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QUESTION The Bible is mostly not factual - BBC debate - YouTube

Good discussion.....

BeeHappy 9 Jan 31

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Uhhh, no shit?

jeffy Level 7 Feb 1, 2018

Some of the people and some of the locations are real. Most of the events are not real.
In 1609 King James gave a bunch of guys text written in Greek, Hebrew and Latin. Then he locked them in a room until they all agreed on the translation. That ought to tell you something about being "factual"





Hi Beehappy,that has been known for quite a while that the bible is non factual and most probably just rehashed/mistranslated events and stories from previous writings and oral hand me downs.

I'm sure, most topics have been repeated time and time again. I didn't think I had found something brand new. Just maybe a different setting with different people discussing it.


Well, Republican facts maybe, but not facts for anyone who has a brain that functions properly.


What stuns me is the idea that the Bible needs to be history or science. Why not let it be what it is... religion.


Who'd a thought.


Is there anyone on this site who thinks the bible is factual?

No, probably not, but I liked the discussion.


Lies make the whole book stink Charles Chilton Moore went to prison merely for mailing obscene parts verbatim via US MAIL directly to Anthony Comstock. ...McKinley pardoned him out of Ohio Federal Prison

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