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When someone in church "catches the holy-ghost" what do you guys think is actually happening?

Shelton 8 Jan 30

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The brain releases chemicals when an individual is in large groups of people who share a belief. It creates a euphoric feeling that the religious interpret as the presence of God. I get the same feeling at a concert.

I agree!

I'm not a Bruce fan per se but I appreciate his phenomenon:

"How Bruce Springsteen Concerts Cure Loneliness": [] aka


"Save Me Somebody: Bruce Springsteen’s Rock 'n' Roll Covenant": [] aka []


After a number of years being part of a pentecostal denomination, I think that it is self-induced. Some want so bad to have it that I think their psyche buys into the delusion. But who knows.
Just my opinion.

I've "caught" it when I was an evangelical. I have to agree with it being self-induced. If you're expecting it, and everyone else has it, you want to be part of the party.


Have you heard of mass hysteria and mob mentality? That is what I think may be happening.

Betty Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

I agree.


Religious masturbation, fueled by the need to belong.


I did cried once hard tears during an orgasm, she said... "Oh god... you catched the holy ghost, if pregnant I am not keeping this baby".

Now there's a way to end the moment forever.

@RavenCT And that is why there is no savior to stop the madness. She didn't kept the baby. She had like a glow at the moment or was just my tears tricking my sight? I know she felt very special and like honored that I shed tears on her.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I'm so very sorry. That's a terrible experience. She thought it was a special experience but thought something would be off about the baby?

@RavenCT I am sorry... the savior lost because did not kept the baby was a joke. Thank You for your concern. Tears were real... and what she said too... last thing on my mind was holy ghost... done it a few times... special women can squeeze that extra out of me... they think is cool when they see it.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Phew! I'm glad to erase that experience from my head! lol I do know crying or laughing hysterically (or neither) is really normal behavior.

@RavenCT And there is that one that yelled... Stop because I am starting to get a headache!!!! he, he, ha, he.


A big show, thats what I think, for the benefit of the other worshipers to show them they are full of it!


They are submitting to a very strong desire to belong, to be a part of something, to prove their belief to others and hoping to convince themselves.

That's it in a 'nutshell'

You are spot on. there have been many studies that have proven this.


I had to look it up to see what it meant. Sounds like the kinds of people who go up on stage for a hypnotist. People looking to perform.


Delusional state of hysteria brought on by endorphins.


I believe it is something similar to mass hysteria. They firmly believe something will and is happening, so it does.


they need some footage for instagram or facebook!
all kidding aside, i think its all fake even when i was a christian i still didnt believe it

I love watching movies poke fun at this. My neighbors across the road make a big show of being"Christians". My best friends husband found their wayward cows down along my fence on the railroad side and drove them back up after they had been missing three days in the hottest days of July and they never thanked him. Instead they throw their arms skyward and start praising Jesus and god is great, while my friend and her husband have this WTF look on their faces and THEY are Christians themselves.

@misstuffy yeah i like that too!


@twshield Love his movies. He went through a very abusive childhood and is such an intelligent and humorous human being. He brings a lot of truth to his movies.

I got physically ill watching this sort of thng carrying on at what I thought would be a normal service. I went with a classmate, a very religious class mate who believed I would appreciate it since I came from a Mennonite father. I can tell you we never carried on like that! It was sickening.


Self-induced mini seizure mixed with sexual release. Ugly & depressing!

I was thinking along similar lines.


I think it's free entertainment for us non believers.


They're pretending for attention.


I dunno..I've seen some amazing things I can't explain in church, but this is more likely the truth in most churches: Ray Stevens - The Mississippi Squirrel Revival


there lying


Ghost busters. I can see this giant marshmallow stepping on people making them into human smores. They certainly have some strange ideas. They believe in this all knowing magical creature that controls every thing, the demigod that is some sort of magical creature, and a ghost that is never seen.


I finally remembered where I learned about this! In Roman Catholic CCD. We (thank goodness a group of us) went to this woman's home where she proceeded to tell us about her Pentecostal Experiences of "Being in the spirit" or "Touched by the fire". I think after reporting that one back to my parents I was no longer sent to CCD? I'd already been confirmed out of fear of rejection by than - so I probably didn't need more steeping in "Woo". Man she was beyond Woo.


I've wondered the same thing.


Overload of adrenaline to the right brain. Could be brought on by suggestion or toxins in the environment, injested toxins, stress,, or even fasting.


Mass Hysteria. Or hallucination? I've seen people "Hypnotised" that were just playing along. I've also been hypnotised (and they can't make you cluck like a chicken unless you want to.). By a professional. For therapeutic reasons, Actually it could be a self induced hypnosis that allows a person to reveal such a bizarre set of actions? IDK.


"Catching the holy-ghost." Is that something like catching the flu? More like broken people doing broken people things. I suspect that for many it's a self induced hissy fit, and for others an act to be part of the club. Of course, I could be wrong about that and they truly are being grabbed by a supernatural bogeyman who then jerks them around on the floor and makes them do and say incredibly stupid things. Maybe.

All rational, reasonable, logical, believable, and miraculous. By gawd I thinks I might jus' convert this very minute an' gives mah soul over to the holy bogeyman.


Play acting with a really strong component of social conformity.

That is not to suggest the act was not emotionally compelling to the person play acting. If they act well enough, they can fool even themselves.


We need to find a way to trigger the response that fills this "need" through non-spiritual emotional manipulation. I don't mean to sound all Thought-control, but any movie or performance you see is designed to elicit an emotional response (aside from science or history which can also be manipulated to be inspiring!) What could an Atheist Club do? Maybe a rave or something? 🙂 Some way to elicit belonging, acceptance, validation, Catch The Wave or whatever. Then we could help these people.

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