts to choose from on our fair earth!

@creative51 very true ; we can go on for hours if not days with all the possible examples ; but this one came to mind especially when a outside male approaches another male lion’s pride and a fight will occur which could lead to either being killed or the outsider becomes subservient or he is driven out ( it just seems more fitting to use this example with lions to illustrate this point ) in comparison and in contrast to our ways as a human race do seem to have multiple similarities.

That last sentence...


Modern humans have only existed for a couple hundred thousand years. Our common ancestor with apes dates back to about 8 million years ago. In between there were a number of lineages small populations that evolved in relative isolation, occasionally interbreeding, all except our own strand eventually going extinct. The biggest anatomical changes in these populations involved changes in brain size and cranial capacity. When one body part evolves faster than other parts this is sometimes called mosaic evolution. It was not the whole brain that changed. The cerebral cortex expanded the most, while the brain stem is essentially the same as it was in our early vertebrate ancestors. Some people refer to this primitive part as our "reptilian brain." Actually you could just as well call it our fish brain. It's this primitive part that drives deep-seated anxieties and knee-jerk reactions. Are we still a primitive species? You bet!

I like your reasoning.. makes sense and explains some still present primitive behavior in others!


Perhaps we are an evolutionary dead end. Nature is just waiting for us to finish ourselves off. We have war ongoing in all corners of the planet, and have weapons of mass destruction readily available to a variety of psyco leaders around the globe. We have areas with too much food and other areas with not enough and we do not seriously try to fix that problem. We have drastic over population (to a large extent due to organized religion being against birth control and family planning), we are polluting every nook and cranny of the planet, anti-biotics which fight infections are becoming useless due to improper usage so a mass die off from disease is just around the corner. Yeah, the answers to changing all of this is widely known, yet we continue barreling down the same one way dead end road. Nature is going "Dang it humans, hurry up and finish yourselves off, so we can repopulate the planet with the next set of species".

Perhaps with a better species than us( hopefully they too don’t start down the religious path as we did)and I do think it is a joke how theists think that this planet is designed for us ( I really do think they need to get their head out of their asses) and come back to reality rather than continually drinking the “Jesus juice”.

If we were to walk out in the African plains ; there is a high probability that we too may become lunch to lions,cougars,or any other species of wildlife and shit we could be swallowed by an anaconda and this planet is designed for us ( sarcastically rolling my eyes with this theist premise)


In many ways, yes. The most glaring, in my opinion, is our intelligence far outstripping our ability to use it properly.

And a third point is what is our potential as a species ; that is our “measuring stick “ and you are absolutely right that humans do misuse our intellect for selfish gain


It's interesting to note that our technical progress has been awesome and extremely beneficial to us as a species. But our social progress is miserably lacking. Our focus has been on being the biggest, best, richest, most powerful etc and our evolutionary societal growth has been largely ignored. It's about time to turn that energy towards creating a world where we value our people more than we value our things!

I agree ; we as a species has become materialistic; and what ever happened to altruism?

@AShep82 Oh, it's alive and well.. just ask all those "pay it forward " people..they will be glad to tell you just how many good deeds they do!?

I agree, and this will be our downfall. The key is to find a balance. Otherwise mass destruction is the only way that we will change. (Just my belief)

@Sharlee Oh yeah, we're there, working quietly in the backgound.


Yes we are still a primitive species and we shall remain so until we evolve and learn to; a) put aside all of our petty differences, understand that we ARE ALL members of just ONE species b) evolve beyond the need for superstitious beliefs. such as religions, etc, and that, c) the Universe existed long, long before humans ever came into being, the Sun does NOT rise and set at our Behest, c) the Universe WILL continue on long after humans are nothing more than atoms and molecules of the elements that once made us. We MUST evolve and learn to live as ONE peoples or we shall end up going the same way as the innumerable species that preceded us millions of years before we existed.

Well said and spot on!

@Sharlee Thank you.


I've seen enough evidence in my lifetime to conclude that we are still a primitive species competing for survival. The Judeo-Christian culture was in opposition to this natural dilemma, striking back with the aspirational notion of every human being made in the image of God and therefore carrying a spark of divinity in their spirits. The doctrines are proved nonsense and the history one of terrible hypocrisy but we need to carry on with the idea of all human life being equal in the sight of society if not of a god.


Yes , very ! The French have a saying the more it changes, the mire it stays the same. We are encoded with agression which remains in us in perpetuity.


Humanity is stuck in a self-perpetuated state of infancy in terms of psychological maturity, but I'd argue that we have little or no significant control over the evolution of our species in a physical sense. We are indeed far away from truly being truly civilized creatures as self-serving and deceitful aspects of various flavors of humanity that were dominant prior to our so called civilization still has far too much in terms of dominance. Humanity will be free to improve when it decides to start policing cluster b people and working to cure cluster B personality traits in people, but then society would also have to refocus itself and make that focus on self-actualization governed through humanistic moral standards for that to really be viable.


As a guy with more than a touch of ADHD himself - yes there is hope for you. You just have to figure out a way to harness it, embrace it, and make it work. It's in our collective gene pool for an evolutionary reason. I got lucky and dumbed into a career that allows me to make it work most days. Would like to say I planed the path out, but that would be lying to myself.

And also yes - we are a somewhat primitive, and extremely tribal species. It's hard for a few millennia of civilization to undo millions of year of evolution and societal development.

Here’s hoping the Jiu Jitsu I’m taking up will help with the focus aspect of it and even the hyperactivity ( though I am taking concerta for the ADHD) I can definitely see multiple benefits to Jiu Jitsu aside from the self defence , I think it could help with exercise, even finances ( wanting to be sure I have enough in my account to afford it , confidence and perhaps a sense of pride of learning new things and successfully doing each thing taught; definitely loving it so far.


We certainly have remnants of the genes. ADHD is one... think of how hyper chipmunks are - it was a survival mechanism. But humanity has reached the point where our heightened intellectualism can override our remnant instincts. Sometimes... some of us...

godef Level 7 Sep 24, 2018

prim·i·tive adjective
relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the evolutionary or historical development of something.

I'm no evolutionary biologist, but I'd say without knowing the endpoint how can we relatively know how far we are from the beginning?

From an evolutionary perspective; ( I could be completely inaccurate about this as far as what species of “ human kind “ from homoerectus to earlier variations of such as our “Measuring stick” from than to now being our starting point ( and perhaps human kind may not be finished evolving ) from than until now is the only point we can measure to ; but my point being here we still exhibit characteristics from than I. E ; the way we continue on our species ( we may not be aware of it happening; and even anger can be considered a primitive trait as well all part of that part of our brains ( it may still exist).

@Humanistheathen providing our species makes it to the next evolution point ; and yes I still think it is a continual process ; who knows our species may end up wiping it self out of existence.

@Humanistheathen and another point of this being ; If you were to look in the wild life there are multiple species that rely on “ an alpha male “ model ; and we are no different as humans I.E our presidents,priministers, emperors , over lords, and yes even the theists that believes in their god(s) still primitive in nature; and now compare this model to a pride of Lions and tell me that you see these same primitive traits and even us humans finding a mate is still primitive.

@Humanistheathen I think it is laughable how the theists still cling on to their ways ; the reason I use this is term is if you were to look at our “ distant cousins “ being erectus and other forms of human nature it is what may have been the starting point or our intellect at its base form ( while our intellect was still in its infantcy ) it is raw perhaps the same could be said about animalistic

@Humanistheathen and it could be seen with Said “beta’s “ in our society; the term “primitive” can still be applicable even in today’s standards I.E the beta’s could possibly be our anarchists in your example of how the beta’s would gang up to murder the Alpha.


As a species we have gone beyond natural selection. Look at the most successful people in our society, the likes of Elon Musk or Bill Gates, and see how many children they leave behind? Are they prolific in passing on their genes, which used to be the evolutionary criterium for success? You’d have to say only moderately. Musk has 5 living children, Gates 3. My great-great grandfather was not wealthy or powerful but came fathered a family of 12 children.

But there are relatively few other pressures of natural selection which are driving the general population, either in the direction of a unified perspective on society or a specific form of genetics. It seems we have arrived at a period where there is some selection due to wealth and beauty, but there is a lot of chaos in the general population.

Exactly; we no longer procreate to populate but rather “ opps I forgot to wear a condom or even if I have a baby I can get paid from the government “ and even for the sake that they have a a huge bank account and they look good” but there is a huge problem with all of this; it really doesn’t give a chance to really get to know the other person and what they are all about and only to find out that they are a beater and thus comes the labels “ I hate men/women are bitches” it doesn’t seem logical does it?; and what was the definition of insanity that Einstein quoted?

@AShep82 much of what you say is Euro/American centric. Look at the rest of the world, especially emerging nations and those still under third world conditions.

We are still at the whim of natural selection weather we want to think we are or not ; take the mid to lower class in society ( some multiply more rapidly than others) and some are just left wanking off like it owes us money.


I don't think we are a "primitive" species however we still haven't and might never grow out of our base instincts because we are animals first and foremost.

Dfox Level 4 Sep 26, 2018

As advanced as we are technologically; we still are as primitive as our ancestors; which does sound like a contradiction in itself ; until these traits are weeded out via evolution ; we are still a primitive species.

I think that as advanced as we are technologically; I still think we are ; and here is why I think we are : 1. We still seek the “alpha “ in our society ( president,prime minister , government...etc) 2. Look at the wild life in nature particularly the Lions even with procreation; what do you notice with their behaviour? And compare it to ours a human species;3. Our propensity for conflict;4. Our means of providing for our “clan” . But this is just a few examples .


Relative to our ancestors? No, but we still have primitive tendencies. We have advanced ages with our technology, but our mindset is still lacking in terms of social progress in my opinion. I think this might be true in general for humans, but more specifically with our "leaders" who seem to be further on the sliding scale of psychopathy.


Compared to? We only have our own flawed historical references to relate to our species in the present day.

Given the social, political, intellectual, environmental,...state of world affairs today I think we've taken some huge steps backwards in our evolution in recent decades.

I try to remain hopeful but our continued refusal to learn from our past mistakes may very lead to our demise in the not too distant future.

I think we are staying stagnant of our progression and our potential.

Not moving forward and not moving backwards ( to some degree) I.E theists .

I agree to a degree but much progress has been made. The sciences, medicine and technology are shining examples. Though not eradicated slavery, genocide and ethnic cleansing are no longer acceptable norms.

From a physiological standpoint we have been mostly stagnant for the past several thousand years. Still, in all other areas we as a species are struggling forward however our ethics (wisdom) may not catch up with our technology (knowledge) in time to save us.

@DangerDave we do have a lot of growth to occur ; if we can even eradicate anything considered primitive ( weeding these traits from the gene pool ) such as anger , the way we even find a mate ( not to say for humans to become robots either) and perhaps eliminating the eat or be eaten philosophy all together completely.

Yes; wasn’t it Stephen Hawking that predicted the demise of our species?

He among many others. He focused on AI but there are many other equal or greater possibilities.


I'd really recommend the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

A good read.


You are right. We need to go beyond the self centered notion that we only help each other for personal gain. I've always known that we will never evolve if we allow greed to rule is like it does.

Yes ; we need to help our fellow human out if we expect any positive mutation in the gradual evolution no matter how trivial the need be or what may seem trivial to one is another it may be a difficult endeavour; such as finding a mate in life.

@AShep82 I agree with that. My most interesting challenge, finding a mate.


ARE we evolving? Or are we devolving?

I think at the moment we may be stagnant neither going backwards or forwards just staying in the same place without any real progression ( I can be very wrong in this assessment) just going on observation ( which could be faulty)

I think, biologically, we are slightly regressive in evolution. As cruel as this perspective may be, I find it holds water. We removed ourselves from nature's equation. We allow the weakest and the worst among us to procreate, as nature has no grip on a species that has the ability not just to adapt to an environment, but to adapt the environment to us. Our worst genetic aspects have no natural filter, unlike the rest of life on earth. The rest of the flora and fauna evolved to live, while we just exist. I am not fond of this pragmatic theory, but I have yet to find another side to it. Maybe someone can teach me a less cruel view of modern human evolution.

We are evolving and fast. Just think t u at space flight now is not a propaganda monument of governments is a real economic field.
Vaccines are so effective that some start doubting the diseases were really that bad.

@rabidazzle you may have something with your point ; perhaps we could let all the ones that are determined to see humanity perish breed while us the rational sort would fade away ;thus the extinction of the human race; maybe we do need to hit the reset button on our species to get it right ( without religion ) and science will be an unchallenged truth; but if we hit the reset button on humanity; would we be any better than the theists we criticize?

@AShep82 you are very young...I see a great deal of deterioration in society. Mind you, there are wonderful discoveries that have made certain aspects of life easier, but I see society losing touch with the planet and each other. My OPINION is, devolving.

@rabidazzle You did not mention the fact that we are not only shitting in our bed, ruining the planet, but we are killing ourselves with non-food, and synthetic substances that have a detrimental effect not only on our health, but on the development of the embryo in utero and beyond.

@AShep82 I don't think we need to end the species. We just need to change the decline of the human gradient. I consider myself a pragmatic optimist, and just think we as a species need a global kick in the ass. We are still so focused on the differences between ourselves, that homogeneity of ideas is a far off dream. We need to unite as a species and create a world where humanity rises as one. This is how we will conquer our decline, how we will survive the damage we have already done. It's just too bad that we are growing weaker genetically, but morality will not allow nature to take its course.

@MissKathleen I agree with you entirely. Were I to postulate my theory in more specific detail, the points you made would be included. We have adapted the world to us, disregarding if those changes are a net boon or a net loss. Like I said in an earlier comment on this post, we are children with power we are unable to use for our benefit. We drive ourselves to the edge, and think nothing of it. Modern humanity is infantile in the face of scientific progress. We continue to wreck the world and ourselves, in our ignorance.

@rabidazzle and it makes us old folks very sad.

@MissKathleen absolutely; look at how we can no longer sustain our species the way we used to be able to where farmers fed a multitude more than compared to modern times ; the sustaining of our species comes at a high cost with food that is not as healthy for our well being ( not without chemicles that not only decreases our potential life expectancy but can be linked to cause cancer and other various preventable ailments ; we have deafinitely overpopulated even North America,Asia is another good example of such overpopulation that we may have to consider “thinning the heard” ; we could just as easily let the theists have at it with each other that would do a pretty fine job of thinning things out but just leave us Atheists out of that mess altogether.

@Pedrohbds but not all ailments can be treated ; yes we can fight cancer with chemo ; but what exactly is the success rate of it? And still it is not guaranteed to work.

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