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When you left your religion you followed, do you now consider it to be the most annoying religion out there?

I once followed Xtianity. I now consider it the most irritating one out there, besides the Islamic.

By Sarahroo298
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I find them ALL annoying. The most annoying are the ones that come to your door.

JK666 Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

I was raised as christian and my father is still a pastor. I spent every Sunday of the first 18yrs of my life in church. Christianity isn't the most annoying religion out there. Christians aren't killing people in large numbers and while they do have a large role in the US government we are not in a complete theocracy just yet.


Yes... Judaism for the most part is a bastardized version touting racism, apartheid and killing humans for sport. Spending so many years in study of it makes one hate what is done it its name.

Knitfreak Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

Nah, I've never been urged to convert by a Lutheran. I have noticed that all the Christian-subgroups seem to be against each other. All the muslims I've met were pretty friendly (and were happy to explain their religion if asked, but didn't go out of their way to bring it up). Catholic churches are dead boring. I once got asked by a pair of mormon girls to convert, who then returned to ask (then pretended I didn't exist when I told them I was atheist, only to pester my friend). The "come to Jesus" cards that some people leave lying around by gas stations are hella annoying (I think they're trying to sell a book, kind of amusing is that they state catholics are going to hell). The church that holds the local election has posters up about how they're going to preach and "save the souls" of an Islamic community. Then there's that one time I stumbled onto a Christian's project and they started rambling on about how I had no morals. Then there's the dude that hung around my old campus to shout at the students about how they're going to hell. I only know of one Jew, one sorta-Bhiddhist, one Vasatru, and a handful of acquaintances that are Wiccan. Not really much of anything else. TL;DR: Broadly christian, the others either don't bother me much or I haven't met enough to decide.

Camellen Level 4 Jan 30, 2018

I've had Xtians try to convert me at work. Handing me pamphlets.


I didn't really leave... I just sorta drifted away. Then, all these decades later I realize that religions around the world have killed. tortured, and maimed more people than any other scourge. I recognize most religion to be a pestilence on Earth.


I was raised semi-halfheartedly Baptist, but over the years have come to totally despise Catholicism. It keeps half the world population Poor and Pregnant, while their leaders sit on thrones of real gold. Insane and infuriating !!! Don"t get me started....

Duchess Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

Well... I only partially know about my religion.... I imagine the rest is about the same. I see good people screwed up... I wish they were with me but their not. It's going to take some time for the rest. It took me getting mad and going to the internet to find some answers. I guess the answer is yes.


I was forced to be a baptist (raised baptist and forced to go to church), and I find christianity in general to me the most annoying.


No, it was pretty tame compared to many others. Pentecostals, Witnesses, Christian Science, and cult like evangelical scams bother me more.

Dwight Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

Me 2!


I find them All equally annoying.

Charlene Level 9 Jan 30, 2018

I agree, all equally annoying, all of it hurts my ears.

@Wildgreens no doubt Gf..


Annoying doesn't even begin to cover it. Catholicism is now, and has always been, pretty damned evil.

KKGator Level 9 Jan 29, 2018

No, I left a pretty moderate protestant church, just didn't believe. Most annoying ones for me are the evangelical ones.


I just feel if I was never there! And the people around me, now seem 'far away' ...somehow! I hardly concern myself with 'their' religion...their pushey ideas hardly bothers me. It has almost become a non-issue, to me (not them). Now, If this happens to my political life, I will get worried!


No, they're all pretty much like a mosquito or a gnat. A small annoyance that occasionally becomes a distraction. I'm a live and let live type of person.


I am an ex muslim and I think that Islam is bad. on the other hand, I believe that there are a lot worse religions out there.

amor Level 2 Jan 29, 2018

No. I just knew that I could no longer be a part of it.

wordywalt Level 8 Jan 29, 2018

My family pushed me into born again Christianity, but I never bought into it. For a while Iw was a practicing Jew. I still look at Christianity is more annoying.

LEPeff Level 8 Jan 29, 2018

Not at all. I find Islam the most annoying. More Deadly, hateful and terrible really.


I've never heard of Xtianity. What are the basic tenants?

To answer the question, I left the Christian Reformed Church. There are things that annoy me about it, (mostly that I didn't see the glaring flaws earlier), but I can't say that it's the most annoying thing.

ScubaWags Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

Xtianity is Christianity. Take the word christ out of it.

@Sarahroo29 I see what you did there. Haha

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