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Seriously, what does the term "Devil's Triangle" in the context of Bret Kavenaugh refer to?

By Flyingsaucesir7
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Apparently Urban Dictionary has had the threesome definition posted since 2008. It has gotten over 5000 thumbs up! Why am I always the last one to find out? Now all I need to do is learn what thumbs up really means, lol!

@Flyingsaucesir Yeah, I know the feeling. I encounter stuff that I ask "why didn't I already know this?" I had never heard of it called that prior to the recent debacle, which surprises me as I used to read lots of kinky stuff.

Do tell! ?


Evergreen, thats what Ive heard as well.

t1nick Level 8 Oct 2, 2018

A trio of sex partners. 2 men 1 woman - I think

You had heard the phrase used that way before these confirmation hearings?

@Flyingsaucesir Sooooo...... the premise behind your come back is to subtly suggestion that the explanation that Kavanaugh gave, i.e. it being a drinking game, was true, and the people who are his contemporaries are liars.

I just want to know what the phrase is commonly taken to mean.

@Flyingsaucesir ok

Have heard that referred to as a Devil’s threesome. My that Devil sign with your index and pinkie fingers out and look at it ?

I do the finger sign but I don't see the connection with a threesom.

@Flyingsaucesir I don’t know how to explain without being pretty graphic! Let’s say, if your palm is facing you, there is a long thin shape on either side of, well... a shape that might represent the third individual.

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