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Pet Humor.... hehehe..... smile002.gifsmile008.gifsmile009.gif

By BeeHappy9
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Of course cats teach strip dancers to pole acrobatic crotch shots


These are 3 of my favorites. The middle one is just like my cat.

Perfect! Hahaha! smile001.gif


These are one of the reasons I love Cats..and dogs..but ooo love cats!

Charlene Level 9 Jan 28, 2018

Me too!

@BeeHappy dogs are great but alot of work..cats can maintain them selves..and their had a cat that would nag me to come to bed when it was like 12 o'clock at name was Hash..yes short for Hashish..

Dogs are great, but in my opinion, as much work as having a kid. I'm done with that. Just like grandkids, I love to see them, but then I can go home.


Love them.



Being a cat person, I really like these.

wordywalt Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

They're purrfect!


I love funny cat videos.



I love kitties!!

Yes, they are the cat's meow! Hahaha

@BeeHappy groan!! smile049.gif

@BeeHappy hahahahahaha

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