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Maybe we will get lucky with a two at once


The whole lot needs to be discarded and replaced.

Amen Sister!!


Hope he is impeached as well. Another POS.


I've suspected this smug liar has been involved the entire time. No one who lies like he does while taking such a self-righteous stance on anything can be clean.


If Trump goes, so does the entire administration :
"Some believe that if Trump is impeached and it is found that he obtained the presidency illegally, the constitutional crisis that would follow would necessarily require a reversal of the entirety of the Trump administration and every action taken by it — court appointments, executive orders, bill signings, everything."
I've said from the start, this is how it has to go, or it will happen all over again.
When people get caught doing this , consequences are a necessity !

Dougy Level 7 Sep 28, 2018

I think that is the best outcome possible. We need to get rid of Trump and all the shit he has foisted upon the US.


About friggin' time. He needs to wear an orange jumpsuit and live in a cell the size of a closet for the rest of his life.


GOP = American ISIS


Couldn't happen to a better man.


That would be nice.

gearl Level 7 Sep 28, 2018

they are creating jobs


Such a lovely bunch.....

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