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Liberal or democrat?

Historically that label makes no sense as the only thing a democrat is liberal about is how they spend your money, so why have we mistaken liberalism to be a left wing ideology in recent years?

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Gabriel 4 Jan 29

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I reject your premise and suspect that this is the question of a troll. It assumes subjective opinions as facts and then assumes that all will agree with the incorrect conclusions. Recent history has shown that the Republican party have raised the Pentagon defense budget so much that it equals the defense budget of the next eight countries budget … COMBINED. The total for combined budgets of Germany, India, the United Kingdom, France,Saudi Arabia, Russia and China is the same as the U.S.

So I will not participate in your survey and I will let the administrators know that perhaps they should keep an eye on you.

thats pretty convoluted.. I didn't say anything about the army. my question is more that of why liberals today don't believe in economic freedom as they used to. for example prior to oil monopolies in the US by the rocker feller family a liberal would defend a person's right even to leverage a monopoly on the market wheres nowadays nearly no one believes in that freedom let alone liberals who nowadays would defend a lot of market regulations.


I am not choosing. We are on the brink of ecological disaster and the fight for natural resources will make any ideological nattering thoroughly unimportant.

but surely you don't believe government can regulate the environment very well. After all places like the soviet union ended up making almost 15% of their total landmass permanently uninhabitable as a result of industrial activity. Meanwhile in places with relatively few laws regarding the environment such as the USA have been at the forefront of renewable energy and ecological solutions and it has very few disasters in comparison.


I use to think of myself as a liberal Democrat, but now I find both political parties in our country so morally bankrupt that I consider myself an Independent.


Im independent for as much as that would mean- its like what bill hicks said there is one guy holding both puppets


same meat different gravy


I think your poll is messed up, it offers 2 choices, but when you view the results there are 3 bars.

Also, just because the democrats were not historically liberal, doesn't mean the ideology of the people who make up the base of the Democrats has not shifted that way, just as the base of the Republicans has shifted to a right-wing Christian ideology.

Blaming it on 'commies' or that liberals stopped believing in liberty is rude, crass, and false. There is nothing communistic or against liberty in promoting liberal ideals, including non-discrimination laws, marriage equality, equal pay, and a woman's right to choose.

What would you provide for explaining why the Republican party, the party of Lincoln, is doing everything in its power to subvert the rights of minorities to vote? Or why the party that passed the Civil Rights Act is now actively fighting against expanding Civil Rights?


Those word are way out of the the realm of their original meanings. Democrat 1790, "adherent of democracy," with reference to France, from French démocrate (18c., opposed to aristocrate), back-formation from démocratie: liberal mid-14c., "generous," also, late 14c., "selfless; noble, nobly born; abundant," and, early 15c., in a bad sense "extravagant, unrestrained," from Old French liberal "befitting free men, noble, generous, willing; So in essences anti wealthy that is a charitable regal.


I don't always agree with everything the democrats espouse, and would really love it if this country would do away with the two-party system. Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen in my lifetime, so I have to go with the lesser of two evils.

although i must say its this kind of thinking that leads to a 2 party system in the first place tbh


Back in the 1950s Republicans were more likely to favor what Democrats today favor and Democrats (at least in the south) were more likely to favor what Republicans today favor. Political parties evolve.


Republicans can no longer demonize the democrats when it comes to spending money. They're just as guilty of it. Attempting to use invalid stereotypes is lame. They are opposite sides of the same coin.

According to Republicans[I call them reptilians] deficits are only important when there is a Democrat in the WH.

@JanGarber That's because they're hypocrites. They aren't having any problem creating an astronomical deficit.


If that's the case, would you consider the Republicans to be 'liberal' because of their desire for an inflated military budget? Recently (more than I can ever remember in the past, at least), Conservatives bandy the word 'liberal' around as if it's something to be demonized, while pretending to have a monopoly on values like 'patriotism'. Maybe a better way to think of it is that some people are socially conscious and want to work for the betterment of everyone, while other people want to keep everything for themselves, even to the exclusion and detriment of others. One group has a "we're all in this together" attitude, while the others say "I got mine, and fuck the rest of you". One group strives to effect change, and the other looks for every excuse to go back to the good ol' days where rich old white men told everybody else what to believe and how to act. Not surprisingly, one group identifies itself closely with a 2000-year old book that espouses those very same antiquated values (how can anyone be shocked that they nominated this 'diaper fire' of a President)...


Its just the evolution of politics....Democrats were very different back in the day.


I don't think the choices are meant to be questions.


Your whole question is pure horse manure! I am a Democrat and you totally misrepresent my views. I am also a liberal or progressive, but that does not and never has equated to extreme left wing. You contribute nothing to discussion based on fact.


I would say because the Dems and Libs are more closely aligned. (IMHO)

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