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I believe everyone has a purpose and that we ourselves creat our own world and in turn we ourselves are our own god using the term god loosely. Does anyone agree?

Chansolo 3 Jan 30

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no, destined is another form of woo. we do create our own world yes, but there is no universal purpose for what you do in life, its choice, coupled with culture and your environment. nor do i find reusing a magic creature, aka god useful in any way.


Sounds like religious nonsense to me. Why on earth would we have a purpose? We're just here, and then we're not.

I loved that...


A purpose?

Why should we have a purpose?

We have inclinations - to eat, to sleep, to talk, to have sex, to make a fuss of cute dogs, etc. but to claim we have some 'purpose' is by no means neccessary.


Being born with a purpose implies belief in someone or something pulling the strings and predeterminism which sounds like a belief in a god-like entity. So no, I don't agree with that.

The second part of your premise I do agree with except that I wouldn't used god to describe it. I'd say we have self-determination.


It's quite a bit of hubris to think we have a purpose. Do the birds eating the seed heads left in my garden have a purpose? Well, yes. To make more birds. That's our purpose, too, biologically.

Regarding the "loose" god terminology, I don't agree with that, either. Redefining the term just either confuses or deceives mosf of the rest of the world.


Given your world (the world you know) is only your perception of it, that world dies when you do, so ..... maybe.


I do agree we are our own god however being born with a purpose I do not accept. I believe we are born and then our lives take shape. environment, demographics, gender and all that stuff. If a purpose is the will to do your best then I agree that in just instinct, But then there are people who just do not care at all.

EMC2 Level 8 Jan 30, 2018

I don't know any of those people (no caring at all) intimately, but there must remained some human traits in the worst of us, regardless of culture? Now, I make an exception with brain damage!


If that is the case I am a mad scientist with chaotic tendency and rather sarcastic at times to boot.


No, not really. Even as I believe that non-religious reincarnation is a possibility that is not falsified nor confirmed, the purpose of life is probably living your life to the max to experience as much as you can. But if we ourselves could be our own god is, even if you use the term god loosely, in my eyes a little weird. If you mean that everybody is the center of his or her own life, I could agree. Apart from the religious we probably all trying to control our own life. Too bad I don't have some magic available. I could do something good for others. Something that the religious gods never do.

Gert Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

We are as flowers of the field...we live for a season and then we die. To think that we have a "purpose" other than that is arrogant and flys in the face of reality.


good and bad is within us all so yes your basically right.


So why would anyone create a world in which they were, say, tortured or disadvantaged in some way.
If a baby is born and it has a 'purpose' where has that purpose come from. How is that baby going to create a world that it has as yet no experience of?
I'm struggling to see how what you are suggesting makes any sense


“God” meaning “eveything” means nothing.


you can believe anything you want.


If you go back and read texts like the Tao Te Ching there's this concept that the physical universe in its entirety is a singular living being experiencing itself through all of manifestation. That's not to say that some god created all of it or that there is any beginning or end of it. Those trappings are a limitation of the human mind after all.

Think of it this way; when you dream, where do you go? How does it begin? Where does the dream really end? Who are all of those people that you meet in the dream world?

It would not surprise me at all if the universe woke up one day.

"It would not surprise me at all if the universe woke up one day" That's just another way of saying what Hinduism imagines. Brahman 'dreams the Universe' and after an immense period of time 'He' awakens and the Universe ceases to be.


I think we create our own purpose, creating the world probably happened on its own!


Great point.

Was it Camus who said (paraphrasing) "Your life's purpose is whatever stops you from committing suicide"

So, assuming you have an interest in something even more compelling, it becomes your god, indeed.

I notice a few people have expressed negativity to having a "purpose" at all. This is the true Nihilist view, and the logic is pretty comprehensive.

In my own little world, I picture a "system" that is designed to be a gradual evolution of personal knowledge and ability. I would be a real sucker for a reincarnation philosophy if I could find an authority that wasn't a lying con-man.

I find that this "hope for the future" philosophy helps me from checking out, and hopefully doesn't cause other people any damage. Sorry, that's the best I can do for the moment.


I have to doubt that we create our own world in any meaningful way. I see it more as a create your own adventure package. The world was set before you were born and much of its path forward is without much influence by us overall. We cannot choose the world but may to some degree choose how we make our way through it. If everyone has a purpose then; There was plan in which everyone is involved or that everyone is given or has a plan. I do not see evidence to support such a proposition.
I am most certainly in no way my own god. I see no need for such a term unless it is for some superlative agent in myth or in some hypothetical proposition. I do not see us as gods in any meaningful way. I wonder why anyone would feel the need to distort the term to give it the semblance of reality.


I do not believe we have any purpose at all, however, I have pondered the idea that the individual could/should read the religious manuscripts from the perspective of the god character. There have been times in my life that I thought I must be the god, metaphorically of course.


Except for the purpose part.
We might have our own purposes, though.


The only purpose we have is the one we give ourselves. Tonight my purpose is to get my essay finished and turned in. Tomorrow, my purpose will be to finish some of the work on my plate so more can be piled on.

In my own opinion, which in this case is the only one that counts, the purpose I have given my life is to live as full and enjoyable life as I can, to learn constantly and strive to improve myself, to spread my wings and see how far I can go. No god, deity, or other external force was involved in choosing this purpose, it was all me and the decisions I have made.

Purpose is not divinely mandated, nor mandatory.

I also don't believe that "we ourselves create our own world", the world was not created in the sense that something created it. The world formed from the accretion disk of the solar system billions of years ago. We had nothing to do with it.


I do...I see my higher self, as a 'god head'..not somebody that 'turns water to wine,' but I might be someone that could move a 'multitude to share their lunch with others on the mountain side!' Just saying!


Folks are commenting that you are saying that people are born with a purpose where I am reading that you are saying we have a purpose that we have developed later. Which is it, I'm curious?

gearl Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

I never thougjt about it that way. Love it <3

MsAl Level 7 Jan 30, 2018
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