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How many of you are still in touch with an ex, someone you had some sort of relationship with or even a fling ? One guy, I'm still friends with as he was a work colleague and another I just keep in contact with via email ( usually , the how you doing message).

Vic47 6 Jan 27

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I guess I've been pretty lucky. I have 4 exes on my Facebook, two of whom I communicate with via text on an almost daily basis. That doesn't even count my ex wife, with whom I have two children and have a very civil relationship.
There is something nice about keeping people in your life with whom you have life experience. These are people who know me and aren't afraid to call me out when I'm full of it. They are as valuable part of my circle as any friends with whom I never had a romantic relationship. The things that drew me to them didn't disperse the moment we no longer shared a bed.


Im facebook friends with a few. One I would say hi to if I saw him and one I would run over if there were no witnesses


My partner left me about 5 months ago. I don't really understand why but there you go. We communicate quite amicably about the things that need sorting. I think she would like us to stay friends but, at the moment, I can't. I have even asked her not to come around to the house.
🙂 it'll be ok and I know I'll get my head around it. So I'm kind of in touch with an ex 🙂

Sorry, man. Sometimes you just never know why they leave; that's tough.

That's rough. I had a gf who decided to break up and she never really explained why. I think I gave her plenty of space to talk and yet she didn't seem capable of expressing her frustrations with the relationship. In the end she said a lot of what we had was great but that she wasn't happy and needed to change, so we hugged, kissed, cried a bit and I haven't seen her since. She had a policy which I think is quite healthy of having a complete break for 6 months and then chatting if either side wanted it - but I had moved on. If she had stayed in touch then I think it would have messed me up and prevented me from moving on, so I have been grateful for that.

@ChrisR I think a total separation as much as possible is for the best. We o ccaisionally meet up to discuss things that need it. I still have a lot of her stuff here boxed up in a spare room. Sometimes she will need something from it and arrange to come by and pick it up. I usually go out so that I'm not here when she comes. To be fair it gets easier. I don't really understand what happened but nobody died. We're both still alive, in good health and on good terms mostly. Lots of people's break ups are far more traumatic


I have two exes. One very recent (within the last two years), the other divorce was many years ago (about 20). Both are in the area and I am in contact with both, partly due to our mutual children (one from each union). It's amicable.


I see my first wife ehen my kids got something going on... I told her i was sorry a long time ago. She forgave me and now she hugs me and she even hugs my present wife. My first wife's husband died and she's set for life. She and her lady friend team up and travel the world... I'm am so very happy about this for second wife.... she was much younger then me. I taught her so much and she out grew me. We both parted ways. I hardly remember her unless I think hard about it. My third wife is a trip. I'm lucky to be her husband. My millionaire buddies wanted her too. I guess I was the man for her. I had a classic vet and she was into old cars. I was much less rich then my friends but that's how it turned out.


My ex wife is still one of my best friends.,as is her boyfriend......we were married for 30 years


My ex husband I'm friends with but we have 2 sons (grown)...took awhile but we at least can talk about the kids.. We were not friends for quite awhile after the divorce. I was in a relationship for 4 years, I have nothing to do with him. I was in another relationship for a year...did talk to him once, but not anymore. Once its over, its over for me.


All three ex husbands and a couple of ex beaus are still FB friends. No big dramas. But all casual.


Not me. When I'm done, I'm done. I usually move.


I still swap happy holidays texts with most of my exes. Most of them were breakups from religious differences or me moving around so I'm I'm still on good terms with most of them.


allllll my exes are different sexes.....


Number 1 ex I never spoke to again after the divorce (lived far away), Number 2 I still speak to via farceburke (still far away) and occasionally drop in to say Hi if I go to see family. Number 3 we are still good friends and she was best man at my marriage to number 4, who is the mother to my beautiful daughter. I still chat on occasion. Now with number 5 and we stay with no.3 and her husband when we visit that prat of the country.

So, in summary, I still have good relationships with all of my ex partners except number 1.

Man, I thought my life was complicated...


not really i like my past to stay in the past


My daughter's mother (spouse #1) and I are in touch occasionally, usually for something centered around our brilliant, beautiful child. We get along just fine. Her current husband is a nice guy and even gave me a ride in his Steerman biplane a few years back. So, no issues there. Wife #3 and I still talk, but not too often. We're okay, though. She also has someone with whom I get along well. #2 died just after the turn of the century.


Discuss: a former gal pal decided to get back in touch with the guy who served time for repeatedly raping her pre-teen daughter by her first husband. I could not fathom it At All, and pointed out how it might make the molested daughter feel , which made no impression on her. She them proceeded to maneuver me into meeting this turd under false pretenses. Friendship OVER.

@WizardBill Not to worry, he remains under house arrest although no longer actually incarcerated, under the supervision of his 85-year old mother, a child psychologist who used to think it was "so cute" when as a teenager, he preferred to be "pied piper" to the neighborhood pre-teens rather than hang out with fellow teengers. Yup, nothing to worry about there......
I got to meet them both because mom does some crafty artistic stuff so I found myself in a tiny studio with both of them hovering...just a banner day all around!

that is pathetic.......heartless mom


I keep in touch with my first serious girlfriend. Mostly through email or Facebook chat. My wife knows about it, but her husband does not. We usually just debate atheism/theism.


I keep in touch with my high school sweetheart. She is a lovely person now, as she was then. We were just too young then.


I have a few female friends that I once had an affair with and we still are friends and maintain some sort of contact.


Not a fan of "the friendly ex". If children are involved, I guess that's one thing (although in many ways I'm very glad my son's father fell off the face of the Earth shortly after kiddo was born).
If you choose to remain single, talk and keep any kind of relationship you want with whomever you want, but I really struggle with boyfriends who maintain communication with their exes once I'm in the pic. Maybe it's a maturity issue on my part or MAYBE ITS BECAUSE EVERY BOYFRIEND OF MINE WHO HAS INSISTED THAT THE WHORE EX WAS JUST A FRIEND, WAS LATER CAUGHT EXCHANGING COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE MESSAGES AND/OR CARRYING ON BEHIND MY BACK LIKE A COUPLE OF TRAMPS. Yes, that is probably why I'm not crazy about exes lurking in the background. Sure, clearly I am also picking the wrong guys based on that behavior and they would likely eventually cheat on me anyways but that's totally irrelevant to my unreasonable heart. Out of respect for my partner, I will not keep exes around while sleeping with them and I take it one step further- I generally do not keep any friends of the opposite sex close to me, whether I slept with them or not (but I probably did. Kind of slutty when I'm single). I expect the same in return.

Also, no one wants to date me. Apparently I'm controlling and jealous.

I think it's completely a trust issue ... if you are with the right person (and not just pickign a bad guy and hoping he will turn nice) and you absolutely trust that they are 100% in love and devoted to you then it shouldn't be an issue if they exchange a few messages and stay in contact with an ex. But sure, if you are with a person who is trying to keep an old flame going while being with you then you've got the wrong guy entirely - he's a scumbag. One of my exs kept in regular contact with her previous longterm boyfriend and that didn't worry me much - I trusted that she'd left him and they were just friends. We even went to a party he threw with his latest partner and everything was just friendly and amicable. When we decided to split I know that my ex didn't go back to him and the split had nothing to do with any cheating.


I keep in contact with my ex since we have a 16 year old daughter together.

balou Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

My first love ex is still maintaining contact with me, and recently told me how he wanted me back (13 years later, lol). I felt nothing but a sense of "I told you so! I was right and you were wrong". But no romance, just pity. I keep communication light and casual, bordering on small talk. I disappear for months at a time, but he keeps coming back.


Ex GF, Ex Wife, Ex Flame, Ex Lover.. by phone, email or by FB. They married does not matter... some lovers dated back to 1994. I am easy to break up with. In my whole life only one woman ended it without a friendly hug. I could be their Friend now that sex is out of the picture. Been doing friend dates here in Maryland until I leave. Monday we gonna do the Hustle.


I had two lovers turned to friends that I knew from my late teens and over 30 and 40 years.You can not duplicate the kind of relationship you would have from when you were young and over all that time. THey are both gone now and I still miss them


I haven't had many relationships in my life but every one has been good and if we broke up we broke up without any acrimony or harsh words. I'm still in regular contact with most ex girlfriends in one way of another - I'm single at the moment and my longest partner often Skypes me to chat or to sit and watch a movie together but we keep everything friendly, not romantic. I broke up with my recent long-distance partner because the distance was just mixing up her feelings and she wasn't able to move to me soon enough, but we still love each other in a non-romantic way and we chat a bit on WhatsApp.

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