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What is your Definition of:

1) Atheist
2) Agnostic
3) Spiritual

By paul19678
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  1. no belief
  2. no knowledge
  3. no idea
  1. Atheist - Do not believe in any gods whatsoever.

  2. Agnostic - Don't know one way or the other.

  3. Spiritual - Need some woo to hang onto, but don't want religion.

KKGator Level 9 Oct 9, 2018


It's funny how words work. For me it's:
Atheist: One who lacks a belief in God(s),
Agnostic: One who lacks knowledge of God(s)
Spiritual: Belief in something ethereal within life.

@paul1967 Yeah, I don't do "ethereal".

@paul1967 How do you define ethereal?

@icolan Etherial is heavenly or spiritual

@paul1967 There is no basis in reality for ethereal.

@paul1967 So let me see if I have this right, based on your comments.

Spiritual is belief in something ethereal within life and ethereal is something heavenly or spiritual.

Spiritual == Ethereal
Ethereal == Spiritual

Kinda circular definitions aren't they? Doesn't really define either term if they point back and forth.

@icolan The reason for that is Etherial means nothing in any universal way. It can express the mental connection one feels for the universe. It could mean, one's sense of consciousness. It could mean a supernatural realm that exists outside the natural realm. I won't bore you with the endless lists of possible meanings, but my point is theirs no agreement that allows for a definition to develop, so people use synonyms as a definition. So yes you're correct to say it's circular, but if I'm not vague, I'll get 50 people saying I'm wrong instead of just one saying it's circular.

@paul1967 And you have just perfectly explained why I dislike discussing that word with the people who claim to be spiritual. They never seem to be able to provide a rational explanation of what it means to them, many of them get to a circular definition and don't see anything wrong with it. It makes the word pretty much useless in any rational discussion.


1 lack of theism
2 lack of absolute knowledge
(Important to remember 1 and 2 are not mutually exclusive. Both apply to most rational people)

3 lack of critical thinking, or a nebulous offramp for religion until you realize you're an agnostic atheist.


@Millzy or several women smile009.gif


Atheist: does not believe in a god or gods.
Agnostic: does not know if a god or gods exist.
Spiritual: Damned if I know, and most of them seem incapable of rationally defining it either.

Atheist and agnostic are not mutually exclusive as one deals with knowledge and the other belief, I identify as an agnostic atheist because I neither know nor believe.

You should look around on the site, there are a ton of discussions about this topic.

icolan Level 7 Oct 9, 2018

Me too. I’m surprised a lot of people still don’t know this. I’ve argued with many that say you cannot be an atheist and an agnostic. Knowledge is a subset of belief...ofcourse you can lmao

@Lancinator Agreed.


1) Atheist Someone who has insufficient evidence to justify the reality of a god or gods
2) Agnostic An Atheist with out the courage of their convictions
3) Spiritual In the context of this discussion a hypocrite


Asked and answered a hundred times on here.
The great thing about words is that they have concrete definitions.
Therefore, it doesn't matter what someone's "personal definition" is because there is, and always will be, a real definition.
Google is your friend if you are looking for definitions.


1) Somebody who has realised that there is no falsifiable evidence to support the existence claim of any god or gods.

2) Somebody who doubts the existence of any god or gods, but who has not properly thought through this issue.

3) A nonsense used by those who cannot be bothered to use their brains.

  1. Lacks belief in the claim that deities exist.

  2. Does not know that it is impossible for deities to exist

  3. Stuff and nonesense that people use to fudge emotions they cannot explain.


I like Matt Dillhanty (spelling?) definition. Atheist is a lack of belief in a god as there as never been any proof of the existence of a god.
Agnostic is much the same. The word gnostic means knowledge and agnostic means the lack of knowledge of a god or gods.
Spiritual is harder to define as that is a personal experience. For me it is wonder, awe, joy I feel when I contemplate the Cosmos.



scrunchy Level 4 Oct 11, 2018

Atheist: does not believe in god(s).

Agnostic: undecided about existence of god(s).

Spiritual: senses a connection to all things living and nonliving.

  1. Someone who rejects the claims of the existence of a god or gods because they haven’t met their burden of proof and is eagerly willing to change their mind.

  2. Someone who holds the position of “we don’t know whether a god exists or not.”

  3. I have no clue. I know atheists/ agnostics that saythey are spiritual. But I don’t get meditation and yoga? I don’t think they actually believe in spirits or souls.


Atheist - are sure there is no God

Agnostic - it's not possible to know if there is a God or not

Spiritual - don't necessarily believe in the traditional sense of a God (although some do), but believe in a supernatural energy or essence in humans. An intangible like a soul.

You’re misrepresenting and strawmanning a lot of people of you stick to those definitions.

@Lancinator How so? Besides, the OP asked for our definitions of 3 specific words.

@Piece2YourPuzzle yeah sorry, I took your definition out of context. My bad. Or I responded to wrong person. Lol


1) Don't believe in god(s) as there is no proof

2) Don't care

3) Don't care

ipdg77 Level 8 Oct 9, 2018

Good answer lol


Atheist - Positive that gods and religions are bullshit made up by humans
Agnostic - Not sure if gods and religion are bullshit made up by humans
Spiritual - Leaning that gods and religion are bullshit, but want "something" to be there.


1) One who has no beliefs concerning deities.
2) One who sees knowledge of god as unobtainable.
3) Whatever unctuous bullshit one wishes to spout.

mordant Level 8 Oct 9, 2018

1) a rejection of the concept of deities or any "supernatural phenomenon".
2) a rejection of religious doctrine but a belief in some other non physical powers, possibly in innate materials eg crystals
3) a belief that there is more to life than can be explained through physical things or science. An unknown and non physical force.

powder Level 8 Oct 9, 2018
  1. someone who believes there are no gods, or fails to believe there are any gods.
  2. someone who fails to believe there are any gods, or isn't sure whether there are any gods but leans toward there not being any
  3. religion light


genessa Level 8 Oct 9, 2018

An atheist is someone who does not accept the god or God claims. They could completely say they do not believe in God or gods.

An agnostic does not know if there is a God or gods.

Spiritual I have absolutely no idea what that is supposed to mean.


Atheist say there is no God (which is a belief because they they don't really know that). Agnostic says they just don't know (which is the correct choice). Spiritual means increasing one's feeling of self awareness while we are here on a search for meaning in our lives. Trying to be spiritual is a noble undertaking.
However we should be careful not to equate spiritual with "soul" because more than likely the is no such thing as a soul.

Grecio Level 6 Oct 18, 2018

Atheism and agnosticism are pretty straight forward but spirituality is far more ambiguous. I believe I'm spiritual because I can be so emotionally moved by things (real things that is) For example, I can be brought to tears when I hear a choir sing Handel's messiah. I'm certainly not religious but it is an amazing piece of work. The exuberance of standing on a precipice, looking down on the vast valley bellow. The thrill of riding my motorbike far too fast, weaving in out of city traffic. THe awe of looking at the vastness of stars as I reflect on how insignificant I am in comparison to the universe. When I create something beautiful and original, it is like an extension of me. When I connect with someone who is a stranger and we realise we are so like-minded. I believe in the interconnectedness of humans and all living things and that no one should be alone because we need each other to thrive. I see the beauty and the pain and this to me is a spiritual experience.


I agree with 'scrunchy'...labels.


Atheist - not believing in any god(s)
Agnostic - Uncertain of the existence of a god/higher power
Spiritual - probably leans agnostic but believes in an ethereal soul/aura/energy in living things. Some will include plants and animals aside from humans...some will include humans only

maxhyde Level 7 Oct 10, 2018

1.) Denies the existence of any deity.

2.) + 3.)

Not really sure. The second in particular should be considered quite fluidly, unlike the rigid ways that many tend to look at it.

Mb_Man Level 6 Oct 10, 2018
  1. Someone who does not believe in gods.
  2. Someone who acknowledges that there is no evidence gain knowledge about gods.
  3. Someone who is honest enough make up their own beliefs instead of becoming a cherry-picker while still calling themselves a Christian/Muslim/Jewish etc.
MLinoge Level 7 Oct 10, 2018
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