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Helpful hints: Bear attacks!

BeeHappy 9 Jan 29

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Rule 1 for hiking; Always hike with someone slower & tastier.

Ha! I'll remember that.

One of my favs though until now now never thought of its applicability to anything but shipwrecked sailors. Enjoy
Listen to The Yarn of the Nancy Bell by WS Gilbert (MONO-079) by GypsyJackBoggleShow #np on #SoundCloud

@FrayedBear now that is a story to remember. Well told. Rhythmic and just the right length.

@Dick_Martin Many thanks Dick. Not many take the trouble to give me feedback. Each poem on SoundCloud is different and most in different accents and lengths.

@FrayedBear....wait a minute here... Don't be just shrugging that off! Is that you doing that ballad? If it is, more people here need to listen.

@Dick_Martin Yes it is I. The link is on my page and I have mentioned them in a number of other posts on other threads and in private messages. It seems that the world has turned against the well performed poem. After ten years of non recognition it becomes a bit of a shrugging matter. Thank you yet again.

@FrayedBear, do you take requests? There are three pieces I really like and enjoy the audio. Teddy Roosevelt's "The Man in the Arena" speech to the Sorbonne, "Jabberwocky", and 'Charge of the Light Brigade." Any one of them would be appreciated. Got to take the dog for her walk but I will be listening to a couple of your pieces later today. Awesome, in my opinion.

@Dick_Martin It make take a few days to track it down but I think I have a recording of Jabberwocky...I'll need an email address to send it to as the messaging here doesn't transmit mp3 files. Chargeotlb I've not got round to perfecting yet and I am not familiar with TR's speech. If you enjoy Serfs or My Songs I have a wonderful 45 minute rant by the same poet JKMcDougall called Beasts of the Blood Trail.JKMcD was probably the last man in Australia to be tarred and feathered. He was set up by the then Prime Minister Billy Hughes who tried to conscript men in WWI. All Australians in that war were volunteers despite Hughes efforts. In parts of Australia where there has been German settlers the war memorials record many gave their lives fighting against their country of origin.

@FrayedBear Here is the significant part of The Man in the Arena:


wait till its looking for a seal. creep up and kick it in the ice hole.


Keep a good torch handy like a good sized flame thrower and burn the bear face if it gets close then get away from blind claw swings

A magnum pistol is more convenient to carry ... and more humane ... which would you prefer skull missing instantly or head and shoulders on fire?

Get yours quickly before they are banned. I am curious how a flame thrower is considered to be be safe even if it only squirts ten metres. Here you cannot even buy a non safety match ie. All matches available need specially impregnated paper to ignite when struck across the paper.

Wildfire-weary California may ban Elon Musk’s flamethrowers as they fly off the shelves []

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