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What was the first album you ever bought?

As you can tell by my previous posts, I have been in a fundamentalist church my whole life up until now. Music is a huge driving force for me. It's my escape.

When I was 15 I got a job making window screens. 1st thing I bought was my 1st album I ever bought, There's Nothing Left to Lose (Foo Fighters). It was all downhill from there.

GDean2016 4 Oct 4

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Trilogy. Emerson Lake and Palmer.



Seventh Sojourn by the Moody Blues.


The first vynil I bought was "Paul Revere" single by The Beastie Boys.

I was in high school when License to Ill came out; my best friend got it and I listened to the entire album over the phone. I saw them back in the late 80s. LOL


My 1st was Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars

Great one


I think it was Meet The Beatles.


"Destroyer" by Kiss:


Zster Level 8 Oct 4, 2018

You and me both. God of Thunder was favorite track.


Ooh! Bought my first vinyl album when I was 14, Kiss—Destroyer. Pretty much an indicator of my teenage years.?

I posted my answer (above) blind... I was twelve when it came out. (:

@Zster @Seems_legit

I believe this was my first album purchased too.

"Okay, y'all can start singing"


The first album I bought was Frontiers by Journey. Oh, the memories.


I was 5 and it was Elvis Golden Hits lol


Master of Puppets


More of the Monkees

gater Level 7 Oct 4, 2018

Damn, good question! I've bought hundreds of albums. The first one was probably some country or rap band I don't/won't listen to.


Tom Petty Greatest Hits. With my own money.


I can't remember for sure but I think it was Boston's debut album. This was the first concert I ever attended. The first album I ever received was Black Beauty when I was 8 years old, 1968. Disney made story book albums and I would read along and listen practically everyday. Still have it, and it's the only one I have left.

..neat to reminiscing


Purple Rain - Prince


The first album I bought on CD was Dark Side Of The Moon. I can't remember the first one I bought on vinyl (or, possibly, shellac). It was probably a collection of music played by Northern English colliery brass bands, which I was very into back then - I was quite a weird child.

Jnei Level 8 Oct 4, 2018

White Zombie's La Sexorsito: Devil Music Vol. 1


The first CD I ever bought with my own piggybank savings is Wilson Philips' 1990 self-titled debut album. And to this day, their first single HOLD ON still holds a special place in my heart. 🙂


Led Zeppelin although there was folks
music and other alblums in the
house due to siblings


The collage and I still haven't. Bought it back in 1967 I saved my allowance for it


Alright, this is embarrassing. The first album I bought with MY money, after helping a family friend do yard work, was ...

"Fallen" by Evanescence

In my defense, I was young and in the middle of a brief emo phase.

I just wish I could go back and tell somebody to ... wake me up. Wake me up inside. at least your aware-
hope everyone gets there someday


I'm pretty sure it was "Midnight Ride" by Paul Revere and the Raiders. I was stationed in Turkey and just bought my first stereo system. I bought 5 albums at the BX and I'm pretty sure that was the first album I selected. I had seen them live in Springfield MA near my first duty station after tech school. Loved the performance. One if the other albums was "Class Clown" by George Carlin. Out-frickin'-rageously funny. Somebody says church and I think of Our Lady of Perpetual Motion. Lol.


I bought the yes album . Maybe 1972. I also saw them in concert that year with an unnamed warm up band at merriweather post pavilion. The warm up band was the eagles. They played take it easy and witchy woman. Two hall of fame bonds in my first concert!

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