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Do you belive in Ufos?Aliens? I do lol????Were not alone in This Enormes Universe.There must be life in Other Planets Galaxys Etc.Two many People that claim to have seen Them Cant be Wrong????

BbwNy 3 Feb 1

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i think other life in the universe is very probable. I doubt if theve been here.
'Too many people that claim to have seen them can't be wrong????' - really? there's a hell of a lot of people that claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I'm pretty sure they are wrong 😉



I'm absolutely certain there is other life in the universe. It is just too big and full of the raw materials of life.

I also think if they came to Earth they wouldn't want to know what is up anyone's butt as the first order of business.

all whats on this planet came from out there under the right circumstances and even at a long shot forever is a fucking big place and one hell of a long time. as far as we actually know our universe is just like a grain of sand on a huge beech. I'm more concerned with our earth myself.


I envision crossing the depths of space much like the first humans crossing an ocean on a seagoing vessel. The amount of technology needed to undertake such a voyage is monumental. Now imagine the level of tech needed to cross the cosmos and I think you can get the idea. It would take a highly advanced civilization to be able to cross the stars. Considering how good of a job our species is doing at making life on this planet difficult for ourselves I doubt many species reach the technological plateau needed to become a true galactic civilization. At this point in my life, I would be happy for positive confirmation of extraterrestrial bacteria.

Remember we were able to walk on the moon back when we only had the technology to make a raft out of logs, so don't give up all hope just yet!


I think there is a planet inhabited by giant crickets who play the banjo and yodel really loud. On a clear night you can hear them. Oh yea you also need to have finished off a six pack of beer first.

Beer???, over here we call them mushrooms 😉


It could be that we travel by way of fragments of DNA on celestial bodies such as Ice Comets. Maybe we are the aliens ??


Is there life outside of the earth, I would not be surprised in the least. However, Could an alien, travel to earth from outside this solar system. There are lots of problems that you have to deal with to get to the answer yes. It is not likely at all. Also, when you say too many people claim to have seen them and can't be wrong. Yes they can. Millions of christians claim to have a experienced god, millions of muslims also. atleast one group are wrong. Lastly, a UFO is an unidentified flying object. That means if you see a flying abject somewhere, and you cannot identify it, this is calssed as a UFO (or atleast it is to that individual). There is no ecidence that it is being flown by aliens. If argument by numbers is your only evidence I cannot say that you have convinced me, sorry. If you have other evidence please tell us


We can not be alone in this vast place


It's just in the US people are weird about seeing UFOs since the US government has been routinely denying all sightings, deleting UFO photos from the internet, and mocking people who report them, even if they have clear videos.

In other countries, it's not that way, but people don't care when they see them. We saw them so often in Haiti, we'd go on the flat rooftop and lie on the warm water barrels and watch the UFO show in the sky each night. We saw them changing colors, landing and taking off, blocking the roads sometimes at night, zipping around, changing directions, etc.

In the US, we saw them also. My entire family and everyone at a Bible camp in Normal, Illinois watched one across a field at night. The locals said it happened all the time around there.

Later, when I was married, one followed our car for 300 miles during a trip from KY to FL, sometimes coming so close it stalled the car engine. It acted like a friendly dog, hovering around us, then zipping off when we passed a housing division to weave around the houses, shining spotlights in the window, although nobody seemed to notice them.

It had changing colored lights running around the rim of the saucer-reminded me of courting squid- or sometimes the entire disc would glow with one color, or get as bright as a small sun, lighting the neighborhood. Or just went dark, then suddenly would light up again.

It left us when we passed a big military base in GA. It hovered high over the base, then seemed to turn slightly sideways, and shrank away as though going away from us very fast.

I might be totally wrong on this but I think the US did actually release studies proving they were looking into UFO’s and showing videos of ufo siting. I’ll post a link to a video. I think the comments really annoying because they don’t take it seriously at all. Which I feel is a conspiracy all on its own. The US is obsessed with making ufo believers look crazy.

That's an awesome story. Thanks for sharing! I have seen similar light shows and a close friend and 4 of his mates had a similar experience with a saucer shaped object almost landing in front of their car for a while, long enough for them all to get out and watch it until it slowly moved off over the ocean and went into warp speed as it took off away from them. My friend wrote into the local newspaper to ask if anyone else had seen it, but he just got people calling him a nut job instead. Something is out there that's for sure!!!


Statistically, yeah we’re not alone. Physically, there’s no one around here but us.


Sorry, not happening… Check the distances, honestly, I doubt humanity will ever reach another solar system… And the supposed ‘sightings,’ strange how much that mirrors religion that there’s never, ever, any proof. And myths about hidden remains are just that.. As far as ‘alien abductions,’ pathetic attempts by Histrionic Personality Disordered humans seeking attention they’d never achieve by merit…

Doesn't mean there isn’t loads of life out there, though! Just none of it’s discovered us, or, a method or reason to visit … any lifeform capable of such travel would likely view us as we do ants 🙂

Varn Level 8 Feb 1, 2018

If you were anally probed by an alien, would you tell anyone? NO?
Were you anally probed by an alien? NO! ah ha.
I think there would be life out there, I do not think we would readily recognise it, I do not think we will ever encounter any.
Space is very big.


I believe that there's a high probability of the existence of aliens. As for UFOs they're real until they've been identified.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 1, 2018

You ever sit down and do the math. When I was younger I was told it take 10 miles for a B52 bomber to turn around and head back... interesting? Not really... who cares? But for a space ship to get to us it would take light years of traveling to reach us. Thats traveling at the speed of light sll the time for years. Figure that one out... nothing can fold time so it would have to be just space ship traveling to reach us. I was told that a speck of dust traveling at the speed of light hitting another object would cause the biggest atom bomb explosion known to man. So only light can travel that fast. Are you now understanding that there's no aliens.


If there are no other life forms out there, there are but two alternatives. We are the last, everyone one has gone ( death, extinction, ascended to a higher plane of existence.......). Or we are the first, which is kind of depressing. Because if this is the best the universe can come up with, it's fucked. The reality is we are probably the creepy trailer trash of the galaxy. The visitors we get are probably just going to look at the funny creatures.


i think other life in the universe is very probable. I doubt if theve been here.
'Too many people that claim to have seen them can't be wrong????' - really? there's a hell of a lot of people that claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I'm pretty sure they are wrong 😉


This can't be a real post. The English usage and grammar alone disqualify it. At least I hope!!!


I do, but can't say that I have had an encounter.


The thing about knowing about UFOs or anything of the paranormal is that it's real. It's real as the chair you're sitting in.

I'm old enough to remember watching Looney Toons and the WB Frog would all of a suddenly start dancing and singing, but when you bring that frog to a theatre, well that frog just sat and did nothing. That's an apt metaphor for UFOs and the paranormal.
It doesn't matter what evidence you have, it will always be denied. A good example of this, the moment you test some material and that material doesn't match anything made or found on earth, that material doesn't go back to you. Or let's say that you have great photos of a ufo, and it just so happens that when you try to publish it, the MIB show up and take it away. A good case is that guy from Britain that worked for the government on trying to identify UFOs and he tell this story of this photo that he had in his office and then one day, the photo was gone.

Nearly everyone that is on will not touch, will ignore the fact of this stuff and link to false sources about this stuff. And that's sad for here you have a real mystery full of false leads yet always true.

The conclusion that I came to I'd that yes its reality, yeah there's evidence, but at the end of the day
You're not suspose to know about it. It's just like the frog, it sings, it dances, but only for you.


More people claim to believe in a god than believe in visits to this planet by aliens. Does that make them right? There is no credible evidence for it. While I agree that there's good reason to believe we're not alone in thes enormous universe, that doesn't mean anybody has visited us. And it certainly doesn't mean that anything unidentified (by the observer) is an alien. It's much more likely a drone or a weather balloon.


Nope. No evidence for alien visitation.

Given that life has evolved on earth and given the size of the universe, I suspect that there is potential for self replicating compounds existing somewhere else in the galaxy.

Will they (have they) developed into intelligent life? Who knows?

Given the distances involved and what we currently know about lightspeed travel, the chances of us being visited by aliens is pretty remote. I fact, I would go as far as to say that the chances of them popping over for a cup of tea are somewhere between nil and bugger all. 🙂


I believe in unidentified flying objects... I worked on the F117 A project back in the day... I New what it was... civilians didn't... therefore it was a I do to them... if that helps...


I totally believe in UFOS... UNIDENTIFIED flying objects (until they're finally identified). But unidentified does not me alien. it simply means unidentified.

We probably are alone. While most scientists believe life probably exists on other planets similar to ours, the challenges of traveling back and forth are pretty significant. We measure distance in light years, and most biological organisms couldn't last a single light year, let alone a dozen or more. It's possible that they could send technology, but the chances that we would understand that technology are a billion to one, even if we could interact with it.

And finally, using the bandwagon fallacy, or anecdotes as evidence doesn't necessarily mean anything, since we're going off personal bias and not actual data.


Why "must" there be? If there is life on other planets, why "must" it be intelligent? If it is intelligent, why "must" it have visited Earth?

Also, can you not think of anything that "too many" people have claimed to see that doesn't exist?

EvanK Level 4 Feb 1, 2018

That is the sad part even though there is more physical proof in ufo's and none in religion, you are nuts if you believe in e.t. perfectly accepted when your imaginary friend is jesus.


I believe that people see unidentified flying objects. I do not believe that they are extraterrestrial spacecraft. Considering how far away the nearest stars are, and that the fastest any spacecraft can fly is the speed of light, I find it incredibly unlikely that aliens are visiting earth. Especially considering that only intelligent life could make the journey, and that as far as we know, we are the most intelligent species to ever inhabit the earth. I suppose it is possible that in the future we will invent some kind of sci-fi technology that allows us to travel faster than light, but I don't think it is very likely given what we know about the laws of physics, and chances are humans will cause a mass extinction before that happens. We are not doing enough to stop climate change and hat is just one issue. I think our civilization will fall like Rome within 150 years, and that is being optimistic.

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