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Do you feel happier after you’ve exercised?

As a person who love to exercise and stay in shape as best I can, I can say I feel great after working out. I can go from feeling sluggish from super happy and good after I’ve worked out.

EmeraldJewel 7 Jan 31

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I feel happier, yes, but only because it's finished. πŸ˜›

@evestrat Oh, touchΓ©! Hahaha!


That is wholly dependent upon the form of the exercise taken.
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

@ScienceBiker That's not always a good thing.


Main reason is because endorphins get stirred up causing you to have a chemical high from drugs right in your own bran.

it was just the endorphins your


Now that I think about it, yes! Thanks for the motivation πŸ™‚


Yes-getting exercise just walking in this city I am visiting.


Who doesn't like an endorphin high?


Yes, I do.

I am in quite a pickle right now though.

I have a membership to Anytime Fitness. Where I used to live, I had about four or five that I could go to around me and they were all excellent gyms. Clean, updated equipment and roomy.

Since I moved, the only two that are close to me are so small, filthy, crowded and have old crappy equipment, that I have not even gone again. I have not put 100% effort into finding another gym, but I realized just a while ago that it has been a good three weeks since I have worked out and I am really not liking that. 😟


After a workout I feel like I have accomplished something which, in turn, feels pretty good. The only time of day that it makes sense for me to work out is in the morning, and I am most definitely not a morning person. I never really feel like working out that time of day, but I do it anyway. So it's like twin accomplishments -- pushing past the "morning barrier" and actually having a constructive workout.


in the sense that I'm glad it's over....yes.


I do physical activity that is fun firstly, the exercise is bonus.
Such as tossing the frissbie, riding my bicycle, punching my heavy bag, and my all time funest P.A. roller skating.


Absolutely. I have a rule in life that if I'm ever wondering whether to go out or not, I should always go out. In my experience just the action of going outside and doing something (even if it isn't very physical) lifts the spirits and you always have a good time, even if the weather is bad.




I always feel better after exercise.


Oh yeah I love a good exorcism.


Hmm, physically or mentally? Mentally happier, physically worn out.


Yes. Almost any kind of exercise works but yoga is best for me.

I love yoga.


Same here.


Yes I generally do its often very refreshing!


No... unless the exercise was sex and it was not the exercise part what brought me happiness... was the climax. But I can see a lot of people feeling happy after exercise and all that sweating... All your moving parts in your body releasing energy sure feels good, the adrenaline coming down after a good workout... but I kind of prefer for my happiness a certain relaxed state. To me dancing is not exercise is kind of church ceremony and more than my physical is exercise and communion for my soul and spirit.


I used to but no longer. Arthritis now trumps endorphins for me.


the exercise I get is gentle walking the beach - just 4 minutes away or walking up the town - quite a few hills - when I first came here we walked up every mountain in Northern Ireland and a fair few in the South I also did the causeway walk most days; but now my hips are beginning to give me gyp and its quite nice to be easy - there is an outdoor fitness centre at the beach but a lot of the machines squeak and sound awful.


Just finished a six mile tempo run. Feeling good, now where's my beer?


I just started exercising again trying to get back in shape. I am looking for happy, but so far I've only encountered pain, soreness and exhaustion.

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